Just Keep Getting Bigger

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Suzanne - February 10

I am around 30 weeks. I have gained 50 pounds. (I know) I just can't seem to control this. I seem to be accepting my size more than before but I still have issues with body image. I had a great body before this. I don't want anyone to see me like this and rarely leave the house. I have declined all social invitations we have been invited too. Do any of you just feel so unattractive and huge?


monique - February 10

i do not that I was all that smal but i find it harder to sit in front of my husband or undress. he told me my b___t spread wide. I know it did but foe him to notice I felt a little bad. He just tells me he knows I am pregnant.


Shell Bell - February 10

I am 34 weeks and have also gained 50lbs. And yes I don't like going places either. My behind and hips were the first things to spread. I was a 6-8 before I got pregnant and now I can bearly fit into a size 20. It is very depressing and I feel ya and fully understand. Everyone I talk to only gained about 25-35lbs so that kinda made me more self concious. This is my third prenancy and I hardly gained that much with the previous two. I am planning on dieting vigously after this baby is born so that I can fit back into my pre-prego cloths. Good luck!


missy - February 10

I totally feel the same way!! I am 26 weeks and have gained about 34 pounds. I feel so fat, my b___bs are so huge they make me look bigger than what I really am. I am really going to have to work hard to lose this weight!! I gained a total of 55lbs with my first and lost all but 5lbs of it!!!!


Shell Bell - February 10

Missy, if you lost all of your pregnancy weight from your previous pregnancy you have given me hope and insperation.


yungmama - February 10

I am 26 weeks 4 days and have also gained about 35 lbs. No matter how hard I try I can't stop gaining weight. I could starve myself and it wouldn't matter. I have just come to terms with the fact that there is a baby growing in my stomach and I can't worry about my weight now. Don't worry too much about it. It's for a good cause!


dboth - February 10

I sympathize with all of you! I am 38 weeks (tomorrow) and I have gain about 70 lbs! I was the same as you with about a 50 lb weight gain at about week 30 and I just kept gaining and gaining. I also was a size 6 (anout 134 lbs) before I got pregnant and now in addition to wanting to meet my baby I can't wait to be done just so I can work out and lose all this weight! I also have stoppped going out much...people just stare at me or say WOW when I walk by and I am thoroughly depressed. it's nice to read a thread about people gaining lots of weight. I was getting paranoid thinking I was the only one. Have any of you had ultrasounds to measure your baby yet? I have and the baby is already almost 9 lbs...


erin - February 11

I gained close to 50 pounds with my second baby and I found that after I had him, I lost WAY more weight initially than with my first baby. I think I lost close to 35 pounds just in water, etc. without trying to lose it. And then after only about 7 weeks I had only 14 pounds more to lose. So take heart! The more you gain, the more you may lose immediately after having the baby! I don't know if this is universally true, but it is my experience.


Monique - February 12

At my 26 week appt. I was up 27 pounds!! I freaked out!! Luckily my dh tells me everyday how great i look and how s_xy I am. God Bless him!! lol


meme - February 12

I'm 30 weeks & have gained 20 pounds. I'm eating a lot too. It's just different for everyone. I started out as about 15 pounds "overweight" if that counts for anything. Don't worry, because my friend gained 100 (no joke) pounds, & she got back to her pre-pregnancy size eventually. It takes a little while, but it can happen.


julieB - February 13

I am almost 36 weeks along and gained 55lbs.. I gained the first 40 lbs in the the first 6 months. I was mortified.. I have slowed down just lately in the last month and half.. that pleases me.. dont be discouraged.. we can always lose it later on.. it the darn stretch marks I am more unhappy with... :-(



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