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rachel_renee_20 - May 25

I'm 37 1/2 weeks, I want my baby!!!! My last docters appointment showed that I was 80% effaced 2 cm dialated, baby has dropped and I lost my mucus plug!! I am getting soooo anxious!!!! I wish there was some way to know how much longer I have left! Plus my doc recommended I not have s_x which is one effective way to help labor along or so I've read and also been told. Im not scared about labor or anything like that Im just really really uncomfortable and impatient lately, Im trying to understand how she is as far down as she can be and still have a foot under my rib cage, lol and sleeping is not happening because as soon as I get comfy I have to pee again, Sitting is comfortable laying is about half the time comfortable and Im not working and Im just sooo much more tired the last week than I have been since I first got pregnant. Im just sitting around waiting for contractions to start or water to break or something.


Nora1 - May 26

Good luck to you and I hope you go soon!!! I'm a couple of weeks behind you and I'm beginning to get anxious now already, so I can imagine how ready you are especially now that you've dropped, lost your plug, begun to dialate, etc...! I haven't been to the dr for an exam yet, so hopefully I get some good (encouraging) news next week!


mejjohnson - May 26

Good luck rachel! I'm 41 weeks and still no baby so I know how you feel!! :)


ReneeM - May 26

rachel-renee, I am in the same boat! I am 37 1/2wk. When I went to the Dr. on tues, my midwife said I was 75% effaced and 2 cm dilated and my baby's head was at -1 station. She made a prediction that i should have him in the next 2 weeks, but maybe sooner. I told her I was working Fri and Sat nite 12 hours both, she said go for it. She said that women who stay active and work, etc up til their due date seem to have better labors. Honestly , even thought I really don't feel like working anymore but I am hoping that these 2 nights will bring on some activity, if it is time. Plus I work at the hospital that I am delivering at so I guess I couldn't be at a better place! I know how you feel though, I must admit I am growing impatient too. I guess I am just so excited. I have had a lot if contractions over the last couple of days, and last night they were about 20 mins apart for 3-4 hours, then they stopped. oh well! Also I lost some of my mucous plug 2 weeks ago, and I have been losing more this week. Well, best of luck to you! Oh btw, did your dr. give you any time frame on when you might go into labor?



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