Jogging Strollers

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Counting Down - January 2

Does anyone have any information on Jogging Strollers? I already have a travel stroller for 'everyday use'. But I would like to get a jogging stroller so I can take the baby with me when I run. I want something that is solid and will be good for an infant to a toddler. Does anyone own one already or have info on which one's are good/bad? What should I look for?


GB - January 2

I have a double one that I bought when my first two were 1 and 4. The thing to check on them is to see how easily they tip backwards because that is how you (at least it used to be) steer it. Granted my girls were older, but it didn't tip very well, so it was very hard to steer. It worked very well on gravel trails, but not so well on pavement.


MichelleB - January 3

I have the Zooper. To be honest, I havent done a lot of running with it, but it is fantastic on pavement and on gravel, and I found it great when I did run. I think Air tires are important as well for the jogging stroller.


Mandi - January 3

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up a Schwinn Jogging stroller that retails for $140 + at Sams Club on sale for $59.22. This might have just been a coincidence, but what a great deal. It has the air filled tires and everything. I just could not justify the added expense before, but for less than $60, who can complain.


Angela in California - January 3

I have heard absolute raves about the BOB Ironman stroller. It's supposed to be the best for running and can be taken on trails as well. I bought the BOB Stroller Strides because it has a front wheel that can lock or be adjustable so I thought I'd be able to manuever it better when I'm not jogging. But if I just wanted the stroller for jogging only I would have gotten the Ironman. It's expensive ($389!!) but it's sweet!


Counting Down - January 3

Thanks for all the input. I think I will research the Ironman further. I have already looked into a few strollers and so far I am finding that the baby has to be at least 6 months old before you can use the jogging stroller (for jogging). Has anyone found anything that is for a younger child?


Angela in California - January 7

A few of them allow you to attach an infant car seat into them. I'm not sure i would jog like that because it might be a bit bouncy for the infant, but it would work as a stroller for them when they're first born. Otherwise, you're right, most jogging strollers are to be used when the baby is a tad older so they have the proper neck strength.



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