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Jenn - May 11

How is everyone?! Ready to have babies I can safely assume!!! I had my first internal today!! Nothing going on so far-I have been having contractions off and on since last wednesday doc said that if they get unbearable-to go to L&D and we'll do to section early-so we'll see!! Can't wait to see my little boy!!! (and go on a diet!! hehehe) Hope all is well!!!


Renee-Marie - May 11

Hey Jenn, Well I have an appt. tomorrow to see what my deal is. I'm back on "STRICT" bedrest because I'm showing signs of toxemia, so we're trying to monitor that. After weeks of trying to keep the baby IN, it looks like we might have to get him OUT sooner than his due date of 6/20. He's actually talking about a week or two from now, so I might be a May Mommy - I hope I am still welcome on this forum though!!!! Best to you and your baby!!!!


Dia_ - May 11

Hey girls! I am 35.2 weeks now and am due June 13th. Had an appt on Tuesday and doc said all is well! I am beginning to swell quite a bit and I am having these weird bouts of incredibly rapid pulse (my pulse was 113 - should have been about 60) and I am having carpal tunnel and bladder issues. But, I have excellent blood pressue (114/73) - so that is good! Baby is measuring 1 week ahead (36 weeks) and my doc is leaving to go out of town in the middle of my 38th week, so she is **thinking** of stripping my membranes on the 24th of this month to see if that will put me in labor before she goes. I REALLY want her to deliver me, and baby is doing fabulous, so she said she might do the stripping. We will see!! Good luck to everyone!


Tillie - May 11

Dia, I so hear you on the Carpal Tunnel--I am to the point where I wake up 20 times a night with awful knife-stabbing pains in my arms. All I can do to relieve it is stand up--nothing ese works! Once I stand up for a few minutes it goes away, then I lie back down and sleep for another 20 minutes and wake up again with the same thing. Torture! Anyway, sorry to hear you're back on bedrest, Renee. You're still a June Mommy to us! Jenn, how far along are you? I seem to remember you're getting a c-section but I can't remember why... kind of exciting about your contractions, though! I haven't felt anything like that. I'm 35 weeks now and feeling no where close to having this baby. Which is ok with me; other than the night pains, I feel really, really good still. How about you guys?


tlew - May 11

Hey ladies. I am 35.4 weeks due June 11th. I had my first internal on Monday. Doc said that my cervix is starting to open a little but thats it. Tomorrow is my last day of work so you all will probably see me on here more. Like Dia I am starting to swell a bit more and lets not even talk about bladder issues, my panty liners are just not enough anymore. And renee you know how all the June mommies feel about you... you're always gonna be one of us and so will you Dia if you end up going early too :). Tille I am getting those night pains, especially in my hips and lower back. But Time is just movin right along. Good luck ladies :)


Renee-Marie - May 11

I feel so loved!!!!! :-) Thanks ladies! BTW, I just had a HUGE contraction that lasted 13 minutes. Anyone else experiencing anything like this or am I just a reject? :-)


lindsay - May 11

GREAT NEWS FOR ME! my last day of work is going to be on mother's day! i am so relieved as most of you know i was going to have to work up until i went into labor, but i talked to my managers and we worked a little something out! i'm so happy... i need a break SOOO bad... all these weeks and hours on my feet have left me so exhausted to even get accomplished what needs to be done here at home... but now i have time to finish nesting and spend time with my little boy before his sister comes! YAY! you know what's going to happen, right? i'll probably go into labor next week, LOL! i sure hope not! i really need a few weeks to chill out! but i also don't want to be induced either, and i'm only allowed to go to 41 weeks before this happens so everyone pray for me to go right on my due date, okay??!! (june 7th)LOL so how active is everyone's baby???mine is always on the go! she moves so much anymore, it really suprises me because for a few weeks she seemed to quiet down, which i knew was totally normal, but now she's full force again... i also have a lot more bh's and i think she is dropping because i feel a lot more pressure and all the painful twinges of my bladder and cervix being a__saulted... also pee so much now, but only a little at a time... WOW renee-marie... that's a long time, lol... you may have just just dialted to 10, lol.. i have never had one that long, but sometimes it's hard for me to tell if i am having a real contraction or if my dd just has her little but up high when i have a bh, so it's hard to guage... i have a question... how many of you have lost their plugs?? and are you dialted, because as i understand, you have to be dialted to lose your plug? am i right? and since i have not lost mine , i guess i should a__sume i haven't really begun to dialte yet?


Nita_ - May 12

Renee-Marie! Of course you'll welcome on this forum! Have you called your dr about your long contraction? What did they have to say. Sorry I haven't felt anything like that. ---Tillie--you moved to NY right? or is it someone else?! my brain is no longer functional. How is the search for new apt going? good luck! --lindsay-- no, my mucus plug hasn't come off yet (at least not that I know of!). And I'm sooo happy for you that you got to leave work early! I think I might get to leave early too or maybe will start to work from home (I have a laptop and I can really be corresponding with everyone via email/phone call). Lets see how I feel. Few days back, I was feeling very tired in afternoons and now a days, it's on and off. Some days I'm fine till 5pm some days I want to lie down at 1:30pm! And oh yeahh, I'm peeing a lot more too! Hey have you ladies gotten stretch marks? I've been applying moisturizing cream since sometime late 1st trimester and i haven't really seen any yet. Although I wonder if they are hiding, right under my belly/on my back which I'm not able to see clearly now! LOL!


Jenn - May 13

Hi ladies!! Tillie- I will be 37 weeks monday-hopefully I will be a June mommy! I have been having some nasty swelling. I am having a c section due to complications with my sons birth and a big baby/small pelvis. I labored for three days and only got to 4 cm the first time. :( I was going to attempt a vbac but at my 22 weeks us doc gave a no-go on it. Oh weel, at least I can plan accordingly though. Hope all is well!! IS everyone going weekly now? I only have 2 doc appts. left-the 18th and the 25th and then I am done!!


Chrissy - May 13

Hi everyone. I'll be 38 weeks later this week and getting induced on Wednesday. I a so happy that I won't be pregnant anymore, but am really nervous about the induction. I can tel the baby has dropped in the last week. SOOO much pressure down below, and peeing a lot more too, with barely anthing coming out. Just yesterday and today I noticed that it's actually hard to sit because of all the pressure on medown below and makes me feel like I have to pee. Standing and laying are better, but who can do that all day! I thought for sure my water was going to break last night with all the pressure I felt! I have been having tons of BH the last couple of days too. I haven't lost my mucous plug yet, and wonder if I am dilated at all. They are going to check me on Monday. I sure hope I am, or the process will probably just take that much longer on Wednesday!


mia - May 13

hello ladies,i'm 35 weeks tomorrow (sun).i've 2 more weeks left at work,can't wait to finish now.i had my midwife appointment last thurs for my last anti-D injection for rhesus - blood type.My glucose level was up a little but my midwife said they are not too concernred if it's only once but if when i go back in two weeks it 's still up, then they will investigate.I was a little worried as my little one didn't seem to be moving about much a few days before that appointment midwife said to do a kick count of at least 10 a day,my little ones managing that.Iv'e also got strepBand need to have intravenous antibiotics 4 hrs before i give birth up until when the baby is born,my first labour was only 8 hrs so i'm alittle concerned that i won't get 4hrs worth into us before the little one is born,apparently if they don't manage that then we will have to say in hospital for 3 to 4 days so baby can then have it's own antibiotics.I'm waffling now so i'm going to get off speak with you girls later,keep well.


Tillie - May 13

Hey girls. On the last thread (last week) I posted that I'd lost 6 pounds--no idea if anyone remembers, but because of that I had to go in for a sonogram yesterday which concluded that I'm quite low on amniotic fluid and have to get another sonogram and stress test Monday AND Thursday. Then my doctor said something about "if" I get induced Monday--WHAT? I'm so confused!! Has anyone had low amniotic fluid? How serious is it? As you also know--Nita, thanks for asking!--I just moved to NY and have a new doctor and she thinks the stress of moving has caused this. Meanwhile my mother screamed at me that I was working too hard and risking my baby's life and don't I care? Etc, etc. I couldn't feel worse right now. Sorry to go on and on about it--I'm just freaking out because I am so not ready to have this baby and I KNOW she's not ready to come out. I haven't even taken my childbirth cla__s yet! Or finished prenatal yoga! Or gotten my furniture from the movers! AHHHH!!! Cross your fingers for me.


mommy2be27 - May 14

Hi there! I'm due June 26th, but the doctor said he may push me back a week so my little boy may be an Independence Day baby. Besides gaining a lot of weight (and also wanting to go on a diet) everything is fine. I am still sleeping through some nights not going to the bathroom! I so want to see him and hold him, but am not looking forward to being awake every couple of hours. Me and sleep get along too well these days! I'm working at the daycare my son will go to when I go back to school in the fall (my MIL owns it)- I plan on leaving there at 38 weeks.


Chrissy - May 14

Tille my fluid has been low too and I'm getting induced on Wednesday at 38 weeks, because of it and high blood pressure. I remember your postings, good luck with the fluid, and with the movers, and all of that, And with your mom too. I'm not sure why she's saying stuff like that to you, I'm sure she just wants her Grandbaby to be healthy so she can spoil it rotten but it sounds like she's saying some pretty hurtful things to you and I feel bad for you for that. Mom's sure have a way to say the wrong things sometimes that's for sure. It guess it's their comments that usually hit us the hardest too because they are our mom's! Anyway, best of luck to you and baby! :)


Tillie - May 17

Chrissy, I just now saw this post!! Wow, you're being induced TODAY? GOOD LUCK! Thanks so much for your nice words of encouragement. I ended up getting hospitalized Monday because the fluid had dipped so low, but I'm home now and it's looking better. I'd like to hold out as long as I can with this baby--they wanted to induce me Monday but I begged them not to; I'm only 35 weeks! Well, 36 tomorrow. But I know every day counts, and I want her to have all the time she needs in there. Unless it's not healthy, of course, but the doctors agreed that it wasn't absolutely necessary to induce yet. So now I'm on daily monitoring. It's like a full time job! ha ha. Anyway--good luck to you today!!!!! Can't wait to hear your baby story.


Nita_ - May 17

Hi Ladies, how is everyone! It seems it's been ages since i've been here but its only been 4-5 days! It's as if I want to be on this thread every day and believe me if I could I would. You are all so good!! :) It's been crazy at work for the past few days, so wasn't able to come online. Although couple of things have happened with me. Saturday, I had a SURPRISE baby shower. Being the curious cat I was, I wanted to know exactly where and when, so my friend told me it was the weekend of 20th, so I didn't even suspect it was this past weekend. Due to the limited size, it was a girls only party and so my dh missed out! But my mom was with me and I loved the whole thing!! I still couldn't believe my friend and dh pulled it off! And the other thing that happened is, my 'clumsiness' stage of pregnancy has started for sure! On sunday, while I was trying to sit on a chair at the computer desk, I missed it totally and fell flat on the floor with a thud! My bottom and left hand hit the floor and they were sore! I lay on the bed on my left side for a little while, but I was soo worried. The baby did move when i was laying so it was OK. But I called the dr's and went in monday evening just in case...caz I was feeling this horrible pain when I walked/tried to change positions in bed right below my belly. It turns out I may have stretched something down there with the fall! --Tillie-- sorry to hear about your condition. Do take care and don't stress out too much. Am glad you talked to your dr about whether its really necessary to induce right away, I know I would be freaked out too if it happened to me. Just take it easy and you& the baby will be fine. --Chrissy--- good luck with the induction and do let us know your baby birth story!


Nita_ - May 17

I knew I started to type too much, but OH BOY!! I just noticed how long my note is. LOL!



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