June Mommies A Lil Early But Cant Wait Lol

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tmjulien - June 19

hi everybody!! I went to the doctor today and can you believe I'm dialated to 4 centimeters!!! My dr. said she could feel my bag of water. 7 days till my due date and now I feel like I'm having contractions!!! wish me luck!!!


overtaken - July 5

Hi everyone, just in case anybody still checks this I'll put up my birth story :) Sorry it's so late, we don't have inernet at home,.. and I don't often have more than five minutes to check my email when we're out. we are at inlaws right now so baby gets held :) yay! So, Samuel Ethan (we call him Ethan) was born on June 1st at 11:58 AM weighing 6.14 last time i posted i was joking about how i could g into early labour on my bb shower on the 31st. haha well guess what! bout 3am on that sunday i started having pre labour contractions... couldnt sleep but very manageable, went to church and went through my day and to my shower and everything, i didn't tell my mom i was in prelabour till the end, becus I knew she would tell everyone else and they would all freak out and stuff and I was thinking, oh it's gonna be like 3 days still. i tried to get my husband to go to work the next day but he said no, and his boss was like no way are you coming in if your wife is in prelabour.. turned out to be a good thing! so by midnight sunday night my contractions were getting really hard and I was getting upset, cus I couldnt' sleep and I couldn't imagine another 3 days of this 'prelabour' especially cus they were only 6-7 minutes and 30 seconds apart. I had already called my midwife to keep her in the loop, but she said call back at 4 minutes apart or if my water breaks. 4 am my water breaks, so that was encouraging cus then i knew it wouldn't be long (i was due june 4th, so I was 4 days early at this point by the way) my midwfe still said the same thing, but right away the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and VERY strong, although only 30 seconds. so after an hour we called and she came right over, at 6 AM i was 3 centimeters and going into back labour (nasty!) at 8-8:30 I was 4-5 centimeters and so the mw said we could head to the hospital which I jumped at. I didn't say it but I was going for DRUGS cus I couldn't do with that pain for what I thought would surely be another 24 hours or something. haha, we got to the hospital at 9, when the midwifes switched shifts , and I was 7-8 centimetrs and struggling ot to push. in the next half hour I WAS pushing and ethan was born before lunch! so all around a very fast and easy labour, I had some bad st_tches tho, and recovery has been hard.. we've had some feeding issues and had to supplement but he's 5 weeeks old now, and almost off his bottle so things are good! It's really hot here today, poor baby is al sweaty. That heat wave sabine was talking about, that was the week ethan was born here in vancouver and it was not nice to b inside with a baby all week in the heat! anyway, better go, hope you enjoy!


Sabine - July 13

Hi everyone! I finally have a few moments to share my birth story. I gave birth to Liam Terry Shepherd on June 29th at 7:16 pm. He was 11 pounds and 7 oz. A very big baby and I do have a 3rd degree tear. I was in labour for 15 hours and pushed for an hour and a half. I pretty proud of myself as we all should be whether we gave birth v____ally or via c-section. On June 29th, about 4:30 I got up to go pee and when I laid down again it felt like I was going to have a large bowel movement. I got up again and started leaking. Rushed to the toilet and my water broke. It was filled with meconium so the hospital told me to come in right away. I was contracting as soon as my water broke and when they a__sessed me I was about every 4-5 minutes and with bloody show. It then progressed to easy labour and then HORRIBLE back labour. About 4-5 cm I was asking for the gas and working through deep breathing exercises. I had my DH and BFF digging their hands in my back to relieve the pressure and then they would ma__sage my arms and legs to help me concentrate. The gas made me vomit a few times but it was a small price to pay for relief. DH was awesome running puke dishes to the toilet. I was also given an IV and stadol while waiting for the epidural. We decided it was the best option as this was a big baby and the nurse said I was pretty small internally and would need lots of energy to push. Luckily I was able to get it around 2pm and instant relief!! I was able to rest and then it started to wear off on the left side and the pressure and back pain was unbelievable!!! I started to want to push about 5:30ish and I was 9cm by then so they wanted me to work though them and let the uterus bring Liam's giant head down. That was unbearable as I was in pain and needed BFF and DH to actually break their hands digging their fists in my back but that is what made it feel better. I say I gave birth half naturally as I felt everything on the left side. We started pushing in different positions and I was having trouble getting the rythym. It is hard work pushing! They are not kidding! Finally I was on my side with DH and BFF holding my legs and I could push 3 times a contraction before I was worn out. As the labour progressed, I was pushing more out of need rather than timing. The nurses were AWESOME and when I started to crown they called the Dr. on call. They could not get a hold of him!!! I needed an episotomy, the nurse said if I had one this baby would fly out. Still no Dr. 45 min later and I was still pushing and pushed hard until his big head popped out. 4 nurses were in the room and all were yelling STOP PUSHING!! as they needed to suction out his mouth due to the meconium. The nurse that was with me through the whole labour and delivered my baby told them to shut it and to let me get this baby out. I didn't know it at the time but his heart rate went up to the 190's!!, my BP went up as well and I was bleeding internally (they were worried about a cervical tear or uterine outbleed) and still no Dr. What a wonderful feeling it is to push the baby out! I couldn't believe it! I didn't get to see him right away as they had to work on him between my legs but when he was stable and they moved him to the baby warmer I could not believe how big he is! The Dr. finally showed up and a pediatrician came in to help Liam. The Dr. delivered my placenta and started st_tching me up. He was not sure if it was a 3rd degree tear or 4th degree tear and had to wait for the other OBGYN on call to show up for a second opinion. She checked as well and st_tched me up some more and told me it was a 3rd degree tear. In the meantime, Liam was doing well. Scored 8 adn 9 on the A scale and when they weighed him they all exclaimed how big he was. He was the largest baby delivered at the hospital in 10 years!! During my hospital stay, nurses and other OBGYN's came to see me, tell me they were impressed with me and wanted to see my big little guy :). He is wonderful! He sleeps for 3-5 hour stretches, my milk has come in full force (latching was difficult at first and I am still working on making it painless), and is a good baby. I am so happy and DH is loving every moment. I have a lot of support as well so that has been helpful. I'm going back to the hospital next week for a follow up visit and will be bringing a gift for the nurses and something special for the nurse who delivered my baby for she was AWESOME! (and they were all p__sed at the Dr. for not showing up and causing me to tear like I did).


lildevilgirl22 - July 14

i had my baby boy july 2nd at 9:19 pm he was 7 pounds 13 oz and 21 inches long with a 14 inch head and a head full of hair


overtaken - August 10

WOW sabine! my baby boy is 10 weeks now and he's just hit 11'2!!! good for you!



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