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Nita_ - May 17

I knew I started to type too much, but OH BOY!! I just noticed how long my note is. LOL!


pwd3mama - May 17

Is it true that you can't induce unless you have started dialating?


Tillie - May 18

Today I found out I might be induced tomorrow, and the doctor said "you're 2 centimeters dilated already, so you're a perfect candidate." I guess that means they like you to be dilated--but I don't know if they actually won't induce if you're not. Nita--sorry you're hurting! Sounds painful. But what awesome friends/family/hubby you have for pulling off a surprise shower!


MooBaby - May 18

Wow Tillie!! You will be in my thoughts tomorrow, I read your posts about your fluid levels, and I am glad that you have great Dr.'s looking after you. Good luck and we look forward to your birth story. I can't believe people are having babies!! Renee-Marie too! Anyway, it seems that my symptoms have been multiplying ever since I hit 36 weeks. Last night I had a leg cramp so bad that I fell out of the bed and hit my head. But the carpal tunnel in my wrist is so severe that I couldn't get up. Anyway, in the scheme of things, there are more serious things. Good luck to all you June Mommies... I have a tour of the birth center today so I am excited. Are you ladies ready? Bags packed yet? Nurseries together??


rachel_renee_20 - May 18

Hi everyone, I really wish I'd have found this web site sooner!! It's been tons of help and peace of mind too! Im almost 36weeks and due June 17th I had my 1st internal on tuesday Im gaining between 2 and 4 lbs since I started seeing the doc weekly, as of the 16th I am 80% effaced and 1cm dialated and baby is "way way far down" according to the doc and yesterday pretty positive I lost my mucus plug sorry if too much info! im gettiin real uncomfortable with the bh all the time and killer back pain, I got the carpol tunnel thing goin on but it just seemes to be in my left hand. My little one had slowed way down but then so have I doc took me off work and Im naturally a real busy girl so Im starting to get bored! Well I think I've been goin on long enough. Good luck to you all keep us updated


Dia_ - May 18

Hi ladies! MooBaby - I am just like you, ever since I hit 36 weeks I have been getting really miserable. I have been horribly emotional too - I think I am losing my mind! I get so upset just thinking that this baby may be in here for another 3.5 weeks - I cannot stand to talk to relatives b/c I just want to rip their heads off! I am swelling really badly, not sleeping, am irritable, and I have been having a problem with my pulse racing for awhile now. PLUS ~ we are finally starting to pack the house up for our move in August. I want to BEG my doc to induce me...but I know she won't. I have an appt on Wed of next week (5/24) and my doc was talking about stripping my membranes then. I will keep everyone updated! Good luck to everyone in enduring these last few weeks!!


mia - May 21

Hi ladies,i'm 36 weeks today,can't believe it really,the time is just flying by now, i so so am looking forward to seeing this little one.I was wondering have all you june ladies had internals i don't think my midwife will do one i don't think it's something they do over here in England.Anyways i will ask when i go on thursday i have a longer appointment to discuss my birth plan.I finish work on friday and boy i think i'm ready now.good luck girls.


mama-beans - May 21

Hi ladies! Just shy of 37 weeks here and MAN am I ready to have this baby! Tired/achy all the time, contractions for days now ( not regular or anyhing progressive like that though).... I'm just DONE. I miss being a "real" mom to my 1.5 year old. I can't chase her around, play with her in the park, wrestle or cuddle her like I used to.... and I'm short tempered to boot. Really, any day now, Little Man. DR says your plenty big and developed so..... ANY DAY NOW feel free to make your grand enterance!! Anyone else feel this way??!


Corrine321 - May 21

Hey, I am 35 weeks and 6 days today! And last Tuesday I had a doctors appt. and they checked my cervix and I am 2 1/2 cm dilated! and 60% effaced!! I will give you an update this Tuesday after my doctors appt!! Oh, and she dropped and is already in position!!!


starr - May 21

Hello ladies. I am now 36wks 1day and it almost seems unreal that my little girl will be here any time now. I'm on wkly dr visits now. At my last appt I had my internal and the dr. said that my cervix was closed and no dilation as of yet but they could see that I was having contractions on the nst monitor. Yeah the BH are becoming more frequent. Babygirl is sitting way way low and my belly looks like a little basketball. It seems as if it has gotten smaller over the last few wks.Maybe it's because it has dropped so low but I am a bit worried because it really looks a lot smaller, but baby is moving and still very active .I will ask the dr when I go in on Wed just to ease my mind. As the time grows closer, I am getting more and more anxious about the actual delivery itself. I am trying not to get "scared" because I know it won't make my delivery any easier. I'm trying to keep happy thoughts.With the way I'm feeling you would think this is my first baby when in fact I have 2 boys but it's been a while since I've done the "baby" thing because my boys are 10 and 11 so I feel like I'm starting all over again.It's like I forgot a lot over the years. Well, I'm sure it won't take long for it to come back to me. Good Luck to everyone.


mia - May 22

Hi ladies,36 wks 2 days today,still counting.Mama-beans i know where you are coming from i ache from neck to ankles have no energy really at all now,short burst every now and again.I feel i'm not paying my ds enough attention,i can't wait to be a family of 4. Starr...i'm feeling very nervous about the birth extremely anxious.I too have done it all before my son is 7.I had a natural birth last time as my labour was only 8 hrs long i was sick on the gas and air (scared of being sick)and although i begged for an epidural i was told there wasn't time for it to work.I see my midwife on thurs to discuss my birth plan,hopefully that will ease my mind a little good luck ladies.


Jenn - May 22

Hi ladies!! Wow! June is right around the corner!! Next thursday I will be having my son! I am soo excited and all of a sudden I feel like I have a ton to do!! Well, just dropped in to say hi!! Feeling big and c___ppy-but not long now!!!


MooBaby - May 22

Hi ladies! How is everyone? I am curious about Tillie and hope that she annd baby are doing well.... I am 37 weeks tomorrow and just came down with a terrible cold/flu with body aches, sore throat... the whole deal. I feel so c___ppy on top of all my other symptoms. Ladies... any advice on how to get better asap?? I DO NOT want to go into labor feeling this way! I had a friend who was in labor with the 48 hour flu and it was the worst experience for her. Eeeek! Anyway, I can't believe June is so close. Can't wait for all our precious babies.


Nita_ - May 22

Hi Ladies! Jenn - yes, June is right aroound the corner isnt it. I can't believe I'm just 4 weeks away(or less or more!) from seeing my little angel. I'm down to weekly visits to my midwives starting last week. So went in this morning and all looks good. As usualy our little baby was busy kicking at the doppler! it's soo cute! My midwife said her head was down and that her back is facing my front, which is the way it's supposed to be. So i'm glad! Although over the weekend I thought I was feeling her across my belly as if she's in that position...I guess its her hands/legs/elbows/kness etc that I was feeling. Am sooo happy yet a little nervous about the upcoming event! I have to start to wash her clothes etc. Regarding clothes, any tips as to what size clothes to buy/you bought? Heard newborn size isn't that great caz they only wear it a few days. But most of my gifts are newborn sized so...not sure what to do.


lindsay - May 22

hi all... i just posted a couple of questions that pretty much update me, but please check them out and give me your feedback... "rate of growth" and "what would you do?" in a nutshell, wen tto 38 week appt today and had nst and u/s... seems like dd's growth has slowed quite a bit, and there is a little talk of induction by my due date(let's all pray i go on my own!) ---> see "what would you do?"LOL all else seems well, i'll have my first internal next week...could see hair on u/s ! YAY i've been SOOO exhausted lately, all i want to do is sleep... maybe my body is resting up for labor? plus, i have all kinds of crazy pressure in pelvis and thighs... maybe she's dropped more... u/s tech said she was really low. had my son's b-day on sat and my mom and mil had a suprise shower for me too! was so nice, wasn't expecting that, plus they both live in different states...so sneaky!!! have almost all i need , except for medela double electric b___st pump, but my side of the family gave a doantion to help offset the cost, so maybe i'll go pick it up tomorrow! hope everyone is doing well... we're all going to be dropping babies any day now!!! :)


lindsay - May 22

oh, p.s.-- started swelling :( my toes look like vienna sausages if i'm on my feet too long!!!



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