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Lorikap - June 9

Just wanted to start up a new thread 'cause the other one was getting long. I am due at the end of June so I'll probably be one of the last ones left. But I am trying to keep up on all you June Mommies. It seems from some of the other threads that there are a bunch of you who are at their due date and still waiting. Can't wait for your birth stories to start coming in!


Corrine321 - June 9

Well, I am 38 weeks and 4 days today! I am hoping my baby girl gets here very soon, because my doctor is saying he wants to induce me if she dont come by my due date! I have been feeling pains lately... Very sore back, cramps that come and go, tired... The joys of pregnancy! lol! I am already 3.5 - 4 cm dilated(Thats from last weeks appt.) and im 100% effaced! So things are going quite quickly! And agian my due date is June 19th! Good Luck to the rest of you!!


Jenn2 - June 9

I was due June 8th, so now I am officially overdue!! I dont know if you read my posts with a few other mommies due the same time as me, but I went to the doctor today, and still only a fingertip dilated. I was hoping for an amazing 3 or 4cm. Oh well, I know it doesn't indicate anything as far as when I will go into labor. I think the idea of progress just makes you feel better.


Lindsey - June 9

i'm due Sunday and I currently have high blood pressure, so I am being monitored for pre-eclampsia. Looking good so far, seeing midwife on Sunday to re-check blood pressure.


Nora1 - June 9

I am feeling very similar to you, Corrine. I'm at 37 weeks and 1 day. I am crampy at times and have a lower back ache off and on. My hands are completely numb also from my carpal tunnel that is caused by pregnancy. I was 1 cm dilated 10 days ago. Not sure if I've progressed any or not. I am getting lots of contractions now too. Am I getting close???


Nita_ - June 9

I'm due june 26th, so probably will keep you company all the way through Lorikap! LOL! At this point, my baby doesn't seem to be anywhere close to being born but who knows. Last night though, I woke up to pretty bad stomach cramps! It was actually on towards the top of my stomach and was present for at least 30 seconds or so...My tummy also felt a little hard, are these contractions? I have no idea as this is our 1st baby!


mommie2b - June 9

Well my due date was on the 8 th of june and I am gettin miserable and just dilated 1 cm and no signs of him comin yet but he will soon. Good luck to all of you.


mia - June 11

Hi i'm 39 wks today,at last .Have had enough of being pregnant right now eager to meet my little one.The weather is starting to get hot here hopefully i will be done soon so i don't get any grumpier.We don't have internanls here (england)until we actually go into hospital,when we are in labour.I find it interesting that you all no how roughly dilated and effaced you are.I have been following the lindsey jenn2 and mommie2b thread awaiting news,i so hope i go before my due date i feel for you girls.good luck to all the june mommies


lindsay - June 11

tomorrow is my induction date!!! i'm so nervous, and i've done this before, lol! i just hope the induction goes well, and i don't end up w/ a c-section!!! i will be sure to share my story as soon as i can ! good luck to all of you , and hopefully more of you will have your babies whille i am away!!!


mom.2.5 - June 11

I WAS due June 20, but I was induced on the 6th and he came early on the 7th, I just wanted to wish youns luck, this labor & delivery was so fast it was UNBELIEVABLE, I wish it had been a little slower, as I didn't have time to call anyone. Hang in there girls, If I hadn't used this site everyday I would have gone nuts, it kept me sane, thanks so much


starr - June 11

Hi, ladies.Well,I'm due June 17th,only 6 more days, with induction scheduled on the 19th(which I pray I don't have to have)At my appt last wk,dr said the baby's head was so high that she could barely feel my cervix.So of course with that,there was no dilation at all.I thought for sure baby had dropped already b/c the pressure in my pubic area was very strong.I know things could change at any moment but I was kind of disappointed that there wasn't the least bit of progress.I plan to start walking to see if that will help bring her down.It's kind of strange,but the last couple of days have found me feeling better than ever other than sleeping a lot,I really haven't been in as much pain as in the past few wks.I'm very ready to have my baby girl but I'm also very nervous.Some ladies complain about being overdue but in my case I wouldn't mind if I go over by a few days as long as I can have her come naturally w/o the induction.I'm in FL and we have our first storm watch.I pray that it doesn't get any worse especially around the time I go into labor.Well, ladies good luck.


Nita_ - June 12

Good luck starr! Hopefully you wouldn't have to drive through the storm for having your baby! I feel the same as you, as in not being too concerned if I go overdue. So far all is well, although some people around at my work place do get nervous when I say i'm due 26th! LOL! You should see the look on their faces. hehe! I'm feeling fine so coming in to work still and will do so until I feel I can't anymore. Driving is no issue, so is sitting and working at my computer. We had a get-together at my place this past weekend and I loved to have all my friends over! Especially the one with a 6 month old baby! She is such a precious angel! Didn't cry a bit at all! Hopefully ours will turn out to be the same. Wonder how Lindsay's induction is going..hmm...i've been following Jenn2, lindsay and mommie2b's thread as well. Good luck to everyone!


Lorikap - June 12

Nita- I know the reaction you are talking about when people ask when you are due. When I tell them 2.5 weeks, they give me this look like "Should you be out?" "Are you going to give birth in our store?" Geez.


San - June 12

Hi all. I'm due on the 21st but have been leaking fluid since last night. I'm going to call L&D as soon as i get my daughter down for her nap and see what they say. Can't say I'd mind having this little one a little early although this is my last and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible!


starr - June 12

HI, ladies. It's me again.I am getting very nervous b/c like I said in my last post,I am feeling strangley better than ever in the last few weeks.I feel almost as if I'm no longer pregnant,even though baby is moving around well.I haven't really been having any pains or anything lately.I know u may be wondering why I'm complaining,but I'm not.Just didn't expect this at this point.I'm due this Saturday and I just expected to be feeling the effects of the oncoming labor,but I guess baby knows what she's doing.Sometimes I don't even feel like I'm pregnant unless I look down at my stomach or feel her moving around in there.Don't know why I'm worried ,but I am.Also this scheduled induction has me scared also.It's stopped raining so I think I will take the kids and go for a walk.I feel really weird.Can I get a little rea__surance out there?Thanks:)


Renee-Marie - June 12

Hey June Mommies!!!! How's everyone doing? I just wanted to touch base and let you guys know that Zachary is doing well. You might recall I was originally a June mommy, but had Zack in May due to toxemia. ( I had to be induced) Anyway, if you like, you can check some photos here: http://babyadams.piczo.com Hope everyone is well and from me to you - labor and delivery is NOT THAT HARD. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!


tlew - June 12

Hey June Mommies. Like Renee-Marie I also was supposed to be a June Mommy. My water broke 4 weeks early and I ended up having my baby boy CJ on MAY 16th by C-section. Good Luck to you all. and like Renee stated, you can do it. It's soo well worth with.



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