Keeping It Light

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jillybean - March 3

we are always talking about pain and poop and lack there of it, early labor and plugs....i just wanted to know how do you keep it light...laugh about the things that go on have fun with your mate. ok look i'll go first, tee hee. i havent seen "down there" in sometime so i knew it was a mess and i like to bald as the day born, tee well you guess he shaved me and we laughed cause he was so bad at it, but it's a great little thing now between us about right before the baby came. it also lead to a little good s_x.......... so tell me what silly things are you doing to take the edge off?


Girl Gilly - March 3

You know, my husband and I are usually quite silly but we have been so focused lately that we haven't taken time to laugh at nothing. One thing we do, which isn't all that silly, is my husband always has cold hands and I am always hot. He puts his freezing cold hands on my belly all the time. He pretend to come in for a hug and then sneak his hands on! He loves to talk to the baby through my belly and give zerberts. Everytime he does it the baby starts moving and kicking! I would love to have a little or actually a lot of good s_x, but our Dr has cut us off for now. and let me tell you - I am missing it!


Nicole - March 3

My husband and I like to talk about all the funny things that will happen once we have the baby, like who will get pee'd on first, imagining my hubby trying to change his first poopy diaper, etc. For example, I showed him the little baby hangers I bought for the closet this morning and he made a silly remark; "Is that where we hang the baby", then we got going back and forth with the jokes. It always gets us laughing.


meme - March 3

We blame baby for everything... JOKINGLY. If I can't get up, if I'm burping nonstop... or even things not related to pregnancy... like if it's raining out. We say "It's all baby's fault." It's really silly; takes the edge off for sure. We're gonna have to stop doing that when he's born! lol


meme - March 3

Also, if my boyfriend makes a joke about me while we're physically close to each other, I tell baby to kick him.


Lexy - March 20

We have just invested in a new matteress which is very supportive to the point of forming around your body. It's lovely and comfy and at 30 weeks, the only extra support I've needed is a thin pillow between my knees...Unfortunately, it's impossible to get out of, as my hands sink as I try to lever myself several times a night I have to wake up a very tired Hubby to 'roll' me out before I pee the bed...hehe! In fact most of our fun has been toilet humour...he like to pretend to race me up the stairs when I'm on my way to the loo, just to see me waddle furiously in an attempt to beat him...I always end up crying with laughter as I realise I'm only actually going faster side to side and have'nt gone up any further!!! Carry on laughing ladies - Lovely thread Jillybean, thanks xx


^lucy^ - March 21

my husband and i work in the same area so we go together in the morning and come back together in the evenings.. it takes us 1 1/2 hrs to get back home due to heavy traffic so by the time we're in the elevator i feel like i really need to pee or i'll explode :P so he starts running to our flat and shouting "she wants to pee she wants to pee" hehe i find him so funny running that way and most of the times i crack up and never make it to the toilet :P



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