Justin Alexander Is Here The Fast And The Furious

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alirenee86 - November 12

I CANNOT believe that about a half hour after posting a question as to how to tell the signs of going into labor as I felt NOTHING the entire pregnancy, I made a comment to my husband that 'he doesn't want to meet us!!'. For SOME reason, my husband KNEW and INSISTED I go to work with him last Friday, Nov. 9th. I did and figured okay, I'll be close to the hospital to make him happy and walk around the mall. That I did. Felt nothing. Went home 45 minutes away and around 9:00pm starting feeling contractions at the start of watching Bourne Ident_ty. My husband insisted on timing them as they kept coming but since I had no warning of anything, I insisted they were probably false contractions. They kept coming, getting closer together and worse. We packed for the hospital, got there and I was 2cm dialated, 90% effaced. They admit me, and say it's about 1cm and hour and I could be in there for a while. No epi as I insist I'm okay, and they keep coming. Coming stronger, I'm starting to yell in pain uncontrollably. I get another internal exam and I'm 4cm. No epi still as I insist I'm okay yet I'm starting to yell barbarically, in pain with each contraction. FINALLY, after punching and yelling at my husband, I tell him I want a F*cking epidural NOW. He says okay, goes gets the nurse who says okay, we'll check you again and the ansesthesiologist is on his way up. She does an internal and says, 'YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. YOU'RE 10CM's, YOU'RE NOT GETTING AN EPIDURAL, YOU'RE GETTING READY TO PUSH'. The doctor and everyone comes in and I kid you not, after ONE push he came out!! Perfect, beautiful baby boy!!! The nurse said it must have been a record and the doctor said I pushed like I've had 5 kids. This is my first. I'm 30. I was scared and the pain was like nothing I imagined. The urge to push is like nothing I'd imagined. But it's done, he wanted to meet us and he's here. 7 lbs 8 ounces, 21 inches!! Came home from the hospital today and I'm in love!!! So for any of you who may be wondering when it's coming, it can come like that without any warning!! I would get an epi next time though I'm glad I got through it for my first so I know all the feelings of what to do for next time even though I'll have drugs in me!! They did tell me that the baby's shoulders were a little on the wide side and that they usually come right out after the head is through. One of his shoulders got stuck for a bit and they said if he was a little bit bigger, it wouldn've called for a serious emergency something or other. They said for my next if we have another, to keep an eye on the weight so that he/she does'nt get too big. Amazing, mircales!!! It was the most surreal experience of my life. Good luck to all of you about to deliver any day now!!!!


emfine99 - November 12

Holy cow! I remember when you were having signs and I was in the same boat... my baby is still in my belly, but I've been feeling ready to go... maybe I should visit the hospital lol! That's cool that you got the baby out without having the epi, I hear that it slows things down quite a bit, but I think if this happens to me, I'll say GIVE IT TO ME!! lol Congrats on the quick delivery!! I've been having no signs this whole time also.. I guess I should keep an eye on that!


DaBonkElsMe - November 12

Wow! I wondered where you went after you posted!! CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your new baby boy!!


tish212 - November 12

congrats...that's amazing...and ur dh is great being so involved and just knowing what to do! that's awesome! I love the name it sounds so strong ...if that makes sense...its like it demands respect :) and I commend u for doing it without an epi...I don't think I can! amazing! I know ur enjoying every minute of staring at that cute little miracle! congrats again! keep us posted on how he's doing...since we r all here still waiting! hearing happy stories takes away my fear :) thanks for sharing!


babylove4 - November 12

Congrats!!! On Your Baby Boy : )


Karen_Fletcher - November 12

Congratulations, glad all is well, are you pleased it snuck up on you like that instead of having feeling every twinge?Congratulations again :o)


staci - November 12

Congratulations alirenee!!! what a story, I nearly cried!!! Good to hear you and Justin are healthy and happy!


josie4 - November 14

Ali, that's wonderful!!!!!!! Congrats on your little boy!!!! I know what you mean about the urge to push... It's simply overwhelming! I'm glad everything went well for you and it's funny how things happen when we least expect them. Congrats again on your precious little baby!!



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