Jaxon Has Arrived

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DDT - June 2

I was due with my ds2 on the 4th June but he decided to come 4 days early. Jaxon was born on the 31st May 6:13am weighing 7lbs 4oz & 21in long. On the 30th May I started having sporadic contractions at around 4:30pm. The were not following a pattern. After putting ds1 to bed I noticed them getting closer and stronger. I started timing them at about 10pm and they were 7-8 mins apart. I called df who came home from work at 11pm and we timed them some more. They were 6 mins apart. By 12:30am we were headed to the hospital and when I was given an internal was 4cm dilated. I requested an epidural but only got it at 3:30am. That was an ordeal. It took the anasthesialogist 4x to get the epidural inserted into my spine. That's 8 huge-ass needles because before every epidural needle I needed to get a freezing needle. Throughout these attempts I was having contractions and told to sit still. Can you imagine! Also, after the 3rd attempt and seeing the anasthesialogist's bloody hands df fainted! He recovered mins later but it added to the intensity of the whole epidural experience. BUT I can say I am still a huge fan (got one with ds1) of the epidural. I was in heaven after and felt nothing. I was checked again after my epi and was 7cm dilated. Df and I snoozed away until 6am where I was checked again and fully dilated. I pushed 3 times or for 13 mins and Jaxon was born with a whoosh. I had one small external tear. He was and still is a little congested with mucus (because the pushing stage was so short) and for the 1st 24hrs he was a lazy nurser but now he is latching on and becoming quite the little piggy. Big brother is amused and is already giving his little brother kisses. Good luck to all you other mommies!


HeatherIsHopeful - June 2

deanne!!!! Im soooo excited for you!!! Im glad your son has taken a liking to the new baby :) thats so sweet that he is giving him kisses. sounds like you had a real easy labor and delivery, thats awesome. congrats to you and your family!


bellybubble - June 2

Congratulations on your new arrival!!!! :)


fefer1 - June 2

What an easy delivery!!! That's os funny he fainted. :) I totally would myself if I saw that needle. I have to ask them to keep those sharp things out of sight! :) I'm glad everything is going well and can't wait to join you!!! 0 days left!!! Keep us posted on your LO!!


cors1wfe - June 2

CONGRATS - ddt that is awesome! while I am sure it's a bummer about the epidural....I bet you were so glad once it was in.....thanks for sharing your story it makes all of us still waiting super excited!


RMC - June 2

Congratulations!!!!! Yaaaay. Now you will definitely have your hands full (:


disko love - June 2

Congratulations to you and dh on Jaxon's arrival! I'm super glad to hear that all went really well.... except for the epi mishap! LOL Take care and keep in touch! I'll be joining you very soon! :-)



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