Judah Benjamin

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mary_ln - February 2

We had Judah Benjamin at 12:42, 1/24. It was the most overwhelming and emotional experience of my life. Dh and I had decided long ago that we wanted to have a natural birth, so with that goal in mind I began laboring. I was having very mild contractions all day Wed and woke up Thurs morning at 3:20 with my first serious one. At 5:45am we headed for the hospital where they assessed that I was 4.5cm dilated and 80%effaced. An hour later I was dilated to 6 and we began walking and sitting in the jacuzzi. The worst part was that I think the jacuzzi relaxed me and slowed my labor because 3hrs later I was still at 6cm. So, we opted to have the doc rupture my membranes at 10:40. After this, labor really became intense, actually there are no words to describe the pain I was in. The contractions were so horrific that my body literally shut down between them; I actually would find that I had been asleep for the 45sec or so between contractions. It was crazy. However, we were still operating with 0 medications. When I got to a 9.5, there was no way to hold back the pushing sensation so the nurse reached in during a contraction and pulled the cervix around baby's head. Oh my gosh!!! But, then I was allowed to push. Doc arrived at 12:18 and began instructing me (I was so scared as this is my first baby). Doc just calmly told me to push, and push hard, when I felt like I should. Anyway, I pushed for exactly 24minutes when Judah's head popped through and dh cut the cord. When they laid him on me and I began nursing, it was the most natural and beautiful thing ever! During the labor experience I kept thinking how I could actually be enjoying myself if I had opted for an epidural, but looking back, I wouldn't change anything. It is true that it was the most horrific pain, but all of my sensors were working and I was able to be mobile immediately following delivery. I knew that my body was created with the ability to handle it, and that gave me the strength to get through it. I want to encourage anyone who desires to go natural that it is totally worth it in the end, even though you won't think so during the event! Anyways, Judah Benjamin is healthy and changing every day. He was 6lbs 6oz and 19in long. I want to thank everyone on this forum who has asked questions and posted responses. You all have been so helpful and supportive during my pregnancy. And, best of luck to all other mommies who have yet to meet there lo!


sarah21 - February 2

Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! I am having my baby naturally at a birthing center where pain meds are unavailable and I am nervous since it is my first pregnancy as well. Enjoy your little Judah-- what a neat name!


mjvdec01 - February 4

Congratulations! You are a stong woman. I am pregnant with my second child and will be getting an epidural again, I still had pain with my first. I can't imagine what it would have felt like with out drugs. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience. I am so happy for you and you new little family. :o}



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