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excited2bemama - March 13

New thread time.. the last one was a little too long.


momtbc - March 13

I love Target, but had the same issue when returning an item from a baby shower with my last son. Someone bought me a chair from my registry but didn't give me the gift receipt. I wanted to return it, so I drove 40 minutes to Target, carried it in along with my other two kids and went to the return desk. They couldn't get it to ring up as a return. Finally, they infomed me that you can only return things on your registry without a gift receipt if it is a certain number of days after the registry was initiated. What c___p! I love Target and still shop there, but was so frustrated and mad when I left that day!


pebblesnbambam - March 13

Excited... They do sell matress pads for crib matresses.. and you really need one. I had a fitted waterproof pad on the bottom.. then a crib sheet.. then another waterproof matress pad (not fitted.. just square) on the top of that and another crib sheet. If baby peed through or urped up I was able to strip the top sheet and one pad and have another right underneath. It really saved me some nights at 3am.. Really easy to just pull off and didn't have to shuffle around to get more stuff. Learned that from a friend.


Memphisbaby - March 13

Yeah, I love target too. Even though they made me mad I still go there way too much! Excited--I have looked for matresses for ba__sinets b/c my dh is building a cradle to keep in our bedroom. The only luck I have had was online. I googled it and found some, but can't remember where (I didn't actually order one). My dh built a cradle/ba__sinet for a family member last year, and my MIL ended up not being able to find a mattress that size, so she got foam cut to fit the ba__sinet sheets. I would say look online b/c I know they are out there, just hard to find. As for clothes, I have cut myself off from being able to buy anymore!! I sort of went crazy shopping when I found out it was a girl. Now she is set for at least the first few months. Sometimes I like to peek in her little chest of drawers and look at all her stuff and imagine her in those little clothes. Too exciting!


Memphisbaby - March 13

just realized the question was about mattress PADS, not the actual mattress. sorry:)


sarahd - March 13

Hi ladies - hope everyone and their little ones are doing well today. Not much going on here - just a complete lack of sleep, yuck. It doesn't seem fair that these last few months of potentially uninterrupted sleep should be so darn interrupted all the time!


excited2bemama - March 13

Memphis and Pebbles- Actually I am debating whether I need a new basinette pad too. A friend gave me her really cute basinette to use- but the mattress seems super thin and not that comfy- so I was wondering if I should get a new one or if basinette matresses are supposed to be like that- it seems seems pathetic compared to our crib mattress which is so thick. and yeah Pebbles I have a fitted crib mattress pad that can hold up to like 8 cups of fluid... was thinking about putting down a flat one as well so I can just scoop it up if its all wet...


Memphisbaby - March 13

Excited--the ones online are like 1-2 inches thick...so really thin. I was thinking the same thing about being so thin compared to my mattress....but my cousins who used the foam (which is basically what the ba__sinett matresses are made of) didn't have any probs with their baby sleeping in it--and she was a really fussy baby--so if she didn't mind it, I guess other babies won't mind either. I am in my last week of the 20's--next week will start working on week number 30! Our babies are coming so soon!!!


jendean00 - March 13

I saw this thread after I posted on the other one so here it is...........Whew, A friend of mine warned me about Target and the registryand returns. She went home and added the item and then returned it. You should not have to do that but somethimes to get what the person paid for it. The only thing I do not like about Target is that they do not take stuff off of your registry. I know with my wedding registry I had so many duplicate gifts. On another note we have this huge sale called Reruns are Fun. It is a week long garage type sale that are really nice clothes. I got 10 smocked dresses some House of Hatten for $3 and $5 it was great. They have strollers and carseats all kinds of baby stuff. =


wailing - March 14

Hi Ladies. MOMTBC, I actually pa__s the Watergate often, I live in Adams Morgan, not far. Awesome that ur hubby gets to work there! OPHELIA, I def reccomend spending the $ on yourself for the manicures and peds..they are so relaxing, and we deserve some pampering. BUT, a word of advice... Make sure the places are CLEAN. We had some scares around here w/ nail salons not being too clean. They can spread different diseases if they don't clean properly, disinfect, etc. I have a great place I trust that puts all their tools in a special UV kiln and sprays all over w/ antibacterial and disinfectant, safer for us preggo women and babies...but don't be discouraged and def go and enjoy!!! Tiredness & Aches... I am feeling it sooo much this week. Walking is b/cming a chore. I was pretty small to begin w/ so the 25lbs I've gained so far are taking a toll and I'm not officially in my 3rd Tri yet, but almost!!! The explosion of energy I had in the 2nd TRI went tooo fast. Question. Has anyone else been having some PMS-y issues. I know that b/c of hormones we can be irritable and emotional but I was fine until this week. Lately, I've been VERY irritable:( Not crazy, just crabbier then usual. Maternity clothes: Target and Marshalls have been my best friends. I go to the clearance racks and buy all the things that are in larger sizes. Pants are getting difficult tho, I think I may have to break down and go for maternity, the Bella Bands are struggling! WOW less then 14 wks til little one arrives. I'm so excited for all of us:)


jendean00 - March 14

Wailing, starting last week I have become more emotional and irratiable. I know its a combination of hormones and the fact I am getting less sleep and impatient with getting help from DH on the babys room. He actually asked me if there was anything I could gripe at him about, I said give me a few min I am sure I can think of something.


ophelia73 - March 14

Thanks Wailing - I appreciate that. There are some great spas here in town, and I talked to a girl at work and she usually goes to the same place I was looking at. I have used that spa before for facials, and I do trust them. You convinced me - I'm going to call & make an appointment! I can't believe how close we are... if I follow the same trend the women on my mom's side of the family do, I could be a mom in about 9 or 10 weeks.... YIKES!! They say first babies are usually late, but my family is different. Now that I've said that, I'll probably go like 3 weeks over!!!


excited2bemama - March 14

I am definately more irritable lately... not really sure why but guessing its the hormones and my lack of sleep- keep getting up so many times to pee- SO annoying- last night I stopped drinking water like 2 hours before bed and went pee right before I got into bed and still had to get up 3 times to pee before I fell asleep.. and then at least another 3 times through the night.... Hmm a pedicure would be great- I told hubby as soon as it gets warm and stays warm he has to paint my toenails for me!!


ophelia73 - March 14

I can't stay out of the bathroom at night, either, no matter what I do! Plus, I think my beloved beagle can tell time, because here lately every morning at 2:00, he decides he needs to go out & check out the back yard. Even though I have to get up to pee, I hate having to wait for him to come back in! Good training for later, I guess!


IrinaZ - March 14

ophelia, my dog tried to pull this trick on me several times - did not work! I know she doesn't really need to go out, she just figured she'll try and see how much she can get away with. Sorry, no one is peeing in the middle of the night 3 times except for mommy. Dogs and husbands should be sound asleep!


pebblesnbambam - March 14

Oh ladies.. I soo hear you on the lack of sleep. Last night up to pee.. then hubby snoring... finally fell back asleep to hear son wake up crying.. got him settled to get back into bed.. then have to pee again... fell back asleep to hear son up AGAIN.. GRR. Finally went and laid down on the couch and could not sleep. Got up and made a shopping list and then was able to fall asleep.. Just soo weird. I am tired...but body just won't let me get the restful sleep I need and WANT. Do any of you remember what it is like to go to bed at night.. and NOT wake up until the morning!!! Oh well.. its all worth it. Thanks for the tip about Target.. adding the item so it can be returned!!! DS is still having accidents.. ugg.. soo frustrating. I hope we can nip this in the bud soon!! Well... 12 weeks... today.. We are getting there gals!


ophelia73 - March 14

This morning, I swear it felt like she poked her foot out & then yanked it back in. She has been issuing some pretty hard bladder kicks this morning... would I rather have them in the bladder or in the ribs?? Hmmmmmmm..... tough call..... especially since I never feel anything above my belly b___ton!



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