Just Need To Vent Insensitive Technicians In OB S Office

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MelG - June 27

I wonder how common this is. My doctor is on vacation this week and I have been assigned to another doctor as my due date was last Friday and I am overdue. As it's just the first week, my doctor has me coming in for fluid and movement checks to make sure everything is on track until she gets back next Monday. I thought no big deal as everything seemed OK. But when I got to my visit today, it was like the wild west. Suddenly the ultrasound tech made a diagnosis that I needed to be induced ASAP because my fluid has dropped 1/2 centimeter in one week (but still within a normal range). Then the NST tech had to put in her diagnosis even though there was some mitigating factors that were affecting the test and once they were alleviated, it was OK. Finally, by the time I consulted with the doctor, he said he saw no problems and sent me home as I was in the same state as before with no progress. I guess it really ticked me off that as soon as office staff saw my doctor was gone, everyone became a so-called expert trying to tell me what to do and trying to scare me into getting induced or having a c-section when the doctor said the opposite in the end. Are some of these people retarded or what? I would think if I were in that position I wouldn't be telling someone what to do as their medical training is not nearly as extenisve as the actual doctor. It just ticked me off and I needed to vent, that's all.


ashley - June 27

yeah. THOSE TECHS ARE NOT ALOWED TO MAKE A DIAGNOSIS. only your doctor or the doctor you are seeing can!


Been There - June 27

You really should think about telling your doctor what happened. They have no right giving you their opinions. They can be fired or sued for that. They probably do this to other people too. It's your choice, but I would complain.


ashley - June 27

i agree!


Tanna - June 27

hmmm, maybe they think they work on commision. Seriously though, that would frustrate me. It would also frustrate me to be past my due date with no additional progress since the last appt.



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