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JESS1980 - June 7

Does anyone else ever get tired of being asked pregnancy questions?? I am 29 weeks along, and I work in an office with almost 100 people....and I can't even leave my office without someone seeing me and asking me a question about my pregnancy. Most of the time I get asked the same questions over and over again by different people. And the only thing worse than pregnancy questions are pregnancy COMMENTS......like "Wow! You're really showing today." Don't people realize that this gets irritating after a while?? I love my baby and I love being pregnant, but sometimes I feel like my pregnancy is the only thing people every think about or focus on. Am I the only one??


SamiB - June 7

No.. I've started to feel like that lately too. I am also 29 weeks, and am excited about the baby.. but everytime someone takes a picture of me, for example, there like lets take a picture of the baby.. they always want me to stand so you can see the baby or show my stomach for the picture.. We went camping, and I am like I want a picture of me.. just not me showing my belly. I feel stupid and selfish sometimes, but it seems like I am not even my own person at times :)


krista-lee - June 7

thats only the beginning! since im overdue, family calls everyday, people say "Wow, you're about to pop!" "Still no baby?" "Whens the baby comming" like im a psyic or something! i know people are just curious and wanna be able to see the baby but i cant make it come any faster! it bothers me a whole lot too but i know they're just looking out for me :]


moucheka - June 7

Enjoy it! I work in an office with 20 male engineers and me. They occasionally ask how things are going but on the whole have no clues. I miss being around women at this point and being asked!


livdea - June 7

Well...everyone is probably thinking this is the biggest thing going on for you right now. You probably have people interested in you who otherwise wouldn't be. Having a baby and seeing a pregnant woman is a pretty joyous thing for most people! I started to get a little annoyed about it and then I just started thinking...wow...so this is what it's going to be like when I have kids...I think its just prepping you for "MOM!" "Mom, can I have this?" "Mom, can I do that?" "MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM!" Get used to it! And people don't know how often you get asked questions and stuff like that, you DO have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unless they've been there, they have no idea how many times you've heard "When are you due" "Boy or girl" "WOW YOU'RE HUGE TODAY!" I say enjoy it and get ready for the "MOM?" stage!


lindsay - June 7

it gets worse... wait til it's "you're STILL here?" and you only lik e7 1/2 months... then when you hit you're due date and still haven't gone.. ring ring... "no baby yet?" it's like "no, aunt *lucy*, i had him/her... the whole family just decided not to tell you!!" i feel your pain!



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