July Mom S Part 3

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Steph - June 19

Here's the new thread!! ;o) Any July moms are welcome to join!!


Victoria_1985 - June 19

Hey ladies!! How was everyones weekend? (I re-posted my last comment from the part 2 version...) Mine was good, I wish that I could have seen my father on fathers day...a phone call just doesn't cut it!:( Anyways on to happier things, I started losing my plug on friday...YAY. I have never been so excited when I wiped after going pee before...I called my mom!!!LOL so things are moving along. Marie-My blood pressure always tends to be higher at the doctors too..I think Debs right it's just because your at the doctors office! About the joint pain, I have a little but nothing bad, my mom takes a joints and bones pill everyday and she swears it helps her, its all natural so maybe it would help....I'd check with a health food store they all pretty much know there stuff, I've gotten a few things that have helped me during this pregnancy there. Deb-Dh and I have practised a few times, he actually made me get in the car so he could time how long it takes to get to the hosipital, via route 1, 2 and 3!!!!! I think its cute but I told him I'm only doing it once! He also has his cell phone on him at all times....but I like you tried calling him once and he didn't pick up...he cAlled back an hour later and I gave him an earfull....he felt bad and so did I, but right now I'm about the what-if factor....no room for mistakes like that now! Question-I know everyone is going pee like billion times a day but does anyone get the feeling like they might have a bladder infection? It doesn't hurt or anything, its just I'll go pee then 10 sometimes even mintues afterward it will feel like I have the fullest bladder in the world but when I go theres nothing really in there.....maybe just the babys head pushing on my bladder?? Also.....has anyone become a s_x fanatic lately????????????????? I can't have enough s_x right now, Dh is loving it cuz it will probably be awhile after the babys born before we have time or the energy to do it, but man I have never loved s_x more! anyone else in the same boat? Liv-Glad to hear your feeling better, try not to stress about not having things done, I'm sure if you asked you'd get help from your mom or someone! Just take it one day at a time! Hope everyones doing well!


marie - June 19

Hhhmmm.. s_x... I thought I was going crazy cuz I want it all the time ...lol.. I'm beginning to think like a guy because all I can think about is s_x and different fantasies. Dh is the one who's saying no to me..lol.. he's scared that it's going to hurt the baby..LOL.. Deb ~ we practiced going to the hospital taking 2 routes and he does have his cellphone ALWAYS with him (even if he's in the garage and I'm upstairs). My co-workers also have Dh's cell number and hospital number just in case I"m at work and my water breaks or something. I have been peeing a lot too.. and it's difficult for me when it's the middle of night because like what I have said everytime I wake up, I feel so sore, so it takes me a while to get up, walk, and pee. well, 5 weeks to go and I just hope I don't go overdue.


Steph - June 19

Well ladies, I just got back from my 36.5 week appt and I'm 3cm dialated and 60% effaced. My doc said that I am way ahead of the game and I'll most likely have a June baby rather than a July. Hopefully that's true!! I have another appt next Monday, if I don't have him before that. He also told me no more s_x which I was surprised about. I asked him why and he said because I am so far dialated, the act could potentially break my water. So, dh is cut off!! Poor guy!! :o)


mrsfiveday - June 19

I had a dr appt today. I turn 37 weeks tommorow. Dr said that baby's head is pretty low, he didn't feel my cervix or anything but he said baby can come anytime now. He did do a swab for strep. My bp was 120/80, baby's hb was 135. Dh is so excited and getting nervous because I told him dr said it can be any time now.


marie - June 19

OMG I am so excited for all you ladies who are almost there! and of course envious too.. Just in case, don't forget to post your birth stories.


Catherine - June 19

Wow Ladies! I can't believe some of us may have June babies. I am still in shock that I will have my baby in my arms in about a month. I definately feel pregnant when I walk around or do anything because I have no energy to do anything, yet mentally I feel like I have a couple more months to go to see my little one. I guess this pregnancy has really been super fast and I have not quite caught on that I'm going to be a mommy soon. When I was at the doctor's last week, he said that my cervix is really long and i'm completely still shut so I guess hopefully I have made some progress by next appointment on the 26th. I installed one of the bases to my baby car seat this morning. OMG it is real!!! Take care ladies.


livdea - June 19

Steph-YAY! Then again a girlfriend of mine was effaced 100% and dialated 5 centimeters...and she had to be induced! The baby wouldn't go any further! I doubt that will happen with you! Did they say how far the baby was engaged? SO exciting! I'm excited to go to my next appointment on Wednesday but I don't feel like too much has happened. Last week I had a day of millions of BH's so I wasn't so surprised stuff had started moving but this week not so many...we'll see. Can you girls believe we are talking about dialation and having our babies?! All I can think about now is babies! I'm on the forum ALL day at work...it's horrible, I'm getting nothing done!


ARD - June 19

Hi fellow mommies to be! I am 35.3 weeks and now finished with work! I am a teacher, so summer is here and on the couch I lay!! I have been soooo excited about being done with work for a while, but now that I'm home I'm almost bored to death and I wake up every morning wondering "Is this the day??" (even though I don't want her coming too too early).The nursery is done, her clothes are washed and put away, most work is pretty much done around the house, so here I sit! I guess I went through that nesting phase a few weeks ago before work was out, and got everything done! So now what? :o) I'm getting so anxious and impatient, although, again, I want her to be healthy and not come too early. I'm hanging out at the pool and taking lots of naps, and spending time with my dh when he's home (he works week nights, so he usually sleeps during the day unless he gets off early). I constantly walk in the nursery to see what else I could possibly do in there, are really there's nothing!! So now with about 4 1/2 weeks left I'm getting sooooo anxious but excited!! I go to the doctor tomorrow - guess that's when they will start internals....so I'm curious to see if there are any changes - effacement, dialation,etc. Anyway, my hosptial bag/diaper bag is packed, car seat is in place, ba__sinet ready, so what's left??


K8 - June 19

3 weeks 4 days to go!!!!! i felt my cervix last night and it is definately softer, felt very squishy not bouncy anymore woooo-hoooo!


K8 - June 19

i have a funny story...well scary story really - my dh is an electrician and yesterday he had a job about 40 mins away on a property. We had agreed that after this week no more jobs that far away from home, anyway i said goodbye at about 4 in the morning and i had a weird feeling about him working up there all by himself. (no houses near) so i said id meet him for lunch at 1pm. So off i went with softdrink and cake and chicken salads for us to eat together up in the hills and what do i find wheni get there? my dh all bruised and sore - he had been on top of the old 7 meter power pole, strapped on, when it decided to fall over!!! he was ok but he said he was surprised when he came to that he was still alive with no broken back. All i could do was laugh and i had to explain to him that i was only laughing because if i didnt i would be sobbing hysterically.


Deb - June 19

I'm kind of jealous some of you are losing your plug. I just wish the baby would drop. It is so high in my ribs and very uncomfortable sometimes. I'm still having problems with acid reflux in the night and I keep getting hot flashes. Other than that I am great. I made some freezer meals today and dh is convinced that I am getting close since I have cleaned out all of the cupboards in the kitchen and seem to be nesting a lot. I have not wanted to have s_x at all, but I hear that it is very common to go through a s_x-craze period. I did however have a dream last night that I did it with Johnny Depp....LOL Ahhh the pregnancy dreams...


CyndiG - June 19

Ok, I have to whine! I have a hemorroid! OMG! I'm embarra__sed to even tell my dh. I have a dr. appt tomorrow. I may get up enough nerve to tell her. (I'm really worried tomorrow will be the big day she wants to do my Group B swab! EEEKKKK) Maybe she can give me some miracle cure. It is HUGE! I swear it's as big as my pinky finger! It hurts so bad! Please Lord make it go away. I'm afraid to poop, and God forbid I go into labor before that thing goes away! If I had to push a baby out with that thing hanging off my b___t......It would look like a grapevine by the time I was done. OMG!!!


dee23 - June 19

yeah i havent lost my plug either, nor has he dropped nor have i had bh's...im anoyyed with no progress and only 4 weeks to go, well i dont think theres been any progress anyway. so personal question....is everyone doing perineal ma__sage and kengal's? i havent done either. the only thing im doing to try and prepare down there is taking raseberry leaf tea tablets everyday. but apparently we r ment to start perineal ma__sage at 34 weeks?....well that was 2 weeks ago.....i just cant see myself getting into position to do that everyday.....it would be worse than trying to put on a sock. and dh would do it...but its just that i have no desire for s_x everyday cause he's told me that he would have to jump me everytime he does it.....gosh...and with kangals, it sends a horrible shiver up my spine everytime i do it...and i cant bare it, i can clench maybe twice, but certainly not 10 times in a row 10 times a day....i hope that by me not practicing any of these that nothing bad comes from it. last thing i want is leakage but i just cant stand to do those kengals.


Cotton - June 19

Hey Ladies!! I am new here and thought I would introduce myself. I am 36+weeks pregnant with a little girl and this is the first baby for both my husband and I. I have an appointment this coming Thursday to see if I am progressing or not. I have my fingers crossed that I am, because I am so uncomfortable, anxious and ready for this baby to come! I have no s_x drive at all and it's killing poor hubby. I am still working, but tomorrow is officially my last day and I am so excited!! Then I can just sit back and wait for this lil gal to come :)


Cotton - June 19

Forgot to add - I have been having a lot of painful bh contractions that last constantly throughout the day. Plus, I have been feeling really crampy down there and my lower back has been really achy. I hope these are good signs that she's coming soon! Although I haven't lost my plug yet :(


livdea - June 20

Welcome Welcome Cotton! Great group of girls here to join! DEB..funny you dreamt of Johnny Depp...I had a dream of Brad Pitt the other night. I never dream like that but I did the other night and I'm not going to complain about Brad Pitt! CYNDI-In every good way possible, I cracked up reading your post! SUCKS to have a hemmi!! but the way you put it...about being a grape vine...lol...how could I not laugh?! I hope it goes away soon my dear! DEE-I haven't done any ma__sage yet...though I thought about starting it. Many people I've talked to did it and swear by it...so I think I may start...even tonight. All about stretching...ugh...I'm scared to stretch it just a little and I'm going to push a baby through there?!! LOL...yeah right! I've been having lots of bh's again today, more cramping then usual, nothing unbearable though. though the pressure is crazy! I'll have a contraction and it makes me have to go pee so I go to the bathroom and when I sit on the toilet it just feels like my v____a is opening up! I don't know how else to explain it!! It doesn't hurt exactly but I can feel it changing. just uncomfiness!



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