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Steph - May 25

This thread is a continuation of the "JULY MUMMIES ECT"...anyone due in July is welcome to join! :o)


MamaKW10 - May 25

Roary~I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. At least you know someone else is feeling the same ways as you are! :) I have also been pretty swollen for awhile now & having cramping & all. I have no idea why I am so swollen though b/c I don't do much and I am normally off my feet. I also drink tons of water. Hmm?!? My next appt. is Tues! Hopefully everything will go alright. I think your baby is just fine...don't worry unless the doc says he thinks something is wrong. Def. don't need any stress right now. I am doing the same by just ignoring everyone. I am getting so excited though just knowing I am getting closer week by week! :) I cannot wait to see what my baby looks like either! Hope everyone else is doing good.


K8 - May 25

Hey all - good move! - i had dr app yesterday and all is well, we had a good talk to him and as usual hubby had 1000 questions for doctor, im glad tho cos he asks some silly questions but some of the answers are actually quite interesting. baby is all good and we got to see her cutesy little face on the screen. it was scary as we were leaving cos he said "the midwife will see you in 2 weeks then make another appointment to see me in 4 weeks" so we rebooked...FOR THE 22ND JUNE!!! wowzers that is so close to EDD, it has all gone sooooo quickly. note to self - enjoy all peace and quiet while you can!


Deb - May 25

Hi girls. I found you. Well, today was officially my first day of being done work. I had a pretty good day. I had a chiropractor appt. and then I painted some wooden teddy bears that we are using in the nursery. It went by pretty fast. It still hasn't sunk in that I am done work - for 15 months! Here in Ontario we get one year for maternity leave and since I am a teacher, I won't go back to work until September of 2007! Crazy.


Roary - May 25

MamaKW10~Thanks for the positive/friendly response. Pregnancy is a little less seamless and graceful an endevour then many would make it out to be!!! :) Have you gotten all your baby shopping done? My main concern as of now is preparing a diaper bag and procuring some bathing soaps etc. I bought all the big items a while ago: stroller, crib, new rug, blankets, etc. This is my first baby...Exciting, and daunting, eh? K8- I WISH my Fiancee would ask questions! Deb- I am sure your new situation is going to take a bit of adjustment. I will have to go back to University in September (I deferred the spring semester) and my job is ongoing. At least doing Mathematics means I don't have to actually physically be IN cla__s a lot of the time. Unlike with my biology courses: 4 hours of labs per course, a week...That is just not doable with a baby.(Sigh) Just the thought is making me stressed out!!! My sister is a Vet, and would get a years paid maternity leave. I wonder if she will be the next. (laugh). Ok. I am rambling. Take Care All.


dee23 - May 25

yay new thread!!! well im in a happy mood today...i went to my 32 week appointment today and bubbie grew 3 weeks in a past 2 weeks! yayayayayay! i was soooo worried about him being 2 weeks early last time, this time he is only 1 week early and thats fine in my books! im pretty bored right now....its 1.12pm here so the days half over but i have nothing to do! i bet everyone is just now going to sleep or what not going by the times on this website. my belly is so itchy right now, i think stretch marks are on there way! does anyone else feel like there is no more room for there darlings to grow? p.s. SMILE!!!! your gonna be a mummy!!!


K8 - May 26



CJ - May 26

Hello ladies. We are going to experience one of our coldest winters this year (it doesn't snow here in SA, but its a dry freezing cold) - so I am going to ask for winter clothes for my baby at my baby shower (I know: leaving it late, but there was debate about whether I should have another baby shower since my first baby is only 15 months old now. Difference is that he is a summer baby, where new boy is a winter baby). BRRR... my colleague and I are going to get a cappucino now - it's freezing in the office this morning! BTW: You could be retaining a lot of that water you're drinking MamaKW10? That's prob. why you're swollen. Don't worry about it - have heard it's perfectly normal. Later all.


Dawn - May 26

Well i have had a horrible week so far. My kidney infection wasn't getting any better and on Wednesday I was in so much pain so dh took me back to the hospital and I ended up having to stay in for two nights on a drip-not fun. I'm feeling so much better now. I have to go back on the 7th June for another scan so that they can check the growth of the baby and also make sure my kidneys are clear. Well i guess some good came out of being in hospital as I had a scan on wednesday on my kidneys and they also checked my baby-she has changed a lot since the 20 week scan, I can't wait to meet her. Well I am going to try an read through some of the threads so that I can catch up, will post back later.


MamaKW10 - May 26

Roary~I have gotten most of my shopping done. I have all of the bigs things too. I have tons and tons of clothes too! :) There are just a few small things I still need to get...like I need some more bottles and pacifiers, more socks.....I just really need *more* or stuff. I am also thinking about get bags ready but I just don't know if I should do it now b/c I don't know if it is a little early. (I also haven't gotten the diaper bag I want...I was going to wait to see if I get it before I buy it) But I still have 1 more baby shower to go! My aunt is throwing it for me & I am so excited about it b/c this one is kind of like a party for dh and I & baby too. Don't get me wrong I liked my last shower but it was kinda boring....sitting around playing baby games with a bunch of women just gets old to me. This one will be lots of fun though...we are cooking out and its for couples and children. This one just keeps getting put off since my aunt is a very busy woman & just got a promotion at work. It was going to be June 3 but now its to June 10 or 17 (cannot remember). Hope I don't go too early! Haha then we will just do it after the baby is here. This is my first baby also! Sooo excited!! Deb~It's really great that you get that much time off! I am sure you are relieved. Now is the time to just kick back and rest. My only problem with not working is that I get bored a lot. My house is spotless & I go to the grocery store enough & everyone else is working. Haha! I normally go eat luch w/my hubby and visit with him some. Good thing is he works with his father, step-mother, & brother...so I can do that. Good Luck though...not too long until we have someone to keep us occupied all the time. :) CJ~I wish it was winter here! It's sooo hot...which I am sure is helping with my swelling! I live in South Carolina. Be glad that it is cold in the biggest part of your pregnancy. My doc told me to drink a lot of water so I wouldn't swell but I agree with you....I think I may be retaining a lot that I drink. Well I have typed enough....hope everyone has a great day!


marie - May 26

Hello ladies! I'm at work right now and all I want to do is GO TO SLEEP!!! I've had a good sleep last night and I don't know why I am sooooo sleepy. It's like de javu of my 1st trim. Deb~Gosh, I envy you. I wish I can just stay home right now. Unfortunately, I don't have any paid maternity off. I get the regular 12 wk FMLA off but it's not paid. There goes my savings :( I've already packed my hospital bag (just in case) and the video cam and digital camera. Dh wanted me to have this ready just in case. The only thing I'm really thankful for is that I am not experiencing any pains. I'm on my 31st week, so I'm not sure if it will hit me in 2 or 3 weeks. By the way, has anyone gotten any stretch marks?


Victoria_1985 - May 26

hey ladies.....a new thread!!!! we needed it thats forsure!!!! I'm starting to get a little worried...I keep getting pains in the lower part of my stomach....they feel like when I'm on my period and I can feel my overies working....anyone understand the feeling??? I have a doctors appointment monday so hopefully he can shed some light on this for me. Other than that I've just been really tired.....I feel drained all the time....I can't wait to feel rested again!!! Hope everyones doing well!!!


AlissaF - May 27

hey. it's 5am and I am sitting here watching the sun come up... not by choice i might add. I can not sleep and it's driving me insane... especially cause I know that I am going to be exhausted tomorrow and I have to work. Within the past week, I feel like I hit a new level of being pregnant... I am sleeping till 1-2pm daily, feel tired all the time, and just have a general icky feeling all the time. I've been really even-tempered throughout this whole thing, but lately I want to shoot people for the smallest of things. My last day of work is next wednesday and it couldn't be sooner. I want to rest. I still have two more weeks of school however. I just want this whole pregnancy thing to be over. Sorry, I don't mean to be complaining... but it's 5am, I'm tired and grumpy, and that's what happens. On a happier note, 39 more days till I'm due!!


Deb - May 27

Alissa - I felt the same way. But now that I am not working I feel a whole lot better. Not having to deal with that stress makes a big difference. I was having a really tough time sleeping because I would wake up to pee, and then my brain would turn on and I would think about work. Now that I am done, I find I am able to fall back asleep fairly quickly. The last two nights have been the best sleep I've had in months. Hang in there....it will get better. :o)


Lashunda - May 27

Hello ladies, anybody's baby seem to be getting lazy? I haven't been feeling her as often so I have to move my stomach around or play music to get her moving. Anywho, I take my leave on the 15th so I'm excited. I work with infants at a day care center and I can only do so much. Marie, I too need to start packing my bag but the things I might pack, I use on a daily basis so should I just go and buy and second set of the things I need? As for sleep, some days comfortable and some not. My hubby says I toss and turn all night but he doesn't mind so I guess thats a good thing. Hey, are you guys going to sleep with the baby the first couple of weeks?? I think I might and then transition her to the crib. Might be easier for b___stfeeding for I am having my c/sect. Have a good ladies : )


marie - May 27

Lashunda~ that's what I did, I purchased new things for the bag like shampoo, conditioner, soap, nightgown, etc. I packed a nursing bra, just one, but the advice is to take your measurement when you're on your 38th week. I just woke up today. It's 5:30 in the afternoon and I took a nap at 1:00. I really am soooooo sleepy. I haven't been walking which I'm supposed to be doing because I'm on my 3rd trimester. I don't know I just became such a lazy b___t now. Good thing we finished the nursery room :)


AlissaF - May 28

Funny story- so I have a vw bus that I don't drive very often. Once a month I participate in an art walk and I sell tie-dye out of the bus. So last month when I drove it, I could fit my hand between my belly and the wheel... today when i drove it, the wheel was digging into my belly. Now I've heard of people saying that they couldn't drive cause their belly got in the way, but I never thought it would happen to me. In my car I have about an inch and a half between me and the wheel. Craziness!



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