June Mommies A Lil Early But Cant Wait Lol

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sadiejai - February 27

Hey girlies! I cant help but notice not many are posting in the 2nd tri section so I thought maybe this would create some chatter. Im in my 3rd tri in two weeks so its not overly early. Cant wait to hear from you all!!


Kourtney#5 - March 1

Hey Sadie I'm here I have 4 days if the 3rd tri starts at 27 weeks. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel lol. If anyone has a secret to ending or lighting up heart burn HELP PLEASE. Can't wait till we are all here.


sadiejai - March 1

Well Gaviscon works well for me. Although I dont have really really bad heart burn yet. Zantac works good as well :) That sux for you...I know the feeling of awful heartburn. Im 26 weeks.....I dont know if the third trimester starts at 27 or 28 weeks tho ???


overtaken - March 3

does it start at 27 weeks? cool! than I'm there in 2 days! I thought 28 was the first week, cus i had a preg. book that seemed to divide it up that way, but months and weeks don't ever seem to match each other. but i'll hop back to 2nd tri until everyone else joins. But maybe we'lll get some new people from being in a different area.


sadiejai - March 12

Well....I can OFFICIALLY say that im in my third trimester :) Yeahhh!!! haha, I have 12 weeks of pregnancy left :o. Hard to believe really, time to get my but in gear and make sure everything is ready to go soon. My good friend is 5 weeks ahead of me and we just threw her a baby shower last weekend so not much longer till mine is here :) It will make it all the more real now. I can feel and see baby moving across my belly all the time and it is really neat. How is everyone feeling?


TahliasMama - March 12

hey june mamas!! sorry i dropped off the face of the earth.. i've been SO busy. anyway, i'm "officially" in the third trimester too. i can't believe how quickly that slipped by. i didn't keep up with where everyone is at with their pregnancies.. sorry. i'll quickly fill you in on me again (its been a while). this will be our third. i have 2 DDs Tahlia is (almost) 4 and Annika is 18m. this one is a boy =). i had a really rough time in the first trimester, and the second seemed to slip by with not too much drama. i'm just suffering bad reflux atm.. and trying to get myself geared up for the glucose challenge test. well, its good to be back, and i love the new look =) can't wait to hear what everyone else is up to xox


rcmiller - March 19

Hey girls. I'm still over on the 2nd tri thread but its been extremely quiet over there! I guess it's been quiet here too. Thought maybe ee was over here chattin up a storm but either everyone's busy or just dropped out. I'm with you on the reflux Tahlia. I hate it. I can drink water and that brings it on. Apples too. Chocoltate. Or just plain eating too much. Glad I don't have to deal with it except during pg though! I'm 27 wks on Monday. Also, I'm getting a little sick of not knowing how I'm gonna feel from one day to the next. When I'm not pg I know that I'm just gonna be great feeling every day and now? One day I'm feeling fine and the next I just wanna stay in bed all day or go barf or something. Ok, enough negativity now. Where is everyone!!!


overtaken - March 19

Yah it has been quiet.. maybe people don't have much new to report.. I'm 29weeks today! 11 more to go. i read that now is the start of when i might see the baby move from outside.. HA I've been watching my belly roll and change shape for weeks! I was also reading about kick counts so I tried it.. I got 10 within like 7 minutes lol. Today i don't think my baby has stopped moving at all! one and a half weeks till my new employee arrives, I'm working on a very comprehensive training manual, cus i've found that when i talk a lot without a break I Get so out of breath! We'll have to alternate between talkin and 'practicing'. Gosh, i've got a lot of braxton hicks today.. or something. I've noticed when the baby moves his whole body around (which is lots) rather than just limbs, my tummy will get all hard.. but not all over, just in like half. my midwife said that's just from the baby moving and hitting my muscles, not nec. BH. but today it's been all over. March has been a bit of a nasty month here, rain, snow (! in vancouver! in springtime!) cold cold cold. and my DH is super busy with church stuff these last two weekends, so I'm looking forward to april. last full month at work, starting our prenatal cla__ses AND we're going on a small weekend getaway! NE wa, better go


TahliasMama - March 19

hey ladies =) i know what you mean about not knowing how you are going to feel.. i've had brilliant days.. and some when i wished i'd stayed in bed (ha ha, maybe wishful thinking!) today has been pretty good =) got my blood test results back.. low iron, and slightly high blood sugar.. so i gotta go have another test which is two hours.. looks like my mum will have to look after the girls for me. i've been having heaps of braxton hicks too. i never noticed them the first two pregnancies, so its kinda weird. got one in my gym cla__s this morning, so that threw me a bit! the weather here cooled right down, but has warmed up again this week, thankfully not in the 40's. and our (freeloading) boarder is leaving on wednesday, so i'm really looking forward to setting up the baby's room =) can't believe i only have 11 weeks to go!!!!!! xoxoxox


sadiejai - March 20

Morning girls :) Well I have had quite the go this last week. After just getting over a very annoying and long lasting cold/flu and sinus infection, I now am having issues with my gallbladder. On Tuesday I felt very ill as i was about to eat lunch and nearly pa__sed out. My co worker took me to Emergency I got bloodwork and an IV inserted. Two ultrasounds etc. I have galldladder sludge which might lead me to have surgery to have it removed because it could put me into pre term labor :S Lastnight my midwife called me and asked me to go back to emergency as I was still having strong chest pains and my white blood cells were through the roof and my blood pressure was up. So off I go to the hospital again this monring to see what they can tell me. Updates soon....hope everyone is better than me.


rcmiller - March 22

Hey girls. I'm officially in the 3rd tri as of today! Don't have much new to report though. Sadie, hoping you get this gallbladder stuff all figured out! Yikes! Pregnancy sure does complicate things doesn't it? Tahlia-I know what you mean. I don't have freeloaders living with me at the moment but I do have 2 university students and haven't had my house and privacy to myself for about 6 weeks now. Can't wait till they both leave. :s


sadiejai - March 23

Hey Girls! So im officially on my last few days of work. Im going on sick leave...then mat leave when the lil bug is born. My midwife and work both agree and although i was hesitant at first I think its a good idea too. Time to relax and de stress and stay healthy for the next few weeks. I dont have to have surgery as of yet for my gallbladder but id like to keep it that way so time to listen to the people who know what they are talking about lol. How is everyone else doing?


rcmiller - March 24

Oh my gosh you must be excited! You will have the best time between now and when baby comes to relax and enjoy some peace. What's your due date again? I'm still on that stroller search. Also starting to look for cribs and car seats. The 3 main essentials. Oh, and a swing! I couldn't have survived those early days without a swing. Esp with my first. It was my lifesaver. Bubs still movin and a shakin in there. Well, better get cleanin my house. Gotta leave in 90 min to take ds to the ortho. Ciao!


sadiejai - March 24

Im not due until June 10th so 10 and a half weeks to go. I was planning on taking off a few weeks before my due date to begin with but this will even be better lol. I still have to get a crib, car seat and stroller so thats on my list in the next few days. Im lucky that in my area we have mum to mum sales where mothers sell gently used stuff that baby grows out of.So....off I go to my last day of work :)


rcmiller - March 24

I'm happy for you that you're done work! I was looking on the costco website and they have car seat/stroller packages for pretty cheap. You should check it out. Costco.ca I miss being where things are relatively inexpensive. Here, they want over 200 just for an infant car seat! And stroller start at around 200 for a half decent one. Good ones are around 400-1300! Can you believe it? I don't know but I think I'll work up to the bitter end. What do you do for work anyways? I work at an optometrist/optical store in the mall. I just noticed that you said "mum" and not "mom"... Is anyone getting any pg pics taken? I'm going to. First time ever. At the beach. Looking forward to it. I want to savour these moments forever. With the other 3 pg's I felt I was just "going thru the motions" you know? Having kids cuz that's what I was supposed to do. It was expected. This one's totally cuz I WANT to and dh WANTS to. Ok, gonna go take a nap.


^lucy^ - March 25

GUESS WHO'S OFFICIALLY HEEEEEEEERE?! lol im so excited n cant believe how fast time just pa__sed!!! i cant even believe that i only have less than 3 months left!! even though this pregnancy was so awful for the first 15 weeks n i still feel sick n vomit from time to time but im so thankful for everything! im so happy that everyone is doing great.. im sorry for the pain ur going through sadie :( u dont need it now..but congrats on starting ur mat leave.. this is great.. make sure u get plenty of sleep n rest dear.. my tummy is getting bigger n bigger, cz it was cold in jordan n difficult to go out n move, i've gained 4 kgs :s not so happy about it plus they eat a lot there! lol.. breakfast, lunch and dinner plus some snacking in between! here, life is so fast n busy that we barely get to have breakfast n dinner is the main meal.. early dinner actually around 6.. im back to my pre pregnancy weight now.. plus 1 kg.. i hope i dont gain much in the coming weeks so i can lose the extras easily after delivery. a close friend of mine gave birth 2 weeks ago n i went to see her today.. i couldnt believe how tiny the baby is! i honestly forgot how new borns r so tiny lol.. cant wait to meet mine.. baby is almost 930 grams now..now he's transverse n his head is on my right side which the dr said is the reason for my bad back pain whenever i take a step with my right leg..today we went grocery shopping finally cz i have nothing at home after the vacation.. we spent 2 hrs at the supermarket n now my legs r cramping n i noticed that i have slight swelling in my feet :s not so pleasant feeling.. im sitting now having them elevated hoping that it would help..gtg now, will post as soon as i can :) missed u all


Kourtney#5 - March 25

I'm here too ladies, I couldn't post because I use my phone and the new site doesn't work on my phone anymore. We have two lap tops my DH uses one for work and my DD thinks the other one is hers. So I'm just now getting to sit down and post. I'm in week 30 and dying for a funnel cake. I don't know where that came from. lol Anyway, my baby shower is April 18th, but I already have the crib, and Car Seat, and we brought double stroller since my last baby will be 14 when this baby is due. And I picked out the cutest cake I'll have to take pics and post so you all can see it. I'm so ready to have my body back, so I can feel normal again. Glad to see we are getting back to the thread.



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