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llmommy - June 4

Yeah, that's not sounding too promising. It's probably best not to make drastic decisions during pregnancy or for a while afterward, because let's face it: we just don't think quite straight when the hormones are raging. Maybe some counseling or something would be a good idea. Sorry you have to face this, especially now.


Tasha - June 8

So I had my 36 week check up today...strep b test which isnt fun. And she said my cervix is soft, which I guess is good, but no indication on when Im going to deliver. I hope its soon...Im just so tired as this is my third and I feel I have no energy for my other 2! or patience! I just want to make it to 38 weeks to be sure baby is ready. Everyone keeps telling how small I am for being due so soon, I dont feel small AT ALL! Just getting uncomfortable, picking up toys is getting hard! But I know my little bundle will be here very soon! I am just so excited to see what we are having and how this labour is going to go..anyway, any other stories??


llmommy - June 8

Tasha, I sure know what you mean about picking up toys being hard. When I get down to pick up a toy, I find myself looking around the room to see how many more things I can grab before I hoist myself back up again. Wouldn't want to waste a trip, would I? I have also become adept at picking things up with my toes. :-) I don't get my strep B test for another three weeks. When I have that appointment, I'll also have to have labs done. I didn't have to do that at this point in my other pregnancies. I guess the birth center is required to do it, for some reason. I'm kinda jealous of those that are already at 36 weeks, but to be honest, I probably need these extra few weeks to get stuff done. I've managed to stockpile more baby boy clothes than I know what to do with, but my older daughters need some new duds, and I know I won't be up to shopping for a while after Baby arrives. And not to open a can of worms here, but I've been researching circ_mcision so my husband and I can make a decision on that. It feels good to tie up a few loose ends so I can relax and enjoy what's left of my pregnancy. I had an appointment with my midwife this morning, and something happened that you all might get a chuckle out of: There was a very long wait today, and I was sitting bored in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. Another lady was waiting there, and she'd brought her little son with her. I guess he was about two years old, but he was a very good talker. He was asking him mommy all sorts of questions and commenting on everything he saw. Cute kid. Then another lady came in, and she had a little girl. The two children didn't play with each other, really, but the boy asked his mom in a very loud voice, "Mommy, does that girl have a v____a?" It was a full waiting room, and we all couldn't help snickering. His mother took it in stride and answered that yes, she did. Way to go, Mommy! Another memorable moment in motherhood.


Manchuda - June 9

llmommy & Tasha, am 36w3d & so impatient to hold my lil angel. I know shes gona bring joy & hapinness in my life. Just tired of this loo trips every 5mins & its 4 a few seconds. I never had any cravings or problems with food until now. My angel is due July 4th & da doc said I must come back on da June 30th. Am kinda worried, am I not suppose to be going to see him every week from now(36weeks)?


Manchuda - June 11

Ladies, i've been having pains since 2days back & its getting worse by da day. Da baby feels like shes pushing down my virgina, especialy when am walking or standing cooking or something like dat. My queastions is ist early labour signs or wat, its my 1st time hey. Please help


Tasha - June 12

I had that with my first Manchuda. It happened around the same time and it hurt ALOT! I didnt get it with this one or my second. I think it could be baby dropping, but it is no indication labor will start early, my son was 9 days overdue. Let us know what happens!


llmommy - June 13

Manchuda, I'm with Tasha, I think it could be the baby dropping. People say you can drop early with the first baby. Personally I never noticed anything like that with my first, but with my second, it was like you describe. (And yes, she was late.) If the pains come and go in a pattern, you need to look out. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it too much. If the pressure is making you too uncomfortable, try spending less time on your feet. (Easier said than done, I know!) Anyway, don't be afraid to call your doctor if you feel worried. That's what they're there for!


Manchuda - June 14

Thanx for da info ladies, were going to da doctor 2day just to make sure everything is fine. Its my last day at work 2day, I dont think I can manage anymore & I dont wana give birth at da office. Will keep u updated


Tasha - June 23

So had my appointment today, she was going to strip my membranes but couldn't quite get in there..bummer ): But baby has dropped which is new from my last 2, they didnt drop. And my cervic is soft and it is opened at the beginning, just not enough near the end???If that makes sense..so my body is doing what its suppose to. HAve a pregnancy ma__sage tomorrow to help induce maybe that will help! Iam a week and a half from my due date!! I dont think I will go overdue, or at least as overdue as my last two. She is concerned about babies growth, Im measuring 37 weeks..and it has really changed in 2 weeks, so she is sending me for an ultrasound next Tuesday if I make it...hopefully I dont make it!! Hows everyone else doing??


llmommy - June 24

A month to go for me! I was doing all right, but then the last few nights the leg cramps have been pretty bad and keeping me from sleeping well. I had a checkup yesterday, and all looks good. Now back to waiting and trying to get all my loose ends tied up. I just keep thinking of more and more things that I need to get done! I had a lady from church gawk at me today and tell me that I look like I've "dropped." A month before my due date? That would be a new one for me. Tasha, I hope things get started for you soon. Manchuda, what happened after your last post? Was your doctor concerned? Did you have your baby already?


Tasha - July 1

So ladies!! It is Canada DAY!!! Im Canadian so I was really hoping to go into labor today..not happening yet! But YEsterday I had my membranes sweeped, Im dilated to 1, had cramping most of the night, totally bearable though, went walking all morning, lost my mucus plug...now just waiting, thinking about walking some more to help get this baby out. Not having any contractions again though...I really hope its soon!!! Will keep you updated!


llmommy - July 2

Tasha, it sounds like you're at least making some progress! I hope things get started for you soon, if they haven't already. I'm 37 weeks today, so the end-of-the-game wait has officially begun for me. Some days I have lots of contractions, some hardly any at all. I worried at times that I might go into labor before 37 weeks, and have to deliver at a hospital instead of the birth center. Unlikely, sure, but you never know. My midwife did say that the baby is low, which I suspected from the extra pelvic pressure and having to go to the bathroom all the time. Anyway, I guess I'll give it about a week, and then start trying to push things a little harder. You know, the usual stuff: walking, activity with DH, etc. Manchuda, where are you? Did you have your baby yet?


Tasha - July 3

Hi ladies, just a quick post, I had our newest addition, Talon Derrick was born today at 1:03am...very quickly, but very painful!! the epidural didnt work cause I progressed to quickly..but all and all it was a great experience! Let you know more later!!


llmommy - July 4

Congratulations, Tasha! Too bad your epidural didn't work well, but I'm glad you both came through all right. I look forward to hearing the rest of the story!


Manchuda - July 4

Am sorry I haven't been intouch with you ladies lately, a lot has happened though. I had an appointment wth my doctor on the 30th of june, I was 1cm dilated & I decided 2be induced. Was induced on da 1st of july at 10am, started gettin contractions from 12mid-day until 10pm wen I gave birth 2my beautiful lil princess. My husband & older sister were with me all da way till da very last minute. She's sharing her birth date with my dad by da way. I gave birth normal but they had 2st_tch me down there. She weighed 3kg & everything was fine. She's busy b___st feeding as in right now which is an all day & night thing. Good luck 2all of you still waiting, its worth every lil pain I felt & I can do it all over again.


llmommy - July 5

Way to go, Machuda! I'm glad your little girl arrived safely. How neat that she was born on your dad's birthday. You still out there, Kgreenlove and twin mummy? It looks like everyone else will have their babies before me, since I'm not due till the 23rd.



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