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jennifer_33106 - September 19

I am in my fifth month and not as far as you guys but i was wondering why is everyone in such a hurry to get the baby out? Dont they always say it will come when its ready? This is my first and just wondering if you guys know something that no one has told me haha. This is just out of curiousity and in no means judgemental. :)


Brendansmom - September 19

When you get there you'll understand!


fitzerin - September 19

well I'm not in a hurry to get mine out. But in general it's because we are all very uncomfortable these last few weeks.


sarah21 - September 19

Read some of poor Amanda's posts (afireinsideamanda) and you will see... poor baby


crrodgers - September 19

I hate to say, but just wait! This is my third baby and though I really enjoy being pregnant, the last few weeks are very rough on your body. You don't sleep as well, you get aches and pains here and there, and the anticipation is the worst....it comes to a point where you feel like you will never have the baby! Do enjoy this pregnancy because it is so much easier when it is your first...you actually get to go home and take naps while when you have other children it gets really hard to enjoy and rest during pregnancy! Good Luck! Hopefully you will enjoy being pregnant all the way through!


beagle1223 - September 19

I'm a little over 35 weeks with my first and I'll be sooo glad when this is over. By no means am I trying to rush anything - he'll arrive when the time is right and his health is my number one priority. But I have to say that if he came a few days early it certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings any because I'm constantly in a lot of pain and I'm really sick of all the symptoms! But everyone is very different and you may be fine when you get further along. Good luck!


jennifer_33106 - September 19

haha wow. i get uncomfortable now sometimes and can only imagine what you guys are going through at 35+ weeks. So it is more of a combo of wanting to see the baby and wanting to feel better. haha I'll probably be saying the same exact thing when I get there. haha. Thanks guys. :)


emfine99 - September 19

I think because most of us here are probably over 30 weeks, which since you are in your 5th month, you still are just feeling ok..... I know I am ready for the baby to be here because wow, when you have 10 weeks or less left, it starts to get kind of painful, heartburn is worse, your bladder is pressed, the swelling is bad, etc. The list goes on and on. I know when I was about 5 motnhs along I think I was just fine and dandy.... didn't htink I would be ready to get the baby out! LOL Like other said, it is very uncomfortable!!! You will soon find out! :-)


musicbaby - September 19

Uh! Up until a few weeks ago I was the same as you Jennifer and thinking that its such a shame that everyone seems to want to hurry things up..... well at 38 weeks I am READY!!!! I can no longer roll over in bed without it being very painful and a huge effort and being up and about I feel so c_mbersom and tired that I seriously feel like a whale out of water! :-) Its only a couple of weeks to go I know! But a week is such a LOOONG time! :-) Also cant wait to meet the little monkey that has been keeping me awake at night! Its all good though, as miserable as you feel you always know that something great is going to come out of it, so it does make it all worth while. :-)


jenna32 - September 19

i am 30 and a half weeks and starting to experience all the uncomfortable symptoms more fully now! can barely even sleep,heartburn,feels like everything is squished in there,harder trouble breathing,all these ugly veins and break outs,its not comfy having a bigger stomach and all those fun things!


FirstTime Mommy92307 - September 19

I only have 5 days left until I go to be induced and I simply just CANNOT wait!!! I have a lot of trouble sleeping I stayed up until 9 am thismoring because I was so uncomfortable (ight be just a little stress mixed in too) the last few weeks are pretty bad but the last few days...VERY HARD!!!! I am just sooo ready!!! GL Everyone!!!


falafal0 - September 20

I'm 31 weeks with our fifth and I am SO over being pregnant If I had the money I would have paid for a surrogate. It's just too tough this time around. I do think though that if a woman is having an easier time than another woman, it does make the situation a lot different. Some love being pregnant, others it's just a huge strain at the end and we're desperate! But if you mean about trying to get the baby to come before it really is ready, with different potions and lotions - I'm not for that either. Body will go into labour when it's ready. You jsut have to tough it out - and it is tough! :-)



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