Just Ot Make Myself Feel Better

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louise_J - June 25

Not a question,.......jsut my sentimental thought for the day!!...................I am 3 days past my due date and starting to feel like this baby will never come..................it's funny but i think how slow this is going and the uncertainty of not knowing when i'm going to go into labour or indeed if! I keep thinking back to our 2 week wait when we were trying to conceive and thank god i'm not back there again!!! Also , this may sound harsh but i keep popping over tot he 'signs of pregnancy' and 'first trimester' forums, that just reminds me of how far i have come rather than how far i've got to go! The uncertainty in those early stages has to be hundreds of times worse than what i'm feeling now. Although its soooo difficult with the way im feeling now i guess the next 10 days or until my baby arrives is like the end of an era, i'll never be pregnant for the first time again, it could be a good few years before i experience pregnancy again-if i ever do-who knows?!?! I guess im trying to be positive rather than wishing these days away! How's everyone else coping with the big wait?!


DinaAW - June 25

I am still five days away from my due date but I am feeling like this has been a long wait too! Nine/ten months is a long time to be pregnant but at the same time it has flown by. I know what you mean. I am trying to slow down and enjoy these last few days. Pretty soon we will be moms for the rest of our lives. Crazy!!! Are you dialated yet? Try to hang in there and enjoy these last few days. Good luck!


skn331 - June 25

Even though I am getting out of being pregnant for 4 weeks (I am having a scheduled c-section at 36.1 weeks due to high risk for uterine rupture) I know exactly how you feel. As soon as I got the c-section date, it was/is all I can think about. I have 12 days left and they DRAG by. I cant sleep at night because my mind just races with all the possibilities. This is my first so I have NO idea what to expect at the hospital and there are so many things to wonder about! I too, certainly do not want to "wish away" 12 days of my life, but they sure could hurry up and pa__s a little quicker. If I didnt have to work this coming week I think I would go crazy waiting.


CyndiG - June 25

I am due July 18 with baby # 2. My first daughter turned 8 yesterday. It took me that long to talk my husband into another one! And now I know this will most likely be my last. So I am so trying to cherish every moment. Every little kick and hiccup, every "knowing" look from other women at the grocery store, all the attention during this special time, etc. etc. I love being pregnant, even with the crampiness and aches, and peeing all the time. It's such a short period of time! It's so hard to believe my daughter is 8 years old! I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her just like it was yesterday! And I know I will turn around twice and this one will be the same way......ok, now that I'm thoroughly depressed..... :O} Good luck ladies!


louise_J - June 26

Think i must have been on the tranquility pills yesterday, reading my original post i sound like mrs patience! believe me i am not! I tend to change my feelings daily-must be the hormones! I just know that now i am 4 days overdue i'm on the final countdown as they will only let me go 14 days anyway. DinaAW i was examine 3 weeks ago and i was 2 cm dilated, i got excited about that but after a few days when nothing happened i stopped thinking 'it must be soon'!! i haven't been checked since, not sure if i want to be really as i don't think it would help me!



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