Jl Had Her Baby Too

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Jl - October 27

Hey girls! I had my little miracle at 4:21 on Tuesday, October 25th. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 and 1/2 inches long. Her name is Kami, and I can't believe the amount of love I feel for her. I was positive I would get drugs, but my anesthesiologist didn't make it in time and I went all natural. Labor sucked! I was induced with pitocin and labored for 15 hours with contractions every minute the whole time! Delivery was a breeze. I thought that would be awful, especially with no drugs, but your mind goes into something where you totally focus on pushing the baby out, and you just block the pain out. I will write more later, but wanted to say thanks to everyone for listening and answering questions. I'm going to put my angel to bed and try to get some sleep.


lisa - October 28

well done Jl, how come you were induced, were you over due? Im now 40+6 and hoping they will induce today but fear i may have to wait a few days, not happy that this baby wont come out on its own, id never thought that id have to be induced, anyway whatever gets this baby out safely. keep in touch and tel us the whole story amd what its like, plus if you have any photos.


Dawn - October 28

Congrats Jl. Glad to know all went well


Shannon - October 28

whoa!!!! Jl ur labor sounds almost EXACTLY like mine!!! i was in the hospital on pitocin for like 16-17 hrs and had to go natural because after a million painful hours of no dialation i was suddenly fully dialated. i had a girl and she was 7 lb 10oz. wierd coincidence!!


Mary - October 28

Finally Jl! Good for you, I know how desperate you where at times and now it is all over! Congratulations!


Nini - October 28

Congradulations! dosen't it feel wonderful to hold your baby?


Tonia - October 29

Cogratulations J!! isn't it wierd how everybody's baby weighed 7 lbs and something. I'm just enjoying my little boy even though he eat like he's a grown man already. I hope you're enjoying your little one a much as Im enjoying mine.



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