Just Wondering Who Is Due A Week Before Or After X Mass

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Tati - November 18

I am due on the 25th so I was hoping to share some things with the once that are due about the same time. When is your due date? What are you having? And what are you going to name him/her? Good Luck to all.


Bree - November 18

I'm due Dec 28th! I'm having a boy and the name is still up in the air. Hubby wants him to be a Junior and I want something unique. What about you?


J - November 18

Hi Tati! I'm due Dec. 23rd with a boy. I'm 50% effaced, funneling & dilated to 1. So, I'm hoping he comes a little early so I don't have to go the full 40. I know it sounds selfish but I want my body back and also, DH and I are moving to a new place Jan. 1 so, things are going to get a bit hectic around here.


J - November 18

Oh, and his name is Zachery James.


Raychel - November 18

Im due Jan 6th, but he'll be here after christmas and b4 new years. A christmas baby!


renatusbee - November 18

I'm due Dec. 21st. We're having a little girl, Gianna Marie. We can't wait, it's our first. And we're praying that she comes a few days early! Cause we're impatient and ready!!!


Selena - November 18

I am due Jan 1st but I really have a gut feeling this baby is going to come early. It is my first but my family has a history of early delivery as does DH's. Besides that I would love to be able to hold my little girl on Christmas day!


mom to be - November 18

Well i am also due Dec 28th but Dr said dont count on making it till then and not to be surprised if one of my weekly appts he says that i am in labor, as for names they are picked out girl - Syndey Eve and boy- Wyatt Evan... take care ladies and keep up with the posts :)


Tati - November 18

That is so nice to know that there are so many of us here hoping and waiting together. Is anyone planning for a induce labor? I remember j said something about it. All you ladies Bree, J, Raychel, renatusbee, Selena and mom to be how much did you gain so far? I gained around 35lb. This is my third and with the first two I gained 30 in all. I guess boys are bigger. Or maybe I am eating more. We want to name our son Andrei or Rubin. My sister always liked Andrei so I can't really do this to her. It would be too selfish of me. BUT I like it.


Lory - November 18

I'm due December 29! We are having a boy named Aydan Emmanuel. This is my first pregnancy and I have gained 24 lbs. According to my last u/s on 11/14 he already weighs 5 lbs. 1 oz.!!! Hope he comes a liitle early! Good luck to all of you!


J - November 18

I have gained 20 lbs so far. But I have gained 10 since September. :) oops! :) Never really craved anything until the 3rd trimester....maybe that's why.


J - November 18

Hey, are anyone of you at home on bedrest or not working? I feel like a dork 'cause I'm at home..on bedrest for 10 weeks so far...and all I do is sit on the website ALL day long. My dh laughs at me 'cause when he leaves in the morning I'm on and when he comes home, I'm on. I don't even get off to watch my soaps anymore...I crank the volume so I can just sit on the computer and listen to them in the background. LOL! I'm pathetic!


Lizzy - November 18

Hi Ladies! I'm due December 22nd with our first. It's a girl and we are naming her Emily Andrea....- What symptoms are you ladies feeling lately??? 35 Weeks


Lindsay - November 18

I am due Dec 15th with my first, a boy. I am really hoping I am not one of those girls who sit at home and watch her due date go right by because if that is the case i won't be induced until the day after xmas. i think he deserves to have his 1st xmas this yr. :) J- i am not on bedrest but i am not working because i have a heart problem and can no longer take the medication i was on so the doc. reccommended that i stay home. hey i'm not going to fight her on that. i also come on this site a lot but it seems like theres hardly anything new anymore. is this your first child? that is also that u are already dilating. i haven't even had an internal yet. I also want my body back :( i have only gained about 20lbs also but i am use to being much smaller. good luck to all.


J - November 18

Lindsay - yeah, I've been at home on bedrest since week 25 because my dr. did an internal (they were watching me closly for incompetent cervix 'cause I had to surgeries on my cervix because I had adenocarcinoma in situ of the cervix...precancerous cells) so they found at 24 weeks my cervix measured 3.0 and 5 days later it measured 2.0 so, they made me rest. only to get up to use the bathroom. and then the funneling started a few weeks ago and now i'm dilated too. I can't wait until I can have this little man of mine. I'm getting anxious to hold him and have my body back to normal!


Jaclyn - November 18

It looks like alot of us are having christmas boys! I am due on the 18th & am naming him Carson Wayne. My dr. said that she can induce him up to a week early if my cervix looks "ready." I am really lucky to have such a compa__sionate dr. (she knows that I want him to be here for Christmas). When are ya'll planning on taking maternity leave?? My last day is Dec. 2!!


Rose S. - November 18

Hey girls....well..it looks like there are quite a few of us in the same boat. I am due Dec. 29th and I think I am naming my son Anthony Joseph. I have gained 34 lbs so far and I am NOT at all happy about that. I have REALLY been watching my eating and my weight for the last couple of weeks because it would be soooo easy to pack on the pounds in these last few weeks if I wasn't careful. I do plan on b___stfeeding though, so I hope that will help me lose it faster. :)



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