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stefkay - June 24

We're already starting to meet our little ones! Wishing us all the best of luck as we become mommies for the first time or all over again!!!


cors1wfe - June 24

KOLLEEN - girl I can only imagine how scared you are right now .....I have battled my demons as well with prescriptions drugs and alcohol.....that is how I even found this site I googled drinking alot before knowing pregnant.....and it brought me here and I read the post and some girls were judgemental and mean and others were very supportive but I still worry - I wasn't trying to get preggers this time so I had a few gla__ses of wine nightly - which is well ALOT - but so far so good my baby is healthy and I am grateful to God everyday I can't wait to meet her and see her sweeet face.....and remember Greater is HE that is in YOU than he that is in the world!! You are an overcomer and I have confidence that you will be a terrific mother and amaze even yourself! HUGs to you girl I can't wait for us to post our stories! xoxoxox


Precious - June 24

KOLLEEN! i am so happy for you I know God will Guide you thru this and be with you at all times. Its just amazing that our pregnancy is ending.. i mean what have we done for the past 9 months! lol.. well im super excited for you and for Tina. Its such a blessing to have a rough path n then have a turn around and be bless with such a beautiful gift of a child. He will bless you tomorrow!!


Precious - June 24

Girls i have been suffering so badly today with heartburn i dont know what else to do nothing i mean nothing works.. ive taken everything and they work for a while n then it just fades. My Dh doesnt want me taking so much of it but its just so irritable.. ugh! and ive been having so much pressure today when i walk i feel pinches in my v____a.. and pressure on my ribs n when she moves i just feel like a gush of something is going to come out but nothing..


kolleen_caudillo - June 24

Tina- thanks for your words. i can really use them right now. my dh is not understanding that i need him with me right now. he told me he would be off early today so i got my hopes up thinking he would be here this afternoon. but hes not. hes still at work. i feel so much right now. im hurt im scared im nervous and i cant stop crying. why are men so insensitive when you need them to be the opposite. he tells me that he has to work so much to pay the bills which is true, but he knows how God works. he can be with his wife who is about to give birth for a couple hours right? i guess not. then he wants to get upset at me. God im so frustrated right now. im so scared to go into labor and people keep telling me its going to be a\lright and to stop freaking out. i hate being told that. i dont think anyone should tell a pregnant women that. LOL!!!! in 12 hours they are starting the iv. IM GONNA BE A MOM TOMORROW AND IM SCARED TO DEATH!!! sorry im just having a moment.


cors1wfe - June 24

KOLLEEN - it's totally understandable...it's very nerve wracking thinking about giving birth. Men just don't get it and I don't think they ever will.... I have so much going on right now and I can't sleep thinking of everything going on....I am pretty stressed when I just want to relax and have my baby.....Just forgive your husband I know he doesn't mean to hurt your feelings - he just doesn't see it. Ok girls I will be on tomorrow and post before I leave for the hospital and post when I get home I will text the girls whose numbers I have once Megan arrives!


Charlibabe - June 25

Hey everyone...still preggo here too...Cors I'd be soo anxious and nervious if i were you. Kolleen thats so cool that your having your baby too!!! IM sooo jealous of you both. I want to hold Brooklynn sooo very much. Still the same 2 cm 60 % effaced as far as i know...Go back to the doctors on Thursday. soo YAY hopefully more progression then. Can't wait to start hearing all our stories!!!


kolleen_caudillo - June 25

TINA- hey if i cant sleep im gonna check to see if anyone is on here. im so antsy.... i cant eat after ten so of course i just tried to eat and im really not hungry but you can guaentee ill be starving and dying of thirst come 1005 LOL


krissy2006 - June 25

Kolleen, I know we haven't talked in just about forever but I have been following the July mommies and just wanted to give you some words of encouragement although there are no words that will completely take away the anxiety or the fear. Just know that God is with you, He will hold you and comfort you if you ask him to (whether your husband is there to do it or not) He will never give you more than you can handle and despite the fear, the tears, the anxiety, the worry and yes, the pain it truly is soooo worth it in the end. I'm sorry your hubby isn't there for you right now. I know exactly how you are feeling except my hubby was 3000 miles away in Mexico partying at his brother's wedding instead of with me dealing with my labor and the traumatizing experience of my baby's birth. Just remember that men are men and they will always be men. There are some who are the exception but men generally don't know how to deal with emotion, especially seemingly irrational emotion of a pregnant woman. But it isn't their fault, its just how they are. Try and forgive your man for not being and doing exactly as you want/like. Hopefully he is trying his best to help you in the way he knows how (ie: making the money) Anyway, I am babbling now. I truly wish you the best of luck (and you too TINA) I an so excited for the both of you and remember, Kolleen, you don't get merit badges for enduring pain so if you feel you need help (ie epidural or whatever) take it and be proud that you are doing your best to make the experience of bringing your baby into this world the best experience possible. ((HUGS))


kolleen_caudillo - June 25

KRISSY- yes he is doing what he knows how to do....work. but your right men are men and they deal with things a whole lot differently then we do. i will totally post my delivery when i get home. just pray for me and tina and that we will have easy times. it 1050 and im dying of thirst. becasue i cant drink anything. i took a sleeping pill so hopefully i will get some sleep but i will post on here if i cant. i will post before i go too. thanks for everything you guys have been a great support system. love you all----- soon to be lylees mommie


kolleen_caudillo - June 25

well by the time most of you read this i will be in a hell of a lot of pain. LOL!!! i slept maybe an hr as did my dh. im really nervous right now but i have go. its 430 in the am and im everything i shouldnt be..... hnugry thirsty tired and i have to go poo and i cant. i better not do it while im pushing ill be so embaressed!!! LOL. ok mommies keep me and lylee in prayer and ill post my stpry when i get home. TINA- your in my heart and on my mind ill text you when im done u too LUCKY!!!!!


stefkay - June 25

Good luck girls!!! I thought of you both right as I woke up this morning. It's surreal that you guys are having your babies already! It seems like we've been getting ready for this time for-EVER!!! :) Can't wait to hear the good news!


Precious - June 25

Morning omg today is the day.. i couldn't sleep last night as if i were going to have a baby today lol but i just kept thinking about you guys ahhhh im just so excited. Today im going to my doc's hopefully he'll give me good news. I had some contractions yesterday and alot of pressure and movement.. and around 130 i had some liquid come out like if i had pee but it was clear n it didnt smell like anything but im going to let him know that i've been leaking for the past week.. maybe its a good sign that she might come soon. this morning i woke up with alot of pressure i can feel her around my pelvic area.. well ill log in when i come from the doc's


cors1wfe - June 25

Good morning girls! I can't believe the day has arrived at long last - I can't believe I have to wait until 7pm before I go in! It's going to be a long day - I wonder why they told KOLLEEN nothing to eat or drink - I did not get the same instructions - as far as I know I can eat and drink all day - maybe they will cut me off tonight when I go in weird...LOL .....Krissy I think you said it best when you said what you did - very sweet of you to follow us --- How is llittle miss Sammie doing??? How are you doing??? I am feeling so anxious and excited last night I was crying to Cor and he was like uhhhh why are you crying aren't you happy and I was like well of course but all of these emotions need to escape and crying is the best way I can think of to get them out....soon all this emotional craziness will be over....at least I hope so. JULIA make sure you mention your leaking to the doctor just to be safe - could be nothing could be something....ok I'll check in again later .....STEF - I will be texting all the girls whose numbers I have when the time comes!!


luckymenm23 - June 25

Im so excited for you Tina and Kolleen. I cant wait to hold our baby Alyssa.. im 38 weeks today yay!! just 2 more weeks for me and less if im lucky and she decides to come early :)


ceecee_fields - June 25

Good luck to you Ladies! I am so excited for you both!


cors1wfe - June 25

girls watch out I got that infected message again today but my norton snagged it so be very careful!



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