Just Had A Thought Hurricanes

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Tigerphoenix - October 19

With the possiblity of a hurricane hitting this weekend (which I keep telling myself that it will turn just like the others did) and being so close to my due date, I realized I have no idea what to do if the hurricane hits and I go into labor. I'll probably call my Dr. and ask if there is anything special I should do but Im sure this is on others minds as well.


ad - October 19

Where do you live?


JB - October 19

Hey! It depends if you are in a voluntary or mandatory evacuation area. If you are in either of these, I was told leave and find a hospital that will except your insurance. If you are not in the evac zone, get the emergency# for your doc's office and make sure you find out if the hospital you are delivering at will accept you. I know that sounds stupid, but here, some hospitals will direct you to another one unless you are "crowning" right in front of them. Be on the safe side and check with your doc though!! Good luck. Hopefully the Low Pressure system will move it far enough away from all of ya'll in FL!!


pbj - October 19

I already posted on General forum, but my shower is supposed to be this weekend...I live in Orlando. I would say as far as going into labor, I would call your doctor and ask him/her what they usually do in this case. I guess if you know you're going to get hit, I'd maybe evacuate, but as close to home as you can be. Good luck


Tigerphoenix - October 19

JB Im gonna call tommarrow and ask. Im betting they are getting alot of calls right now. PBJ I would evac if I had somewhere to go. Im not in an evac zone so Im not worried about that. I think the thing that scares me the most is the only phones we have are our cell phones and vonage (so if the cable goes out no phone). Maybe I will stay at my parents (they live closer to the hospital than i do). The news is now saying that if it hits we could be without power for two weeks (again). Ok Im getting scared and on the verge of crying. It was hard enough last year. I just hope that if it does happen my little girl and I will be ok. (I wonder how women of LA, MI, and AL faired during Katrina)



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