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K - November 20

I am gonna moan, so I'm sorry for all of you out there who read this. Firstly I would say I am totally glad to be expecting a baby after 2 yrs of trying dh and I are over the moon. Honestly though, I have not enjoyed this pregnancy. I am 28 weeks and counting. So far we've had bouts of early bleeding, early ultrasound, heartshaped utures, more bleeding, blood tests that were great (yay some good news) then on 20 wk us told baby had talipes in both feet so need amnio, had that, then more bleeding and loss of fluid, luckily all turned out well and our little girl is healthy, even with her poorly feet but that's totally fixable so that's fine (yay another piece of good news), then I started bleeding from my kidneys, so been on antibiotics for ages and they may want to do renal scans etc.., then found out I'm diabetic and my nubers are all wrong and I'm probably/likley to end up on insulin, and yesterday my tooth, which I'd just had filled, broke!!!! I am totally grateful to be pregnant and all pales into insignificance when compared to worrying about that amnio, so I'm glad all is well, but gosh!!! What else is gonna go wrong? Is there a list and I'm just ticking boxes until I've filled everything that can annoyingly go wrong with a pregnancy! Anyway thanks for listening. I know how lucky I am to be here with a healthy baby girl, but just needed to get it off my chest. Good luck to everyone else. xxxxx


Maggie - November 20

Don't feel bad, my first pregnancy was hell and I hate to say that I hated just about every minute of it. I had morning sickness my whole nine months and I kept getting UTIs which eventually turned into a very painful full b__wn kidney infection. To this day I tell people that I've never felt physically better than I did the day after I gave birth to my son. Yes I was sore from delivery, but I no longer felt sick, my kidneys didn't hurt, and greatest of all was that my son was healthy. I also had a very easy labor and delivery which I say was my retribution for having such a hellish nine months. K, try not to worry because the light at the end of your tunnel is coming, and your body should correct itself after the baby is born. Good Luck to you.



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