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Tasha - April 19

Hi everyone! I just wanted to start a 3rd tri forum as we should be all getting here soon..Im due July 4th so Ive been here for a couple weeks already...I didnt want August to get in here before us!! Anyone have any stories to share? Ive just been moving along, trying to keep busy...with 2 other little ones its easy! Just want these last few weeks to go by quickly!!!


kgreenlove - April 19

Hey Tasha, I am due July 5th expecting baby #4. I have 3 boys already and its a GIRL so I am super excited!!! What are you having?


llmommy - April 21

Kgreenlove, how exciting to be finally having a girl! I was my parents' only daughter, and I have five brothers, so I'm sure your little girl will be treated like a princess, if my experience is any indicator. As for my own kids, I'm your opposite: I have three girls and a boy on the way. I know the final trimester is the "finishing stretch" but it still seems so long to me. I'll be glad to be rid of this pain in my back. It's actually posterior pelvic pain, if I understand correctly. The kind that sends shooting pain through my tush when I try to roll over in bed. I didn't have it with my first two, but it started with my last one, and seems worse this time. Tasha, I think my husband and I have picked a first name for our baby, but we seem to have stalled out on the middle name. I guess we should get to work on that one of these days. . . :-)


kgreenlove - April 25

Tasha, how nice to make it a surprise!!! We did the same with our last son, my kids are 6,4, and 2 (he will be 3 July 24th). I do not have a name picked out yet!! Its harder this time around since Im used to picking boys names.


kgreenlove - April 25

llmommy, congrats on your baby boy!! is this going to be your last pregnancy? Im in the same boat as you with the pelvic pain and this is my first time experiencing it, do you have pain in your hips as well? These last few weeks seem to be going in slow motion, its all just waiting now...


llmommy - April 25

I doubt this will be my last pregnancy. Before my husband I were married, we agreed that four or five children sounded like a good number. (We both came from large families.) But once we had one or two, he started saying maybe we should have lots and lots. Like even ten or more! :-o I dunno, personally. I'm just taking it one pregnancy at a time. Maybe at some point I'll say "enough of this!" and be done. So far, so good, though. Yes, I have pain in my hips, at night when I sleep on my sides. I've had that with all my pregnancies. I thought it was just the extra weight putting pressure on them, but it almost seems like more of a cramping thing. It'll get where I can't sleep on one side because of the pain, and then I try the other side and it starts hurting, and I start wishing for more sides. The pelvic pain is different, in that once I get in a good position, I'm fine. It strikes mostly when I'm standing too long, or rolling over in bed, or when I first stand up in the morning. It's so bad sometimes that I just can't roll over, and I'd almost rather be in labor than feeling this pain. I'm glad it's not a constant thing, or I'd be thoroughly miserable.


Manchuda - April 29

Helo ladies, am so glad u started the july 3rd trimester. Am due 4th July (same day with TASHA) & its a girl, my 1st & I cant wait to hold her. Am planning on having 4 kids but my husband wants 2 but am still convincing him. I grew up in a big family of 3girls, 3boys & my parents. Were always there for each other & thats what I want for my children. But for now I must focus on my lil princess on the way. Good luck girls


Twin_mummy_blackpool - May 2

Hello I am also due july, july 27th but they are considering inducing me at 37wks so about 5th july, (providing I don't go into labour naturally before this eek!) this is because I'm expecting twins, were having 2 boys and are very excited. Talking about hip ache, I get it when I sleep on my side, wake up in agony! I'm really really uncomfortable at the moment can't sit right or even lie in a position that doesn't make me feel strange, and then sick.... Is this normal?


Manchuda - May 12

Helo ladies, i had my an appointment with my gynae on saturday. 2day am 33w3d & my princess is so active she jst never get tired. i had trace of protein in my urine test but my gynae said everythin is in order but i cant seem 2stop worrin abt it. Can sumthin be wrong or am i jst worrin myself 4 nothing?


llmommy - May 12

Hi, Manchuda, no experience with the protein in urine here -- anyone else? I'm a__suming that you don't have any unusual swelling, extreme weight gain, or high blood pressure, since your doctor doesn't seem worried. My own midwives don't even bother checking the urine anymore. They said that studies have shown that it doesn't do that much good. I'm sure they'd check if they found anything else out of the ordinary. On a different note, how did you all do on your diabetes screening? I found out yesterday that I pa__sed mine. (Phew!) I don't know why I always worry myself over it. I've never had a problem. My baby is head down, which I knew from the kicks in the ribs, and he's been measuring two weeks ahead for a couple of months now. If he gets any further ahead of schedule, I'll have to have another ultrasound to check on him. I hope I don't have a huge baby in there! Does anyone use raspberry leaf tea or capsules? I've read about them quite a bit, and used the tea somewhat with my last pregnancy. I'm not convinced that it helped me at all, as I had a long, strange labor; but I'm giving it another shot, this time with the capsules for convenience. I was just curious whether any of you had tried them and noticed any benefits. Twin mummy, I'm sorry that you're having so much discomfort. I guess having twins makes you feel that end of pregnancy misery earlier than most.


Manchuda - May 26

Ladies y r u so quiet dis days? No complains so far just the trips to da loo every 5min, am so tired of it. Oh & my lil angel is so active. Gud luck & enjoy ur lil bundle of joy on da way


llmommy - May 28

Manchuda, I'm not quite to the "gotta pee all the time" stage yet, but I do have to be careful not to drink too much in the evening. I've noticed an increase in the braxton hicks for the past few days. I hadn't been having as many with this pregnancy as with the last two, but it seems like they're starting to kick in. Maybe it's because I've been sick recently; or maybe it's because I've overexerted myself. Or it could just be because I'm getting closer to the end. I've reached that point where I start to realize that I need to start getting things done, if they're to be finished before the baby is born.


Tasha - May 29

Hi Ladies! Ive technically got 5 weeks left...hopefully 3 or 4 though! At my last appointment they said since my other 2 were overdue they would strip my membranes at 38 weeks to see if that would help along. We still have not decided the name of the baby. And right now the baby's belongings are in our closet as we have no room in our house them. We are building a house at the moment and it wont be ready until November so we are going to be a little squishy for a bit..not that a newborn takes up space, but all their stuff does!! Ive got 3 more weeks of work left! So excited for that! Although I really dont mind working, and its not hard, I just like getting a bit more sleep. No pregnancy problems...Im still on track for my weight gain, only 20lbs to date, so Im really happy about that, not so much to lose after, considering its summer!


Manchuda - May 31

Hi ladies how was ur weekend? Mine wasnt fine at all. My DH just told me dat hes got a son from his previous relationship. I really dnt know how to take dis, I love my DH & I dn t have a problem with dis baby. My problem is he kept it a secret for so long & he's only telling me now bcos da mother of da baby is called saying da baby is admited in hospital. He say he planned 2 tell me after I gave birth cos he diddnt wana stress me, wat do I do ladies? Any advice pls


llmommy - June 1

That's really crummy, Manchuda! I don't really have any advice for you; I just wanted to let you know someone is here thinking of you through this rough patch. I understand that people have stuff in their pasts sometimes; but it's worrisome that your husband chose not to tell you about this before now. I would be very angry if this happened to me. Maybe he didn't want to stress you while you're pregnant, but what stopped him from telling you before you got pregnant?


Manchuda - June 3

llmommy, i dont know hey. I think my man is cheating, i found emails & smses from him to ladies i dont even know. each1 he's got an excuse which doesnt make sense at all. am just tired of all dis, am even thinking abt divorce, i cant take dis at all.


llmommy - June 4

Yeah, that's not sounding too promising. It's probably best not to make drastic decisions during pregnancy or for a while afterward, because let's face it: we just don't think quite straight when the hormones are raging. Maybe some counseling or something would be a good idea. Sorry you have to face this, especially now.



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