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Beth - February 23

I had my son Jaden Ryan 11 days late on Feb. 14th. He is the sweetest little thing! I know that you are all ready and wanting to meet your new babes and I also know that when I was in my last month I HATED hearing people say "rest up, sleep, enjoy the peace before the baby comes" but I just wanted to share something. I was shocked to actually find that I missed being pregnant! Just slightly. Even though I was so uncomfortable I got way more sleep, I didn't have to worry if he was safe or eating enough, I loved to feel him moving around and watching my dh amazed by what my body was doing. I miss not having my period! ;-) It is wonderful to be a new mommy and worth the wait so hang in there! Good luck to all and if you have any questions I would be happy to answer.


Kel - February 24

Congrats Beth!


mama3 - February 24

Congrats on your baby, and yeah it is different when they are born, your body goes back to normal. Its nice not having a peroid, thats a plus about being pregnant. An hopfully your baby will adjust well and start giving you some sleep. Those first couple months are very tiring. Sadley my 19 month old is just now starting to sleep throught the night. So I'm not really getting to enjoy sleep. An with my new girl coming in 10 wks dont think I will know what sleep is for awhile, lol... Blessing to you and your family.


JennyC - February 24

Congrats and thank you for sharing your story!


Preggo - February 24

Thank you for the good advice!! We just need to take one day at a time and have patience... I know I needed to hear that today :-)


beth - February 24

also one other piece of advice....figure out how to use (and get it all ready) your baby stuff. Read all the intructions and know how to use your gear ahead of time. read up on infant care and b___stfeeding.....maybe i was the only dumb one who only read about pregnancy and labor during my whole 9 months!


Jaime - February 24

Congratualtions on the birth of your son. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. My first child was born at 35 weeks and I too really missed bring pregnant and having him inside me. Which is funny because before he was born I wouldn't wait for him to be out!



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