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Amy - November 19

Wow here we are ladies hope all are feel great


dani - November 19

Not sure which dani your talking about? I think there are two dani's on this website, I use the lower case d and she uses a capital D......anyhow, thought I would respond to I'm feeling great, but losing A LOT of sleep. Very uncomfortable at night, but thankfully I just have 6 more weeks to go........yeah!!! How are you feeling?


Amy - November 19

Hi i'm doing great not sure either but nice of you to respond i'm only 27wks but they are taking Logan at 37wks witch is Jan 25th so not to much longer for me but my hips hurt so much at night it's crazy


dani - November 19

Awww, your so lucky that you can deliver early. I wish I could....hehe. Hey, but you never know, right? I could have him early. My edd is 12/30. My tailbone has been killing me lately, it's so uncomfortable. Are you sleeping good?


Kristin - November 19

Amy why are they deciding to take your baby so early?


Amy - November 20

I have a weak spot on my uterus and they don't want it to rupture


Emy - November 20

Hi! Finally 27 weeks...yeah! It has gone by so quickly I feel. Sorry to hear about your weak spot but it is nice that you will meet Logan early


Amy - November 20

ya i can't wait to meet him


Mendi - November 23

There you guys are! We're finally here, yay! I dont think we'll hear from Jessie for awhile, her man is back in town so she'll be busy (wink wink) I had an appointment today and I'm 27 weeks, but I measure at 30 weeks!!! They ordered another ultrasound so we'll have to wait and see what's going on. I must be having a horse. Other than that, I seem to be feeling great.


Emy - November 23

Mendi, at least you get another ultrasound and that is nice. I hope everything will work out and that baby is at the right size to make for a comfortable labor! I hope that Jessie is loving her time with her is so great that he is home. I am feeling good, and feeling her move A LOT more, but I am starting to get nervous about L&D and wishing she will be healthy. I guess these are normal worries for the 3rd trimester though. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Amy - November 23

Hi ladies i hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING mendi my ob never measures me i will going to my 28wks 5d app on the 1st and i'm going to ask him to just to see and emy i hope Logan is healthy to i have c-sections so i'm not worried about the L&D but i can see how you are i was terrified with #1 we are off the colorado spring till sunday talk to you then :)


Mendi - November 27

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I still dont have my u/s scheduled yet, butI have to get my glucose and rhogam shot tomorrow. Anyone else having odd pains? Sometimes when I walk I have shooting pains, almost like a horrible UTI, but I know its not that. Yesterday it felt like my insides were going to fall out. My mom said it's normal and my uterus is growing. Today is my first official day of the 3rd trimester :) yay We're putting up the tree tonight and it's 65 degrees here! Trying to get in the holiday mood in my flip flops lol. Talk to you all later.


Emy - November 27

You are so lucky it is nice out! I wish I lived in a warmer climate. We put our tree up yesterday but we have snow outside so it makes sense to you had good Thanksgivings. Yes, I have started obsessing about the baby being born healthy. It is crazy how each stage of this pregnancy I worry about something new. I guess it is part of motherhood. I just pray that all of us have the labors we hope for and that all of our babies are healthy. Amy, you might be the first of us all to have your little one - if we don't go early. Mendi, I hear that people rarely measure the way they should so one or two weeks off is probably okay. Ugh, back to work tomorrow. Have a great night!


Amy - November 27

Hi Ladies i had a great thanksgiving and we left colorado at about 9 am and we had good weather till about 45 mins form home and then we ran in to snow wow i went 65 in the interstate yuk!!! we were going to do our outside lights and stuff but to cold and snowy here maybe in a few days but we did our tree and all the stuff in the house and my mom took the kids to see zathura and me and hubby wrapped presents how fun !!! my kids are getting crazy they seen santa this weekend no jess 37wks is not to early i hope Logans lungs will be ready i go to dr thursday i'm 28wks 1d today ya!! and no really big problems i'm out of breath a lot and my belly at times feels like it can't streach any more but i just love feeling him move all the time it's great!!!


Emy - November 28

It sounds so cool to be able to see where you baby is by looking at your stomach. I was able to do that once by sitting kind of funny, but generally speaking I have no clue what she is doing in there or where she is, etc. My stomach is definitely round but I still have a crease across my belly b___ton so sometimes when I sit down I can really see it and I wonder, "where is she?" I would love another ultrasound now just to see how she is doing. So much faith we put into this miracle!


Sarah - November 30

Hi Girls, Im back! Not been about for a while as busy getting things done at home. We are finally having our extension done on our house and it will all be finished around Xmas time. Feeling great, get back ache sometimes if the baby is in a certain position but generally im feeling pretty good. Cant wait to meet the baby. We nearly have all our stuff ready but cant do the final bits till the house is finished. Glad to hear you are all doing well, and Jessie im glad your man is back, it must be so much nicer having him around.


Mendi - November 30

I am so exhausted from putting up our Christmas tree! I haven't even finished the ornaments, and my boyfriend cant understand why I'm tired. We really dont live in warm climate, we're in the midwest, just crazy weather. It snowed the day before Thanksgiving, then 4 days later it was 76 degrees. They scheduled the ultrasound for Dec. 9th, so we'll see if I'm measuring correct. I read in a book that around week 30-31 that if you put a flashlight on your belly, the baby will move towards the light, maybe even reach. Anyone else hear of this? Elliott (the baby) is getting the hiccups at night too, I love the way it feels.



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