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blairmama - March 14

i am SO dreading the rest of this week and next. DH and i are moving on saturday.. but until then.. this week is just dragging on! also, my baby shower is sunday.. but im kind of bumming out about it already.. i have a feeling its going to be a flop and no one is going to show. uhg. and then DH is going out of town sunday night or monday morning.. and leaving me in the new house by myself until wednesday night.. with no phone or cable or internet.. hahaha. im going to be bored out of my mind! we share a car right now.. and we aren't sure if he's taking it or leaving it. hopefully he'll leave it so i wont be stranded. not like i can walk anywhere these days haha. im just totally bummed out and lonely already.. i wish i had something i could look forward to. i've also got 7 weeks left until my due date.. and i just want to get it over with so i can hold my little bubba already! GAAAAHHHH!!! anyone else feeling down?


laurenl - March 14

Oh, sad. How long will DH be gone? Where are you from? Why do you think your shower will be a flop and no one will come???


wailing - March 14

Blairmama. I understand how u feel. There are times when I feel stranded too! I stopped working last week, so I try to fill up all my time keeping busy, but then I get so pooped all I want to do is lounge around, then i get bored w/ myself. Maybe try and get some hobbies to work on before DH leaves? Anything to occupy u is better then nothing:) Good Luck...baby will be here b4 u know it!!!


Carly67 - March 14

I get down too. My baby shower is Friday and the school my husband works for is throwing it. I feel they waited so long and I am due in about 3-4 weeks and I registered but they are going in on a few big things but now they say oh we may just give you the money because people could not find the time to get the stuff. I know we are going to be scrambling to get things at the last minute. I am just getting stressed my husband tells me it will all be fine. Some of my relatives bought off the registry and sent their gifts up to the school already so maybe it will be fine.


blairmama - March 14

carly i know what you mean! thats part of my issue too! i keep looking at my registries online.. and pretty much nothing has been bought. i mean, i shouldnt say nothing. big things have been bought by family members.. but DH and i decided to wait until after my shower to buy most things.. and it seems like no one is buying anything! which makes me nervous to think that my shower will flop.. and we'll end up having to buy everything! we're moving, so for this month and next.. our budget is tight.. and im running out of time to buy baby stuff! i feel like my shower will flop because i dont see anyone buying anything.. and there are only a few more days left! i know i shouldnt worry about it.. but because im not planning it.. and my friend who is hasnt mentioned any details about it.. i feel like no one has RSVP'd.. and im afraid people are just going to forget that im having it. =[ im trying not to get too bummed out.. but it just sucks! i've been looking forward to my shower my whole pregnancy.. and now i feel like i have nothing to look forward to with it. lauren.. i live in southern california. north san diego county. dh will be gone monday-wednesday. it wouldnt be so bad if i had means of contacting people.. or cable to watch.. but because we're moving in this weekend.. its not likely we'll have anything. plus, we share a car.. and im not sure if he's taking it or leaving it yet. hopefully he'll leave it so i can at least get around and visit with friends or go to the book store.. or whatever. i just need SOMETHING to do!


LisaJF - March 15

I can relate, my husband is in the military so currently we are living away from all of our close family and friends. We have made many new friends but sometimes it is not the same, you know.... you just have days .... I only have a few weeks left to go but it seems like forever! I feel huge and tired all the time and i am still working. On top of this, we may be moving again within three moths of giving birth. I am stressed as i will have to find a new dr, new job friends etc and I will be no closer to home. i am stressed , my hubby is stressed and we are also having a baby! arrrg ! It does feel good to vent ! thanks


jessica72 - March 15

Hmmm...I also have days I just feel so helpless and huge, but I know there's an end to this and the end is a happy result. On the shower note, I wouldn't get too bummed out now. My first showers are this weekend and my Mom told me most people will bring money which I think is fine, even though I too have this vision of being surrounded by tons of pastel colored gift bags and boxes.. Also, and I speak from personal experience, people wait till the last minute to buy stuff from a registry, even that day!!! I know I usually do. There are very few organized, plan ahead people really. I bet you're in for a nice surprise. :)


excited2bemama - March 15

I feel down alot to b/c i am soooo tired of waiting and being pregnant- I just want to meet my little girl- and I have 10-12 weeks left!!!!!!! But I wouldn't worry to much about the baby shower- with my wedding shower alot of people didn't buy anything until like the day before the shower (i kept checking online and getting discouraged) and then I was suprised to see that alot people didn't scan the stuff they bought to update the registry- so I got doubles of stuff.



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