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SaraH - March 7

I'm just wondering if anyone knows exactly what causes the baby to drop? I'm assuming that it probably has to do w/ some hormone changes but does anyone know for sure? I mean it can't be baby weight, as ppl who have 12lb babies don't necessarily drop earlier then ppl who have 6 lb babies. It's not just that the baby "falls" into the pelvis, as they are often head down and in "position" long before they drop, so what exactly causes it (hormones? and what ones?), and how does it actually cause the baby to drop? Just wondering if anyone knows, as I've never heard it mentioned in any of my classes and I didn't find anything when I did a quick search on it. Thanks


HEATHER - March 7

good question


MichelleB - March 7

Funny, my baby 'dropped' then came back up (second pregnancy, its common). I a__sumed their head just fits between teh pelvic bones, and therefore he 'drops' lower on your belly. BB is back up now. I would like to know the answer to this too!


Cevvin - March 7

There is a hormone that is released that loosens up the joints. Ie making your pelvis open up, and poof down goes baby. Altho, i have not dropped yet, due the 16th.


SaraH - March 7

Relaxin -the hormone I think you're taking about- does loosen up everything, but I know that that starts way early in the pregnancy, so...is it just that levels go way up towards the end and your pelvis opens up that much more to drop the baby in? And as michelle asked, how/why does it move back up then? Just wondering. Thanks for the info


jessieb - March 7

sorry all.... i know nothing about the question, except the asker, SaraH!! hi hi hi! i saw that you had posted a response to someone in the first trimester thread. did you notice i said in the first trimester thread!!! after TEN LONG months of ttc, i am there!! i got my + yesterday. i am due in november. i left you a message on the first trimester board but i thought you might not go there that often. so then i found you here!! you must be so close now!!! yipee!! i am thrilled and can't wait to make it though these next two months. just wanted you to know i finally got prego again. third time's the charm right? : )


jessieb - March 7

ah! and you just posted too!!


SaraH - March 7

jessieb CONGRATS!!! So, glad to hear from you. I posted more on your 1st trim thread.



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