Joint Pain

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kaur321 - February 15

I am 32 weeks now and have been feeling a lot of joint pain. Its getting worse and worse and my knees are getting really bad. Anyone of you feeling the same?


Nicole - February 15

I just started week 32 today and I totally know how you feel. My hips are my problem. It's become increasingly painful when I sleep. It really sucks because I roll from one side to the other, then they both get so sore I can't sleep. I have also noticed I'm beginning to waddle slightly when I walk, I guess the relaxin is softening up our joints getting ready for the big day. So as much as it sucks it really is a good thing...


to kaur321 - February 15

Sometimes my hips really hurt when I'm doing the preggo waddle.


amandababy - February 15

My hips hurt really bad when I sleep also. So bad so that I have to get up out of bed and can't go back to sleep until hours later! What can we do to ease the pain? Anyone have suggestions?


divachic_136 - February 16

I am 39 weeks and I have been having the same hip problems as u ladies have been having for about a month. When I can't take the pain anymore I ask my husband to rub some aspercreame on my hips. Get the regular, non-smelly kind. The extra-strength may be too strong. Having him rub my hips feel really great and helps me get back to sleep.


lil mumma - February 16

I'm 31 weeks and have been having excruciating pain the the hips,lower back and pubic bone (gotta love relaxin...!) I went to see the physio at my hospital and she has fitted me out with a special belt to wear during the day and taught me excercises which seem to be helping (still get some pain at night in the hips, but not much more I can do). She also told me to ice my hips for 20 mins 3 times a day, use the 'mini-skirt' mentality by taking smaller steps and trying NOT to waddle, staying of my feet as much as possible and evenly distributing my weight ie not putting all my weight on one leg whilst standing. The excercises are similar to pilates where I position on all fours and suck it all in and hold for 10 secs, relax for 10 secs - 10 reps 3-5 times a day. Hope this helps you out. Good luck with bubs!!! :o)



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