June Mommies A Lil Early But Cant Wait Lol

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rcmiller - May 24

Sabine you are hilarious! I just laughed readig your post. Hey, guess what? I think Sadiejai has had her baby and Lucy, how are you going girl? You haven't updated lately. Naomi-nice that you only have 13 days to go! You are so lucky! I wish my bubby was still in my tummy in a lot of ways. Time for an update! Having good moments and then not so good moments emotionally. But Savannah is doing awesome! She has made some great leaps in the past 48 hours and is off phototherapy except for a bili blanket which makes her look like a little glow worm. I was able to nurse her for the first time yesterday and she was a natural at it and latched on immediately and drank like a pro. I also was able to give her her first bath which she absolutely loved. Then I got to put her in some clothes and she was so snuggly and warm and cute! Now she has been moved to the Special Care Nursery from the ICN today and is on the back transfer list to be tx'd to the hospital 20 min away. Yippee! Yesterday was an awesome day. Savannah got cuddled for like 5 hours. I swear I will never want to put her down once I get her home. I am sooooo in love with my little girl. I can't wait to get her home with me so I can get to know her. It'll be either tomorrow or the next day that she goes to the closer hospital.


^lucy^ - May 26

baby is here!!! 25.5.09 at 3:02 am he decided to push through and come to life :) he's on machines currently to help his lungs,, he came at 36 weeks.. he will be home in a week we're hoping.. please pray for him..it was a very nice surprise :) details will come later


^lucy^ - May 26

rc many many congrats!!! sorry we shifted to a new house so i had no internet connection to see ur updates.. hope our babies will be with us home soon..my baby is in NICU as well,, how did u cope with her being away from u? i cry whenever i see him with all those tubes going in his nose and mouth.. thanks God its nothing major :) i LOVE the name u've picked up.. so so nice and lovely :) we called our baby boy "Hasan", it means handsome.. its also my dad's name, ofcourse dad is over the moon without mentioning it hehe :)


sadiejai - May 26

Hi Ladies..... Sorry I have not been on in awhile. I have been checking in tho. RC, so glad you had a great day with Savannah. She is gorgeous by the way. You do make beautiful babies lol. Lucy, Congrats on ur early edition. Im glad to see he is ok and hopefully he will be home with you soon. I cant imagine how you and RC are doing it. As for me....1 week ago I started to get very irregular contractions. I called my midwife because I really wasnt sure what to expect. She came and told me that I had an irritated uterus and said I need to rest as much as possible because this could be teh beginning of early labour. So I did just that, they lasted a few days but I just got used to them and slowed down as much as possible. Thursday I had my 37+1 day appt with my midwife and she did a stretch and sweep. It wasnt really painful but I went home afterwards and decided to have a nap. DH and I took a trip to Walmart and while we were shopping I started to sweat and getting pains really low and I was contracting again. I told him we needed to get home so we rushed home and I went immediatly to bed. My midwife told me that I should call her when I was laying quietly in bed and was having contractions for 1 hr and they were 5 min apart. They started at 330 and by 445 I called. She came an hour later. My contractions lasted until 230 ish in the morning then STOPPED! OMG i was so sad.....like WTF? Two days later....my midwife came to my house to check on me again...did another sweep! OUCH this time it was painful because after having the contraction before I had dilated to 3cm and now she could really get in there and move around lol. Sunday night (the next evening) around 11 I started to get cramps and irregular contractions and I was up all night by myself timing them until they became fairly regular. I didnt want to wake DH unless I knew they were true contractions. I called my mom at 3 and she came over to keep me company, I LOVE that woman :) Called midwife and 630am and by 830 when she arrived my contractions became irregular again. I started to cry :( Another ten hour bout of contractions then nothing. She gave me a shot of gravol and told me to get my rest because she didnt want me to be exhausted when I did go into labour. This is definitely hard but Ive decided to just let things go as they will because even if she is still in my belly im so in love with her and want whats best for my wee one. Cant wait to update you all when I finally get to say she is here :) Sorry for the novel....just wanted to keep u al in the loop!


^lucy^ - May 27

hi ladies,, ok now i can write and tell u about my birth story :) and btw, it was NOTHING like my 1st delivery..everything was so different in everyway :) on saturday night, my parents came to visit us in our new house after helping with some work around..we had dinner together at home and they went back to their house at around midnight. i went to pee before going to bed and this is when (sorry tmi) i noticed some pinkish colored thing in the toilet before flushing.. when i wiped again, i saw some extremely light pink discharge, it was rather watery. i went to dh who was in bed and told him what i saw..he was like "ok and what is this supposed to mean?" i laughed and left him and went to call my mom,, she said rest and call ur dr..i didnt wanna call my dr now cz i wasnt feeling any pains so i went to sleep..i started feeling some mild contractions in bed for an hr and then i fell asleep..the next morning dh went to work and i woke up feeling normal..i still had light pink discharge so i called my OB..her a__sistant told me to wait until i get more contractions or if the baby's movement gets slower..baby was moving normally and discharge stopped..but contractions started again around 4 pm..for my luck, dh was going to stay late at work which is 2 hrs away from our house lol, what a day to be late :p mom was calling me every 1/2 hr checking on me and asking if she could come over and i was saying no cz mom was panicing 100 times more than i was! i called a friend who came over for coffee and then went at around 7..i did the laundry and walked around the house as much as i could.. i packed my hospital bag and cleaned a bit around the house cz i felt it was coming.. i called dh and he said he will be back by 8:30 pm..i put dd in the shower,, dressed her in a clean outfit cz she was still in her pjs from morning lol what a mother i am :p i wanted to shower as well but i said that i will after we come back from dinner..dh came and we went out for dinner..for some reason, i put my digital camera in my hand bag rather than the hospital bag which i left at home..after 10 minutes in the car, i felt that i was going out of breath, my lips and face were red red red and i could hardly breath.. dh freaked out and pulled over. he blew in my face and i screamed TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL!!! contractions were sudden and unbearable!!! i was in pain for 15 minutes till we reached ER,,dh called his parents and mine on the way..my parents met us at the hospital..when the dr checked me i was 1.5 cm dilated and VERY thin.. btw, 1 day ago i had an appt and the baby was head down position thanks God so everything was normal.. they admitted me ofcourse and i started leaking water and blood.. dr said my water broke now and im bleeding, so she expects me to have my baby in 6 hrs.. they gave me a shot for his lungs and an antibiotic shot for the baby as well..time was around 11 pm that time.. contractions hit me suddenly and fast, they were 5 minutes apart and lasted around 90 minutes.. at around 1:30 am, they took me for a scan to check on the baby cz i had lots of bleeding, baby was fine and my placenta was fine as well..they took me back to the room and 1/2 hr later i asked dr to check me cz i was in so much pain.. she screamed 8cm and i can feel the head really low..we need to take u to delivery room.. i let out a sigh of relief but felt so weak and sleepy that i doubted i can push a baby out!! i didnt have dinner cz our plans failed lol..they pushed me through the corridors and into the delivery room.. ofcourse everything was so embarra__sing, i didnt shower at home cz i was planning to do it after dinner. i didnt shave so they shaved it for me a bit, i cared less to be honest..i just wanted to push the baby out by then.. they called my OB and she was in front of me in no time.. she shouted PUSH i can feel the contraction coming (she had her fingers in me but i dont know how she can feel the contraction lol) i pushed but couldnt really give a strong one cz i was so sleepy and weak.. i was desperately asking for gas.. but no one heard me! loool i thought this was funny :p i wanted gas cz i remember with dd it made me feel drunk hehe :p after 3 pushes, i felt something getting out so fast, my husband screamed WOW bravo he came out and kissed my forehead :) dr put my crying tiny baby on my chest and took him to clean him..she st_tched me up,, i had minor tear while the baby was coming out and st_tches arent really that bad..with dd we had insurance so they knocked me out while st_tching me.. i heard a lady screaming her head out from the corridor (turned out it was a lady giving birth hehe), and that was it :) 3:02 am exactly came out my tiny bay boy weighing 2.645 kgs, he can breath on his own thanks God but he needs a little help. im glad drs r responsible and recognized that he needed some additional care and r taking care of him.. that was my birth story :) totally natural, even the gas i asked for i didnt get lol :p dh thinks im a superwoman, i think that too :) i hope all of u ladies who r still waitting to get ur babies out will have amooth deliveries,, im at home since yesterday now.. i stayed for a day only.. baby will be home in a week hopefully..cant wait to hold my baby and b___st feed him,, i got my milk supply yesterday night so im trying to pump to keep it up for him :) good luck all xxx


overtaken - May 29

Oh wow! Congrats everybody! sadie we are thinking of you, maybe she has her little babe by now too! That means me and sabine are left anyway. RC hope little savannah got moved and comes home soon! Lucy, sounds like you had a quick surprise! well done. I'm doing pretty good, got a silly cold the other day, so my nose is all stuffed up and I feel blechy. it's so not fair to get a cold when youre 39 weeks pregnant! I want baby to come, but not before I feel a bit better. My bloodpressure is still hovering high, and although my midwife isn't concerned, because they are licensed and regulated here in BC, there are certain situations where they are required to consult or order extra tests, even if they don't think its really necessary, and high blood pressure is one. so I get a non stress test on saturday, which I don't mind, it's just like a glorified ultrasound right? Plus, we never have actually gotten to tour the labor ward at the hospital, (Oh, RC I think you asked where we are going: I live in surrey so I will deliver at Surrey Memorial Hospital.. they've got a lovely labour ward with private rooms!!) so I just look at my test as a chance to get used to the idea of being in the hospital, I've never had to stay in one before. My BH are still strong, my baby is in a 'beautiful position' still, descending. I have all sorts of people telling me 'you should deliver this weekend' or 'not next week cus I'm out of town', the midwife says I can feel free to deliver anytime AFTER the weekend because they've had a lot of weekend babies this month and need to rest lol. DH and I are hoping it'll be early next week, like, monday would be good. Sunday is my baby shower at my mom's. I don't feel like I'll go over. I don't think they'd let me, cus of the blood pressure thing, so I really hope bubby comes before they start talking about induction. Haha sabine your story was funny, did you manage to act sufficiently surprised? I have a baby shower on sunday which isn't a surprise, but I think some people think it is, cus even though I know they are coming cus they told my mom so, they haven't mentioned it to me or said anything about how they'll see me sunday. lol. My mom keeps worrying I'll go into labour suddenly in the middle of my shower. that makes me laugh, cus even if I did, I know it would probably not be a situation where I need to rush off anywhere. it would be a good distraction for early labour! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well, congrats to all the new babies and mommies! I so hope you get to be with them at home soon!!


rcmiller - May 30

OMGOSH!!!! LUcy! Cool story girl! I was not expecting to get on here and see that!!!! Awesome.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey girls, sorry I've been MIA but I've been spending pretty much ALL my time at the hospital since Savvy got tx'd on Wed. She's a free agent at last! No tubes, no monitors, no lights. Should beable to bring her home tomorrow as long as her bili hasn't gone crazy by her morning blood test! Yay! I hate leaving her. I've been able to sleep at the hospital the last 2 nights so I could feed her. Tonight though she will get a bottle in the night. Anyways, I have to go pump as my b___bs are killing me! Trying to get the milk production down is so much easier than getting it to go up. I've been in pain for the last 3 days. Oh well, I'm almost there. OMGosh I've got the worst headache. I need sleep! I'll check in tomorrow if all goes well. I've got to go to sleep.


Sabine - May 30

Wow!! I don't check in for awhile and the world changes!!! You May mommies, lol :) Congratulations Lucy!!! I'm glad your little guy is doing well and you are recovering nicely. RC-great to hear that your little girl is being very strong and I am glad she is going to come home very very soon! Overtaken, I'm glad I'm not the only one left, lol! You are coming up pretty quick though! I'm due on the 27th so I've got about 4 weeks. OMG 4 weeks!!!!! I have 2 stories for you today...one is my baby shower and one is my *gasp* Dr's appointment. Baby Shower-so DH was still insisting that I had it all wrong, even the whole car ride up to my Mom's where he was going to pick up a power washer etc. The whole pile of cars that I saw and "it's just a coincidence". Now we are getting ridiculous!! What was funny was that I was so anxious, excited and nervous beforehand that I was not feeling well at all!!! I had to keep eating and drinking to not faint as I felt I was going to pa__s out from a mild anxiety attack. Once we got to the shower I was totally fine. This is why I hate surprises. Anyway, the shower was great. My BFF did an awesome job. Lots of fun games, speeches, food and I got spoiled rotten with the gifts that I recieved. My sister in law went all out and bought us pretty much everything that I needed!! DH and her's parents have both pa__sed so she was saying that her parents would have done this for us and she dipped into her inheritance to get us all these items. I bawled then. So sweet. So I am set! The shirt I was wondering about turned out to be the cutest keepsake. It's a white shirt with a large ultrasound picture of my baby on a logo decorated with gems. So pretty! And I had to wear a sash that said Mother to Be. My mom was actually being good, mainly because my BFF was making a BIG point that this was my day, a celebration of me, how well my pregnancy is going and that I am going to me a wonderful mother to drive home that it's not about her at all. What also helped is that all my Mom's friends that my Mom insisted on being invited so she could be the focus as well did not show!!!! So that brought her down a bit and it really was all about me! Sounds selfish but it was a great day!! I was a little dissapointed in a few friends that I wanted to be there who were not able to come. They really didn't have a good reason. Especially one who I've been to all her events this year and she has declined to come to all of mine so that bugged me. I think this is where you really find who is going to stick with you when you have your baby. I do have another shower thrown by a social group that I am in on Tuesday so more to look forward too! Dr's appointment. This OB was a tiny woman so I was worried if she was going to treat me like a freak show as well. My BP keeps creeping up but she was not worried. She was so nice. She asked about my weight gain and I told her that I felt I was in the high normal range and she looked at my chart and said I was.....DOING WELL!! Wow!! Never thought I would hear that again!! She said she has seen much worse and I am average. Then she measured my belly and we talked about how I was having a big baby. She said I'm measuring big because I have a large abdomin to begin with due to my height, I do have some flesh on my belly and I could have alot of water because of my tall belly. No mention that it was because I was fat etc. It was really nice to hear that and to not be judged. She then double checked to make sure the baby's head is down and did a quick ultrasound (I didn't get to see) to double check as she was cautious if this was a big baby and in the breech position then that would be tricky to deliver. All is well. She basically hinted that I could deliver anytime now and they won't stop the labour as the baby is hearty and healthy. So when this LO is ready, I'm going to be delivering regardless. I'm very excited! Too bad I don't get to see her again next week. I have another woman who I have had before who is okay but I haven't heard great reviews about her. She's all buisness apparently but whatever. I just really, really hope that the Dr. who treated me like c___p is not the one on call when I deliver. My BFF who is going to be in the room with us told me that she will speak for me if need be as she knows how much this guy has upset me. Wow!! 4 weeks!!!! Doesn't seem real yet!


rcmiller - June 1

Ok! Baby Savannah is home at last!!! I am so pleased. Now I don't have to leave the house to go out to see her. We picked her up yesterday morning and got home at 1130 am, went to church and I had the biggest smile on my face. I could not be happier. My baby blues are pretty much gone now too. And my dear sweet husband is amazing. He is the best guy seriously. Handles everything great. Everytime I look at him or Savannah I think of the other one. Its amazing. I am so in love with both of them. Last night was obviously my first night with her and she was so good. Went 5-6 hour stretches between feeds. She is such a good lil bub. Sabine, good stories. I'm glad your mom behaved herself at the shower. Well, my sis and a friend are throwing me one next week but I have my doubts many people will show up. I'm not holding my breath. I sort of don't want to have one because I'm afraid I'll take it hard if not many people show. I kind of wish I was still preggy actually. Still not quite over that feeling of wishing she was inside. I think what it is is that if she was still inside I would still have this major event to look forward to. The major event is over now so its kind of sad in a way. But every second spent with Savannah is a joy for me. We went for our first outing as mom and baby today. I bought a few articles of clothing so that was fun. I showed her off to a few people I know from work and my Aussie Grandma. I should check my fb to see if Sadie had her baby yet. Lucy did you post pics on fb yet?


miamia - June 1

Congrats to all that have delivered such wonderful bundles of joy!!! I'm due june 29 so 28 days left for me. ***Deap breath in, Deap breath out*** Sabine~ looks like we are due around the same time. After Overtaken I guess it's just the two of us left. That was a nice Baby shower that they gave you. I opt out to have one, since i just had by DD Feb 08!! And I still have everything. Although I am having a Boy this time. But i also have a 12yr old son and a 8yr old dd as well. so we are full over here.:) It's so hard for me to sleep now. how about u? It feels like my lo is kicking me in the ribs alot, he's gonna be a long one, lol. I have a FB account too. Just type in Tamia Julien and add me as a friend. Overtaken I hope your cold is gone now. I have this stuffiness going on with me for no apparent reason. It doesn't feel like a cold just nasal congestion. My next apt is friday so I hope I have some good news to share.TTYL


Sabine - June 2

Oh good! I'm not alone Tamia! Sleep is when I can get it :) I don't have problems falling asleep, its the staying asleep is the issue. Mine is just from uncomfortable hips. I know when DH goes to work in the morning, I talk over the whole bed, I sleep well. It's like I need to lie diagnolly across the bed and then I am fine and of course with all my pillows in play :) This week has been brutal for me. We are having a total heat wave-it's awesome because it's always raining in Vancouver but dealing with the heat and being pregnant is HARD!! People ask if I've been enjoying the sunshine. I tell them no because I've been holed up in our bedroom that has an air conditioner trying to survive! Then we spend the evenings trying to cool the entire house down and then round up all the escaped cats who are hiding somewhere cool. It's exhausting!! This baby is sitting deeper in my pelvis now too. When I get up and he settles his head down it's like pins and needles over my vaj jay jay. I'd like for him to just fall out now. I am ready!!


^lucy^ - June 5

yay rc im so happy for u!!! we got our babies home on the same day!! what a coincidence :) a nice one,, although so much is in common that they were both on the same machines and both came early and both are May babies at the end and no more june babies :) im sure ur super busy and enjoying ur time with ur lovely new baby.. ur lucky u got to sleep with ur dd for 2 nights before getting her home.. i didnt get that chance but we're doing well thanks God and everything is ok :) dd is in love with him too and is acting the big sister role and helping me change for him and sits by my side when i nurse him but she gets scared when he cries, i try to explain that crying is the way he communicates cz he's still a baby and can't talk and explain what's wrong with him thanks all for the nice comments and wishes :) hope all of u "true june mommies" will have smooth deliveries and healthy babies :) rc, i might post new pix of my baby tomorrow..my laptop suddenly decided that it doesnt wanna work anymore so i need to use dh's..i wil post them once i have some free time tomorrow since its the weekend here :) take care of ur bellies all :D


miamia - June 7

37 weeks tomorrow and still no baby yet. Everybody thinks that since this is my 4th, he will come early, but who knows right? I have been having these period pains but nothing major and of course the normal BH contractions. I really don't want to rush things cuz really all i have is 3 weeks to make sure everything is in order and that's not alot of time to me. The house is pretty clean, all I have to do is floors and toilets, yay. I'm going to pack my bag for me and the baby today. I so excited about him and me and DH are set on a name and all I've been doing is saying it over and over again to get used to it. His name will be Sequori Deshon and we will call him Corey for short. well i hope everyone else is doing good. keep us posted, the few of us that's still stickin around. : )


Sabine - June 9

I'm in my 38th week! 37 weeks and 3 days to be exact. The Dr's have given me a sheet of my file so I bring that to each appointment unless I go into labour and then I bring that to the maternity ward. Buisness is getting serious now! I was very proud of myself. I actually did not punch someone out when they asked if I was having twins!! Hormones must have been in check that day. Granted she was 15 year old girl (she was checking my grocieries) and I am a teacher so I viewed her like my students. I just told her no but when you are 9 months pregnant you tend to look like you are having twins (I took the opportunity to educate her nicely). She was also very excited for me which was sweet. I think that's pretty good considering that I'm due any day and that was my first twins comment, LOL. Another lunatic mother story for you. It's actually humorous but with hormones made me mad :) Sunday morning I was fed up with overheating all the time, sweating like a pig and was crying all the time due to hormones-you know where you rememeber your childhood pets, all the injustices against you, etc. So I posted on Facebook that I was really tired of sweating and crying all weekend and I put a LOL at the end of it-I was kidding!!!!!. My PG girlfriends on facebook get it. Hormones make you sweat and cry. My Mom ALWAYS calls me when she reads my facebook updates, "what does that mean??" like the world is coming to an end. I got fed up and told her if something was wrong I would tell her. Anyway not 5 minutes after I posted she called, I didn't answer, she left a message, "I know your awake! I saw your posting, why are you crying?? Call me back right away!!!" I am SO tired of having to answer to her all the time. Plus when you are crying, the last thing you want to do is explain yourself right at that moment. I went back to bed, she apparently called again an hour later, then contacted my best friend freaking out that I was crying and not answering my phone and what was wrong with me. I am surprised my mom didn't call 911 at this point. She then drove down to my house. Banging on our door-we were sleeping through the whole thing-then she went to our kitchen door and just about broke that door down, called DH's cell and left a message, "I KNOW YOU ARE HOME I CAN SEE HER PURSE ON THE TABLE!!!WHAT IS GOING ON???????" I a__sume she gave up and called the Canadian Army to scout my house. So finally DH gets up and his cell is beeping, our phone is beeping so he checks the bazillion messages. "Uh" he says, "Your Mom is really trying to get ahold of you." I rolled my eyes and explained to him what she is probably freaking out about and I was p__sed at her, just another form of her exacting her control. So she called again around noon and DH answers the phone and had to use his hypnosis skills to calm my Mom down. He explained that we were both up late the night before, I've been hormonal (hot and bothered-is how he put it), was probably having a good cry and went back to bed. She's fine!!!!! he says. So anyway, I go out with a girlfriend later that afternoon just to prove that I was not going to hang myself with a Snuggli and my BFF calls but I called her back later. She told me what my Mom was doing and my BFF was worried. I told her everything is fine, that my mom was overreacting and she said, "Just a bit?? Wow! Your mom is slightly intense eh?" Later I check my facebook and I have messages from Mom "Why are you crying???" Apparently, she has forgetten her own pregnancies, what hormones due, I cry pregnant or not so I don't see how this is different.... I haven't answered her back at all as DH explained everything to her. This freak out is EXACTLY why I don't her anywhere near the hospital when I go into labour. If she's ready to call in the guards for me crying what the hell is going to do when I am in labour. I will be chucking bed pans at her!!!!


Sabine - June 12

Hey everyone! All is well with Mommy Dearest though she thinks that I am depressed etc. (ROLLING EYES!!) Anyway, had my almost 38 week appointment today and asked about the cramping I am getting. It's like period cramps and back ache. She measured my belly and I am the same so she feels the baby is moving into my pelvis and that is the pain I am feeling. I don't feel BH's at all but she said this is the start of it for me. All is well and my body is getting ready for labour. They will also NOT induce me unless I am 10 days overdue even though I'm having a big baby. I told them I felt I could deliver this baby v____ally anyway as my family has large babies and they all have been born v____ally and mommy and babies are fine :)


tmjulien - June 19

hi everybody!! I went to the doctor today and can you believe I'm dialated to 4 centimeters!!! My dr. said she could feel my bag of water. 7 days till my due date and now I feel like I'm having contractions!!! wish me luck!!!



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