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Christina - July 26

So basically I am sick of being pregnant and I am already starting to count down the days and I am only 36 weeks...well actually I will be 36 weeks on Thursday. I am really hoping to have the baby as soon as he is considered full term, but I know that with my luck I will be late and I hate to think of that being the case!! I have horrible horrible pelvic pain when I try to roll over or getting up. Does anyone know if that means the baby has dropped or is it still the round ligament pain? It feels like it has gotten worse in the last two days. I feel so huge and the weight gain is killing me. I am just so fed up. I can't wait to not be pregnant. I am going to br___tfeed and I am sure I still won't be the same due to that, but I will take it over pregnancy!! I love my baby and I know that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but I WANT HIM OUT!!!! Okay, I think I am done! Sorry, but I had to get it out!!


nm - July 26

Hi Christina...I am also tired of being pregnant. I am 37 wks and I have been having really bad pelvic pain and I am not sure why.


Mimoza - July 26

Believe it or not every woman on 36-37 weeks feels the same....


justme - July 26

Girl, I feel your pain. I will be 37 weeks on thursday and I look at my calendar everyday counting the days as they go by and hoping the a freak of nature will cause life to skip a few days on the calendar so I will be even closer to my due date. I feel extremely heavy, I literally have to roll out of my bed everyday, every morning I wake up crying because I didn't go in labor the night before. How pathetic is that. I too will be b___stfeeding but I feel sometimes as though when the baby come out I will be so glad to have her out that I wouldn't even want to hold her at first. I just would want to turn over and go to sleep and feel my own body for a few hours. But I know that once she is born I will love her to death and all that will change. As my husband would say, you are almost there. Hang in there. All I can say is try to keep busy so the days will go by faster. Good Luck.


Christina - July 26

Mimoza, I am sure you are right, but I just needed to complain! justme, good luck to you too! at least you are a week ahead of me!! lucky!! :) so I am a__suming you are due around august 17th or so?


Jen A - July 26

I am 39 1/2 weeks and I feel the same way and I really HATE IT when everyone says 'oh you just wait until the baby comes, you will be wishing she was back inside again' I also hate it when people say 'first babies are ALWAYS late so don't count on having it for atleast 2 more weeks' I HATE ALL THESE COMMENTS!!!!!!!! do people actually think this is funny or helpful in some way? I finally said to this lady yesterday, "you know what, I really don't appreciate people saying those kind of comments, I've heard it all way too many times before" I felt kinda bad after but I'm at that point that I really don't care. I am always in pain, I cannot sleep, I can barely shave my own legs or put on socks, so yes I do want to have my baby now and yes I will probably miss being pregnant but as long as I remember how much pain I'm in right now I think waking up in the middle of the night to feed my baby will be a blessing, it's not like I'm getting any sleep now!!! Thank you for letting me vent, I think I will make it through another day. And I hope I do not forget how much I hate it when people make those stupid comments because I never want to say them to another mom!! And to all those moms-to-be I hope all your babies come by their due date just to prove all those others wrong !!! Good luck everyone!!


miranda - July 26



Shelly - July 27

Christina,you have been long enough on this site to know you can [email protected] and vent all you want and we all know how you feel b/c we are going through the same.I'm just a little further along but these 36-37 weeks are akiller.I'm going to be induced between the 1 and 8 of august because of my gallstones(attacks) and that is scaring the living [email protected] out of me.All i hear about inducing is hoe painfull it is and i'm already scared of giving birth but its better than having a gallstone attack AND going into labor at the same time.At least my doc is keeping an eye on me and she wants to induce me at the "right" time,not too early b/c she believes that if my body is getting ready for labor the inducing won't be as bad,but also soon enough that i wont go into labor with my stones acting up.I am also seriously thinking on writing a book on HOW to talk to pregnant woman,im sick and tired of peoples remarks,like it will take longer with your first child,you are going to be really miserable with having a baby in summer time,some people saying gosh you are really big and then the next person oh you are not big enough to be 37 weeks preg,or you should not be drinking that cup of coffee,or .....i guess i can go on and on on what people are saying.And i also want to b___stfeed,and i only hear on how painfull that is etc etc.PEOPLE!!!!!!!!


Nick - July 27

I feel exactly the same way. I too will be 36 weeks on Thursday. I hope to do this by week 38, but every time I tell someone that, they respond that they think I will be late. I hate that comment and want to prove them all wrong. How do they know that I am going to be late? I am not even sure why they say it since they know it makes me mad.


Christina - July 27

Shelly, good luck girl! I hope everything goes good for you, that sucks that you have the gallstones! I hear ya, I hate how some people say I look really big and some say I look too small, I mean which is it people??!!! Nick, I am hoping I go early too and actually everyone says they think I will have him early, which scares me because maybe they are jinxing me and I will have him late. Ugh, this waiting game sucks!!! I just want my baby OUT and to the people who say you will want him back in when he's out...yeah we'll see about that!! I cleaned yesterday and oh my gosh it kicked my b___t! I was hurting all over afterwards and could barely walk!!!! Now I am exhausted!!


KrisD - July 27

I am actually a week behind you Christina, and so jealous of the week that you have on me. Everyone keeps telling me that I will definitely go early, which means that I will probably be the full 2 weeks late. Afterall, I was 2 weeks late and over 9 lbs. Every day I have a new ache it seems. Last night, my husband had to flip our new mattress b/c of the huge dent I was making in it. Embarra__sing. And this morning in the parking lot at work, I leaned on my car horn as I was trying to hobble out of the car. Everyone ran out of the back door (probably thinking I was in labor) to see what was going on. I was so embarra__sed - just me, fat, and stuck in the car. I am leaving work on the 19th... Any one else still working? Leaving soon?


Christina - July 27

LOL, KrisD you are funny. I think I am leaving on the 19th too, if I can make it that is. I hear ya on the new aches!


tara - July 27

here is an embarra__sing thing that happened to me. I sat on the same side of the bed that my husbnad sleeps on to give him a kiss and the bed broke down on the same place that I sat on!!!! I was ... I just wanted to die! We ofcourse laughed abou it and blames it on each other. He is big guy too and my 158 punds on that corner didn't help! Now all is fine, and the bed is put back together. But this and needing help to grt off the couch have been the 2 lowest points I've had during this pregnancy! When will it be over??? well I'm at 38 weeks now, but have a strong feeling of going over due. :o( I just wnat to be on time, that's all I want.



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