Just Something Weird To Think About

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Beth - November 25

So, I had my last prenatal class last night and the instructor was talking about the first week after you bring the baby home, she said that at about day 3 you'll just cry and cry and cry, because that's when everything catches up to you (hormone levels, no sleep, being a parent, etc...) and the best thing to do is to just go out by yourself, to the grocery store or whatever, but then she also said that this would be strange because you've had your baby with you for 9 months, and have not been physically apart from your baby for 9 months and a couple days. This is something that had never occurred to me, going out somewhere after the baby is born and being completely alone, am I being weird or is this a fascinating thought to anyone else?


Tracy - November 25

It is weird, but as much as I know I'm going to love my baby - I really cannot wait to be just me again.


Gina - November 25

I am expecting baby no. 5 and have never experienced this.....


kim O. - November 25

I had my baby and it is so HARD to go anywhere without him even though sometimes he drives me nuts. What I do to get away without going away, is having my mother pick me and the baby up and I stay there a few days. It's the best because she and my grandmothers let me sleep in and they take care of the baby. all I have to do is play with him. Speaking of, I'm going back up there in a few days


Hi - November 25



Hello - November 25

That is not true I have had 2 kids and that didn't happen the only time I broke down was when I delivered them I was so amazed that I had made life. Please don't listen to what everyone else says you will have your own experiences because were all different. Take care


Stephanie - November 25

I think it's like everything else with pregnancy, everyone is different. I called my friend today who had her first baby on Monday and she was like "I'm heading out the door for a walk, I need to get out of the house. My mom is with Miles, call me back later." She sounded pretty stressed. My other friend, however, couldn't leave her baby's side for a second for quite a while after giving birth, so who knows?


Jennifer - November 27

I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and already love my baby more than life, but the thought of going somewhere completely alone and without this bulk, and aching back sounds like a slice of heaven to me. I've always been a person that needs a little solitude from time to time though.


Ashley - November 28

Hey, Beth! This thought is very intriguing to me, too!!! The thought of being able to let daddy take care of the baby and just be able to know it's safe, even if it's just to take a shower, is going to be weird . . . but nice, I think!!!! :)



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