Just Wondering Again

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Cindy - December 15

I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am 1 centimeter dialated and 50% effaced. My due date isn't until January 11. My daughters head is far enough down to where the doctor could touch her head. Could this mean I will go into labor early?


DM - December 16

I am in the same exact position (my due date is Jan 12) - dilated at 1 cm, 60% effaced, 0 station, and the dr. doesn't have to go far to reach baby's head. He says he does think I'll deliver early... but not so early that the baby's not fully developed. (Making it to 37 weeks is acceptable, making it to 38 weeks is even better). I will most likely be induced by week 38 (around new years eve), and that is what I'm hoping. Good luck to you!


Cindy - December 16

Hi DM. My doctor didn't tell me that he thinks I'll deliver early, I guess because he didn't want me to expect to or something. She has actually been head down for a while and I've had some bleeding but no loss of any fluid. She's been stubborn though since day one, hee hee. I can't wait to have her and see what she looks like. I have a 10 year old daughter now and a 20 year old step son who are excited to see their sister. Good luck to you also!


demonica - December 17

i am wondering the same, i just made it to 37 weeks, dr. said i am 2-3 cm dilated, and she touched the babys head. at my last appointment doctor said baby could come anytime....!scary.


Kelly - December 23

I guess you can say I'm pretty much in the same situation. My due date is also on the 12th of Jan, but I just can't seem to wait that long. I am just about 2cm dialated(if not already). I don't know about percentage of being effaced or the station because I have never heard of it until now and the dr has never mentioned it to me before. I heard you have to be at least 3cm before they will admit you into the hospital though. The baby's head can easily be touched and has dropped pretty low. I've had a lot of cramping(probably caused by the position of the baby's head) but I really dont know if I've had any contractions. This is my first baby so I really dont know what they feel like. I leaked a lot of discharge, however I don't believe this to be of any concern because I have practically been doing it ever since I got pregnant. There has been little signs of any bleeding(barely even visible) and its never happened for more than one day at a time. So basically I really dont know what to expect. I guess I can be due at any time. Besides any knowledge of contractions and bleeding I have all the symptoms and signs. What does any one else think. Any comments would be appreciated.



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