July Babies Last Trimester

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llmommy - July 5

Way to go, Machuda! I'm glad your little girl arrived safely. How neat that she was born on your dad's birthday. You still out there, Kgreenlove and twin mummy? It looks like everyone else will have their babies before me, since I'm not due till the 23rd.


Twin_mummy_blackpool - July 6

Hey sorry I've not been in touch been soo busy trying to get everything sorted for when the boys arrive, tomorrow is the day! Getting induced at 1pm and very nervous :s lol congrats to the mummys who have had their bundles of joy already, my turn next. Xx


lauraniko - July 6

Hello, Twin Mommy. I am due on the 19th July, finished work 3 days ago. Am loving the ME time. I am also a little excited to meet my little sweetheart. I am hoping that it comes healthy and not too far away. How did you go with your boys?


llmommy - July 9

I hope it went well, Twin mummy! Lauraniko, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with a little time left to go still. Are you having any promising signs of approaching labor? I've been having contractions off and on for days now. Mostly I can just ignore them, but there have been a few times when I thought maybe something was about to get started. They always die out, though. :-(


lauraniko - July 9

I havent had contractions, although my sister-in-law is contantly asking me... she seems to be just as excited as me, my husband and my Mum. Do you think they are just Braxton Hicks? Is this your first baby? It is mine, I am at the stage where it still doesnt feel real. I feel as though the day will never arrive and I will remain pregnant FOREVER! How are you feeling today?


llmommy - July 9

I suppose most of what I'm feeling are Braxton Hicks, though sometimes they are very strong ones. This is my fourth baby. You'd think I'd know all about this by now, but every pregnancy is different. With my first, there was an obvious difference between the Braxton Hicks and "real" labor. When my labor started, there wasn't much question. I was taken by surprise, because I was two weeks early. With my second, though, I had lots of contractions for weeks, even enough to make me keep my husband home at work one day, almost certain that "this was it." She wasn't born until three days after her due date. With my third, there wasn't the gradual intensification that I expected. Contractions started in strong from the beginning, but ten minutes apart. I thought maybe I'd deliver that night, judging from how strong they were. But it was my longest labor of all. The contractions continued to be strong and quite painful, but 7-10 minutes apart, for nearly 24 hours. Then things took off. We went to the hospital, I was admitted (dilated to 4.5) and had my baby two and a half hours later. The part in the hospital was the easiest of all three. I guess that sort of makes up for the part at home being the hardest. :-) I'm feeling ready but not ready. Know what I mean?


lauraniko - July 9

What sort of pain relief have you used in the past? I just went to the Hospital today to pick up a TENS machine, it is a battery powered pack with sticky electrodes that are placed on the lower back which vibrate with varying intensity. I have heard good things about it and I know the gas is also avaliable. I am not offered an epidural at the hospital that I am booked into. I dont think I would want pethedine as it affects the baby if it is taken too close to the birth. I feel ready, but would like the opportunity to have a few more days to myself and this weekend is the first entire weekend that my husband and I have had together since we married. His teenage daughter lives with us and has gone for the next week to visit her Mum. Are your other kids really excited about the impending birth?


Twin_mummy_blackpool - July 9

Morning ladies, I'm about to find out if I've just experianced a failed induction I've been here 3days and had 3sets of gels and they're gonna try to break my waters this morning, if this is not possible then I have to be re-a__sesed to see what the best next step. Getting sick of being here now the food is vile but luckily my mother in law has been a star bringing me lunch & dinner in :) Just want my boys now! Will keep you updated Siobhan xxxx


llmommy - July 9

Twin mummy, that sounds really frustrating! I hope things get moving for you soon. I dislike staying in the hospital for long, too. Even though the hospitals I've stayed at have been pretty nice ones, I'd still rather not be there. Lauraniko, I haven't tried any methods of pain relief for my labors. I've heard of the TENS machine, but I don't know much about it. No one talks about it here, so I don't even know if it's something you can get here. The hospitals I've delivered at offer epidurals, but I've never wanted one. This time I'm planning on having my baby in a birth center, so I couldn't get an epidural even if I wanted one. A nice weekend with your husband sounds like a great idea! My husband and I don't get out by ourselves often, so we had our "date" last weekend. His mom watched the girls for us. It's so nice to have one last quiet time before the baby comes and complicates things. Getting out can be so hard once the baby is born! My other kids are looking forward to the birth. At least the older two are. The youngest doesn't really have any idea what's going on. I may have the older two at the birth, if it works out. My oldest daughter was at my last birth, and it was a good experience.


llmommy - July 22

Sorry I've been so long in posting this, but my son Nathan Samuel was born July 14, a week and a half early. He weighed nine pounds! Labor and birth went well, and we're both doing fine.


lauraniko - July 23

No problem, Congratulations on your beautiful son. Big baby! How much weight did you put on during the pregnancy? I was due on Monday, I am still waiting around! Have an appointment for Wednesday to have the gels administered! Hoping to go before then, although I had an internal examination today and the Dr told me that my cervix is still long and closed. Not sure how long it will be now.


llmommy - July 23

Thanks! I gained about 30 pounds, maybe a little more. That's typical for me. No one was expecting such a big baby! The midwife and the nurse were surprised. He was a little harder to push out than usual, but otherwise all went about the same as usual. Poor little guy had some bruising, most noticeably in his eyes, which are still red over a week later. Rough ride out, I guess.


lauraniko - August 9

Well its now been 2 weeks since our little Miss Eva arrived. I am so blessed to have a gorgeous daughter. I love her so much. She was born Sunday 25th July at 203 am. We arrived at the hosptal at 12:45 am, after contractions started around 7pm Saturday. Felt extremely blessed, a few st_tches, 2 nights is hospital. Wonderfully supportive mother. Love her to bits :D Hope everyone is going well xx



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