Just Curious And Possibly TMI

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sunflowergoddess - December 7

Let me first say this post brought me so much joy :) I love the "hershey kiss" comment... My doc is actually the one that brought this up to me at my last appt, and he said it's no big deal, many women do it and they will just take care of it... He did say he has a friend that is still mortified to this day that she pooped during delivery... Oh well, just one of those natural thing that happens when we're bearing down with all our might :)


treshala - December 7

lol at hershey kiss comment :) thats so funny. My friends said that they were so tired after laying there all day after dealing with the pain and uncomfortable-ness (if thats a word) that they didnt even are about it when it happened. I dont think i will care either...but who knows. It would be Jenni to ask this questions lol


coco797 - December 7

Hi! I was told my my Lamaze instructor that when the baby is making it's way down the birth ca___l, it puts pressure on your rectum or whereever the poop is held (sorry, idk the right name for it). the baby's head pushes down on it (makes sense right, there's only so much room in your body in that area) so it kinda pushes the poop out. Thats why alot of ladies go when the baby's coming out. It can't be helped. PLus, like everyone said, doctors and nurses have seen it before so it doesn't phase them.


jennifer_33106 - December 8

haha Thanks! you all make me feel better. haha I keep playing this horrible scene in my mind where I like Shart on my doctor. If I do poop I pray it is solid. haha I am just glad I am not the only one who has thought of this.


sarah21 - December 9

My mom pooped all over when she had me even though she had diarrhea the whole time she was in labor, but it does happen all the time and not a big deal, even though it is embarra__sing. I, too, am afraid of pooping. How embarra__sing! Lol.


Iamamiracleangel - December 9

Ohhh Jen.. When I am nervous, in pain, scared, anything, I get diahrea. I am so scared of going right in the middle of it and it getting on everyone. It sounds so nasty, but I have irritable bowel syndrome and I can't help what my b___t decides to do.. Ughh.. I've heard that it happens all the time and to not worry about it.. I'm definitely going to make sure I go before hand or have an enema. Logan isn't coming until all of my poo is gone!! lol



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