Kenadi Rayne Is Here

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tonia - September 29

Hi Ladies! So, on Tuesday morning I turned over in bed and felt a gush of fluid. I thought oops! I had to pee really bad, but I knew it wasn’t pee ; ) I got up and went to the bathroom and sure enough, from what I saw, I knew it was my water. DH was taking a shower, getting ready for work. Since I was wet, I took off my pajama bottoms and walked over to the shower where DH was and he looked at me and kinda laughed (I was standing in front of the shower naked from the waist down!). I told him that my water broke! He said, how do you know? I said, ummmmmmm, I just know. : ) Well, DH called work and let them know what was going on and we got ready to go to the hospital. I was only having very mild, very irregular contractions. We got to the hospital at 9:20am, we got all settled in our room, I was hooked up to the monitors, baby was doing great and I was not having contractions yet. I did have a few here and there, but not painful, just heavy period like cramping. They did do a speculum exam to verify that my water had broken. However, they did not check my dilation, effacement or station at that time, they just asked me when I was checked last. I told them the day before and I was at 2-3 centimeters, 60% effaced and a –2 station. DH and I went for a walk and as we were starting our walk my SIL was arriving with some food! She was also there to help out with the labor and be there for both of us, I am sooooooo glad she was there!!! We got back from our walk, and per our conversation with my Dr before hand, we had decided to get the Pitocin flowin’ so we could get labor induced! They got me started on the pit a little after 1pm, we went for another walk and finally by 2:30 or so my contractions were 2 minutes apart and getting painful! I am serious, they were like 30 seconds apart for a long time! Ouch! DH and his sister were such good coaches for me. After my SIL told them to, the nurses finally checked me and they said I was 4 cm and 90% effaced, this was around 3:30 to 4:00. I thought OMG, this is going to take forever! I got on the birthing ball, that was a really good place to be, I stayed on that for a while until I finally caved about 4:45 and asked for an IV pain relief. My nurse got it for me and gave it to me right away, but in the mean time, I got off the ball, had a contraction while standing up (WOW, that one hurt!) then I was laying on my left side she gave me the meds, I relaxed so much and had good relief for about two contractions, then the pain was getting worse again, my SIL INSISTED that they check me again…….they did and the nurse ran out and to get the other nurse and (she thought I was fully dilated and wanted verification) the other nurse came in and checked me too, it hurt so bad! She said I was at an 8! She said that I needed to wait at least an hour to give birth to the baby now because I got the pain meds! and it had only been twenty minutes! Well low and behold, I was writhing in pain and I told them the baby was coming out now!!!! They looked between my legs ( I was laying on my right side now) and said there is the head! They were yelling! Get a Dr in here NOW, get the respiratory therapist in here NOW ( for baby, because it was less than 1 hour ago that I had been given the pain meds)! They were rushing, yelling, dropping things, and I was crying in pain, they told me to open my legs, my SIL opened my legs for me! I saw the baby’s head out!! And then I pushed one time and she flew out! HOLY cow!!! She landed on the bed, with a big splash! It was amazing!!!!!! So she was born at 5:25pm, 5 minutes from when the nurse said I was only 8 cm and needed to wait until an hour had passed to give birth because of the pain meds! Kenadi did great! She didn’t need any help! So beautiful and sweet! 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 18 inches long!!!! Unfortunately, my Dr missed her birth by a few minutes : ( BUT all is well and she is pretty and perfect! Such a good baby...........


chickiepoo9 - September 29

wow congrats so the pain meds had no effect on her negativly?


crrodgers - September 30

Wow! Congrats!!! I don't know if I ever told you but I absolutley LOVE the name you picked out for her! If I would have had another girl, I probably would have stole this name from you!!! I'm glad everyone is well!


staci - September 30

Congratulations Tonia!!! I am sooooo happy for you and dh and Kenadi is absolutely beautiful!!! Your story made me cry lol! How crazy she plopped out on the bed lol!!! Anyway, so happy for you, it's been a long journey and you finally have your little girl ;)


lissica - September 30

Congratulations!! Such great news! Your due date was 3 days after mine so i hope my boy comes soon too.


Mrs.W. - October 1

Congrats Tonia!! Our baby girls were born on the same day :-) Enjoy your little girl!!


linds99 - October 1

man, you are so lucky! I hope mine goes as smooth as that... congratulations! That must have been so amazing.


tarheelfan71 - October 2

Congratulations on your new baby! I only hope that my delivery goes that well ( I hope).


Tink - October 2

wow, what an exciting birth! you will definitely always have a good story to tell. i guess she was ready. congrats to you!!!


wantanotheraftertr - October 2

Congrats! sounds like an easy delivery! I hope mine goes that quick!


VenusdiMilo - October 2

Congratulations Tonia!! What a an awesome birth story :-) Take care of yourself and the little one.


tonia - October 2

Chickiepoo, yes, the pain meds had no negative effects on Kenadi at all. She b___stfed right away too!


tonia - October 2

Thank you all so very much! She is an amaxing baby!



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