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Nora1 - June 1

Tille - try not to be nervous for tomorrow. This is the end goal finally! :) I have heard that when you are in labor, if you are feeling any fear, try to visualize the end of the delivery and the first moments of you holding your little baby and how happy it will be. It is supposed to be encouraging - to help you continue with the process and not to be scared since it is for such a happy result. Good luck tomorrow and be sure to let us know how it goes and give us the details of the arrival of your new little one! :)


Tillie - June 1

Thanks Nora! I will try to stay focused on that picture...even if I'm screaming in pain! I've heard visualization is key. I just can't wait to be telling you all how it was, in retrospect!


MooBaby - June 1

Yippeeee! Its June!! OMG, I can't believe it. Thanks for the kind words Tillie... means alot to me during this time. I swear one moment I am flying in the clouds ready to snuggle my little bundle and sniff his pretty little head, and other times terrified at the idea of mommyhood and childbirth. Of course, everyone a__sures me this is all normal, but its hard to be such a yoyo head. Anyway, I also noticed that I have these great bursts of energy and nesting, and the next moment, I am overcome by fatigue. Anyone else?? Tillie, good luck tomorrow, you will do beautifully and it sounds like your Dr.s are taking good care of you... what's great is that you are dialated going into this so your body is on the verge! Who knows... maybe you will be like those ladies who go into labor naturally! Can't wait to hear about your birth story. Everyone hang in there!! When are you all due again? Me, not until June 13th!!! I can't believe Jenn is having her baby today! Wow!


mommie2b - June 1

Hey how is everyone? I am 39 weeks and due next thursday on the 8th and I am looking forward to it alittle nervous but excited. Everything is normal blood pressure and weight. They said he should be around 8 - 9 pounds when he arrives he is goin to be a big one. I wish all of you moms the best of luck.


starr - June 1

Hello ladies.Well I am now 37w5d and getting more and more nervous by the day.You would think that this is my first child by how nervous I am.It's just been awhile,a long while.My boys are 10 and almost 12 so I have forgotten what it's like to have a little one around the house.At my appt yesterday the dr says that I'm still not dilated and cervix is only thinned a little.My due date is June 17 which is when they planned my induction if baby hasn't come by then, but I had them schedule the induction for the 19 just to give her more time to come on her own b/c I am extremely nervous about the induction.So I will be doing lots of walking in hopes that they may help.She is already sitting so low that it shouldn't take much to give her a boost.At the moment,my bh are coming like every 4-5 mins for the last few minutes or so and my back is starting to feel a little achy.Maybe she's ready to come.I sure hope so.Tomorrow is my last day at work.Yay!!I can't wait.But then, that only gives me more time to sit around and get even more nervous than I already am.My baby is weighing about 7 lbs already.Dr was a little concerned about her weight b/c my first two were 10lbs and 8lbs so she may be around 8-8.5.I pray that everything will be fine and that I won't need the induction.Well good luck to all of you mommies.



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