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stefkay - June 13

Hey girls, we're almost there!!! :)


sashasmama - June 13

Oh good, the other one was taking way too long :)


samantha_2629 - June 13

hey girls I have a question for those of you who have exercise b___s. Do you just use it to sit on instead of a chair or do you all actually do certain exercises on them? I got mine from a friend so it didn't come with any instructions or anything on what kind of exercises you could do so I really have no idea how to use it other than sitting on it...?


sashasmama - June 13

You can bounce on it now to help the baby drop lower and during early labor for pain relief. You can't really do any excersizes on it while prego I don't think. I might be wrong though, but I mostly see them being used for muscle strengthening, like crunches and leg raises while you're on it on your tummy. You can also do some excersizes with weights, like chest press while on it.


kendra.marie - June 13

hey ladies =] well im still pregnant =] im happy for that hehe. i know my son is A ok.; mean ill be 37 weeks tomorrow =] yah. two of my friends have had there babies now today my second friend had her son=== im having all the signs she had right before labor so im praying that im a go this time hehe. she got to l nd & was 5 cms[finally she was stuck at 3cms like me] i didnt have my dr appt thursday due to the flooding here its horrible if u have myspace u can see my photos its horrible here; we finally crested today at a RECORD high of 31.12 ft 1993s flood here the crest was 19. some feet so we have way majorly topped that (although its crested already it is starting to go down they are expecting it to be 19 ft by next FRIDAY!) thats not even below flood level---flood level is 12 ft! so we have a while before things get back to normal here.


kendra.marie - June 13

next for me; well i talked to my doctors nurse today-- she asked if i had any signs of labor i said i belived she asked me what i said freq soft poops; & vomitting also lower back contractions (that give me the feeling i need to poop) she said those are all positive signs so if anything happens i will inform tina & hillary i have both of there cell phone numbers. till a bit later enjoy ladies


Precious - June 13

I am really upset with my self.. all day Lia has been on a weird position so.. i was outside n my neices vollyball rolls down the hill.. and without thinking i run for it. Ever since that ive been in a ma__sive pain. its just pressure on my lower Vag. when i walk my hips hurt.. and she moves down i can feel it. i dont think nothing is wrong. But i feel too much pressure. i didnt really run fast it was more of a fast past walk... i dont know what to think.


Charlibabe - June 13

Hey girls just got home. I had my doctor's appointment to day...Im now 37 weeks and I was 2 cm dialated and well didn't tell me how much effaced I was...I just know its still progressing. My doctor said he could feel her head when he checked my cervix, Crazy! Well Im all excited im progressing so well with my first. I also went to Senator Jake Flake's funeral...it was really long, But it was really neat. Very full. Our Govenor was there for it. Soo cool. Went shopping some I got me a new shirt Its says "America's Next Top Mommy" haha I love the Top Model show...so I had to get it, plus its purple. Got a few little things I needed for Brooklynn...So how is everyone today?


cors1wfe - June 13

Hiya pals....LOL .....I am finally sitting down I have been on the go all day long!!! Marcy has run me all over this High Desert and we are pooped......we just came back for eating Sushi it was so so so good ....Samantha there really isn't much you can do on the exercise ball while preggers but small bounces and just sitting on it help bring the baby down and relieve pressure off of your pelvis....Ok girls we are going to relax now and watch a movie then I will head home to a hopefully h__y husband....LOL I think it's safe for us to do it now since my mom will be here Sunday afternoon.....She is getting a direct flight to Vegas...ladies I will check in later not sure if it will be tonight or tomorrow.....oh and skirts are bad for me because I think I have chaffed my thighs where they rub together....yeow!! lol


stefkay - June 14

Hey girls, haven't had a chance to read yet...going to breakfast with my mom first and then I will check back in but wanted to post about my night last night! GEEZ....I had my appt. yesterday and she said I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced so I go home and helped my mom clean. I tried to keep it easy but was on my feet a lot. Then we went to walmart and walked around for ages, THEN the mall to go to a store she needed to get some shoes at. By that time I was hurting so bad in my lower back I could barely walk and I had flip flops on this whole time which made my feet feel like they were going to explode! Then I had to run into babies r us for a sheet and by this time thinking I just want to get home as it was almost 9pm. Now really up to now everything has been peachy and all of a sudden the back pain, feet and contractions all hit at once along with the feeling I couldn't breathe well and being nauseated. I never complain about this stuff but it was scary. So I get home to relax and started to notice the contractions were more painful (lots of back action in there) so I drank water and laid in a reclining position on the couch. They came every 5 minutes for about 2 hours and we all watched a movie and ate pizza eventually I started to get tired and realized as I was dozing that they were getting further apart then I fell asleep. I woke up to no back pain and no contractions so I was on the verge of going to l&d, but glad I didn't b/c apparently it was false labor. Kinda freaked me out...Must have been from all the activity yesterday.


kolleen_caudillo - June 14

Goodmorning mommies- well i had my dr appointment yesterday and i have progressed. im at 2 cm but still 75% effaced and -1 station. but hey atleast i moved up alittle huh? KENDRA- im sorry to hear that you right in the middle of all the flooding and stuff. i was watching it on on the news with my dh and started praying for you and your family. lets pray that when you do actually go into labor that the flooding isnt too bad. so is anyone doing anything for the daddies to be for fathers day? i got mine a card. we arfe going to the beach for the day. my mom and dad went on a fishin g trip and left my son with me for the weekend which is really cool. my dh is working agian today so im going to try to find something for jakobb abd me to do. STEF- YAH!!!! your making great progress. isnt it exciting and scary all at the same time that we are going to be mommies again in like two weeks?!?!? HOLY COW it is hitting me like a ton of bricks for real!! i hope everyone is having a great weekend. ill check in later to see if any one is on.


cors1wfe - June 14

Good morning girls -today is my 2nd baby shower and I think there will be about only 3 or 4 ladies there but that's ok it's going to be good food my dh is complaining about watching the boys and I said too bad - I have had them all week by myself so get over it...LOL .....I think I have everything I need for MIss Megan to make her appearance...my mom will be here Sunday afternoon I can't wait oh and my dh is complaining that we are going to have company on Father's Day --uh yeah if my parents still lived here we would all be getting together anyway give me a break! Sometimes he's so selfish it makes me want to smack him - I told him suck it up last weekend he took off for hours both Sat and Sun to go fart around alone and I had the boys and didnt' say one things so shut up....his dad isn't home right now and he stayed at his friends house until 11pm last night so whatever! ok enough venting....I have to straighten up around here and get ready for my sister who is coming up for the shower and her boyfriend plus have clean sheets ready for when they leave and my mom gets here .....so much for relaxing before the baby shower...LOLOL....STEF that is great that you have dilated and effaced - I was so happy that I had start dilating and plus I think on the days they check you contractions come on also...I contracted all day after my appointment - kind of a pattern but I am proud of you for toughing it out some before heading to L&D.....KOLLEEN - that's great that you get to be with you son all weekend! and hip pain HOLY COW - I can totally relate and it sucks! my hips bugs me I can barely make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night because I am so stiff.....ok girls I have to start straightening up the house!


kendra.marie - June 14

once again a night at labor & delivery ladies im almost 4 cms dilated & contractions every 3 minutes but im not dilating ne more (they wanted me to try a whirlpool; but do to the conditions here in iowa we only have 25% of water left in our tanks if that runs out we have no water!!!!) so i couldnt do that---they just had me walk that just made contractions stronger no more dilationg or nothing so they sent me home-- contractions were horrible so they told me go walk alot try squats ect to get things going they even recommened some good s_x =] they know im almost there its just to the point where im not going ne where again. so we will see what happens =]


kolleen_caudillo - June 14

KENDRA- i bet your totally frustrated huh? have u tried the castrol oil thing? i dont know if you would want to, i sure would not but some women get pretty dang desparate you know? my dr told me yeaterday that lylee is nice a cozy in her jaccuzzi and she dont wanna come out, well she ghonna have to pretty soon. the world is ready for her.


cors1wfe - June 14

KENDRA - I bet you are ready to scream! What did they say about your green discharge? I can't believe you get a regular pattern and no dilation...that sucks! well I am showered and my sister i here and we are getting ready to head to my friends at 1pm....STEF how are you today? I slept from 1130-6a then came downstairs and slept til 8am woo hoo that's some good sleep and I still think I will be all over a nap today.....Ok I have to figure out what I am going to make for dinner I didn't even think about that .....sigh.....tacos is easy...I'll make some of those.....ok girls I'll check in more later


Charlibabe - June 14

Hey everyone..Im so tired today. But doing good. thought I'd just drop by and see what everyone is doing...seems pretty dead today. Im so glad your dilating too Stef! =D we are progressing about the same...and we are due on the same day lol. Thats awesome. Well Cors hope your baby shower goes good!! Kendra that sucks that your having such a long labor...hopefully you get some kind of relief soon.


kendra.marie - June 14

kolleen---ive read baout it but not tried it im a bit scared to to be honest; so i tihnk ill hold off. they said walking, squatting, excerise or birth ball, and s_x should hopefully help. TINA- as for green discharge my doctor thought it was from me getting over my UTI n the pills i was on i only had it liek 3 times that day n never since. well i lost my plug on teh 1st n it regrew & im losing it as of right now (so im thinking i must or might be dilating right now (if im losing the plug again? right cuz u lose it as your dilating) so yah. i know im more then frustered lol but waht can i do? the longer hes in the better off but the earlier hes out the better for me haha. but its about him right now so its okay i just had the constant contractions with no dilation. =[ so we can only hope n see right? but thats how i was with kelsey once i got to 1.5 cms i couldnt get farther until they gave me pitocin. =[ but since im 37 weeks they will give it to me now with good constant n stronger contractions =] so im a bit excited i will defiently text u if i go n & they actually admit me n keep me to have a baby =] i will keep you ladies as informed as i am lol. but i dont want to text u all saying its the real deal n it not be again lol.



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