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jennifer_33106 - December 6

I am only 29 weeks but I am getting closer every day to B-Day. I am so terrified of pooping on the delivery table. I have heard that you can get like an enema or something before you push. I dont know if I am jumping the gun here thinking about this already. I am not scared really about the pushing, contractions, or tearing. haha I am scared of pooping. Is there anything I can request before hand?


cattac - December 6

OK this is my opinion. I have been through labor twice...with and without the enema. Yes you can get one. No it's not like a little fleet enema...it's a IV bag filled with liquid. Not too comfortable. Honestly it was hell. I had it with my first pregnancy because I didn't know any better. The nurses wanted to give it to me to "speed" up my labor. I would not recommend it. My cousin used to be L&D nurse. You can still go #2 if you've had an enema and I did a little. A lot of people do and nobody thinks anything of it. I had it because my train of thought was the same as yours- I'd be embara__sed. Oh well after going through it once I didn't care anymore and did not have it the second time, did not go #2 at all. I did not have baby #2 at the same hospital. I'd toured 3 other hospitals and actually asked them about enemas and they couldnt believe I'd had one and wouldn't recommend one. Everyone is different. I will not get one again. It made me more uncomfortable and ill-feeling than anything else (I mean can you imagine having horrid contractions while sitting on the toilet and going diarrhea?!). When you push don't push like you need to go #2. That's kind of what I did the first time because my epidural was so strong and I couldn't feel what I was doing. Anyway, there's my advice. If you end up having one let me know how it goes.


jennifer_33106 - December 6

Thanks for answering cattac! Oh wow. So do you think you went a lil bit the first time because of the enema? Maybe Ill just forget about it. So the pushing is a different kinda push? How do you know the difference?


cattac - December 6

I meant to say in my last post that my cousin was an L&D nurse and she said a ton of people "go" and nobody thinks anything of it. It's very common. Also at that point in your labor going #2 is the last thing you'll be caring about...you'll just be ready to get the baby out! The pushing IS a different kind of push. The first time around (different dr) they just said "push push push push"...ok. Well the second time around (new dr new state new practice) the dr told me to lay on my back, chin to chest hold the back of my knees with my hands and pull my knees toward me, and push like I was doing a crunch. Worked like a charm and he was out on the second push. It was great. Also my epidural was not as strong...I could still wiggle my toes, feel pressure (not pain) and lift my legs a little. That's how it should be it should NOT be where you're completely numb (like me my first time). I had more control over pushing and how I was pushing.


K8 - December 6

Hi Jennifer, you silly billy dont worry about that little aspect i PROMISE you that the midwife or doctor wont even blink an eyelid if you poop. Another thing to remember is that a very common symptom of going into labour is needing to poop so usually most of it comes out in the early stages of labour when you are able to get up and go to the toilet when you need to, by the time the 2nd stage gets into gear most of it is gone! I pooed a teeny weeny little nugget (my usband described it that way) and i didnt even care (i thought i would). I said to the nurse "oh no this isnt a baby coming its a ma__sive poo!" and she said no thats your baby coming down the birthing pa__sage! It turned out it was a baby after all!!! Ha please dont get an enima. When you go into labour something happens in your mind and you lose all inhibitions and dont think about anything except getting your child safely into this world. I bet you wont even know if you poop because they just quickly catch it without anyone even noticing its not like it will be everywhere for all to see. I gave birth on all fours and my body plus the gravity meant i hardly had to push at all - its not really pushing anyways its called Bearing Down and the perfect way to do it is supposed to be like when you do your pelvic floor muscles and your bear down after you contract them upwards, no poop muscles involved. So go practice and stop fretting :) I can explain the pelvic floor muscles in detail if you need just ask. Funny story about my husband trying to do them in birthing cla__s too....... but another time :)


K8 - December 6

you now i didnt mean to say DONT GET AN ENIMA just meant you shouldnt feel ike its a big issue, its your choice sweets, youll do fine :)


Malica - December 7

Hey, K8 -- I was the same way -- I even leaned over to my husband between contraction and said that I wasn't birthing a baby -- I was pooping one out! I had an epidural, but it didn't block everything. I could still feel all the rectal pressure. Ma__sively. Early when I was pushing I kept saying that I really needed to pooh and the nurses kept insisting that it was the baby and that I should push. In the end I remember pushing as hard as I could because I wanted to prove them wrong that it wasn't a baby at all. And what do you know -- they were right and it was the baby. If I did poop during delivery no one said anything about it. I know I was worried before hand and when I first started pushing, but it was all quickly forgotten. (As was the fact that I hadn't had a chance to shave my legs or trim my hair since I'd been on bed rest for a week in the hospital and was induced before I was expecting). Try not to sweat the little stuff. The only thing that's important is that baby is born healthy and mom survives.


Chris1975 - December 7

Hey Jennifer...i was asking my friends the same question, but all of them told me its just discretely dealth with and nurses get it all the time. Its a natural thing and there is nothing to be embarra__sed about as you will be concentrating on other things...many of my friends didnt even know if they had done one or not! Just think, nurses get this day in , day out with all the other mothers delivering babies, so they wont blink an eye at you if you do. :) If they cared, they wouldnt be in that job role, and let me tell you, nurses see a lot worse things than a pooping woman in labour!!


lil-miss-saunders - December 7

All of these ladies are right. I was worried about every single little thing that you could possibley worry about before i went into labour. I worried that id poop, i worried about my private parts, i worried about if my legs were hairy but trust me hunnie when you are in that much pain you really dont care. Its true what the girls have said, the nurses and midwifes dont care either. They arent looking to see wether you have hairy legs or if you poop while in labour. All they care about is you and the baby and making sure the delivery goes well. Try not to stress yourself out about it too much because once you're in labour, you wont care if an army stroll through the delivery room and see you poop. good luck :)


Stephanie_31 - December 7

Speaking of armies... whe I was in labour I had a whole team of medical students come through and take a peak. You really don't care, all I was thinking was " I hope someone comes up with a great plan to make this happen faster!" Another thing to keep in mind is, loose stools are usually a symptom of early labour. Your baoy nauturally cleans itself out before the process starts. If you do poop, it won't be a lot.


babylove4 - December 7

Hey Jenn G.Morning... I totally know how You feel..When I was 20 & had my first Son I did not know much, Sorry but I did it was gross, I told the nurse I felt like I had to go, but since I was already 8 cm dil. all she did was put towels under me.....I never forgot how embara__sed I felt, so 2nd & 3 rd time around I made sure that I went before going to the hospital I mean I drank tea, apple juice, prunes....I really cleaned myself out...haha and it worked....Nevertheless You never know how each labor will go, I'm hoping I will be able to do the same with this one...Other then that Docs & nurses seen it all, So dont worry if it happens it happens You'll forget about it once You see Your Lo.. :)


jennifer_33106 - December 7

haha Thanks Ladies! I was worried about being the one lady in room 345 that took a ma__sive dump that knoced the doctor in the head. haha I wont get an enema or anything. Im gonna do that though Brenda. Make sure I go before and hopefully I will be cleaned out. I am also scared for Shon (DH) to see that and what he is going t think. haha


DDT - December 7

I pooped a lot during pre-labour and still managed to poop a little during the pushing stage. I was never offered an enema at my hospital. It wasn't a lot of poop but every time I pushed a little "Hersey kiss" (as my df lovingly referred to it) cam out. The nurse wouldn just wipe it away as soon as it happened. I was apologizing profusely the entire time and the nurse just told me to shut up and concentrate on pushing. They see it and worse all the time.


DDT - December 7

BTW being my first I had no idea how to push and the nurses kept telling me to push like I had to poop. I also had an epi and couldn't feel much waist down.


sahmof3 - December 7

I got a regular (fleet) enema, however ended up pooping anyway much later into the labor. I should have been mortified, but I was in too much pain! lol.


babylove4 - December 7

haha Ya hubby's are good at not ever forgetting stuff like that...: /


sunflowergoddess - December 7

Let me first say this post brought me so much joy :) I love the "hershey kiss" comment... My doc is actually the one that brought this up to me at my last appt, and he said it's no big deal, many women do it and they will just take care of it... He did say he has a friend that is still mortified to this day that she pooped during delivery... Oh well, just one of those natural thing that happens when we're bearing down with all our might :)



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