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Jessica - October 13

Hi! I will be 28 weeks on Sunday with my son. I was just wondering if anyone here does kick counts. I believe you are supposed to start at week 28. How many should I feel in an hour? How many times a day do you do them? Also for all you experienced pregnant women, is it normal to have a few slower movement days in a row? I checked the heartbeat by doppler and he is fine but just not as active. Any advice would be great!


N - October 13

This is what I was told to do, so maybe it will help.. lie down and on a piece of paper write down what time you started. Wait for ten kicks or ten minutes, whichever is longer and record what time you were finished and how many kicks.


Britt - October 13

I was told to pick an hour during the day when the baby is the most active and try and get 10 movements in that hour. If you can, you are done for the day. If not, you can wait another hour and if you STILL have not got 10 movements, go to the hospital and get checked out.


Jessica - October 13

Thanks for your answers. I hope you are right, Britt because in ten minutes I only got 5 kicks so I got a little worried. My baby is much more active at night so after my son goes to bed I will try this with this baby. Thanks!


Ca__sie - October 13

My doctor told me I didn't need to do kick counts since I haven't had any complications and because I feel a lot of movement throughout the day. He said if I wanted to though, I could wait for the most active period(s) and count between 5 and 10 kicks. It is also normal to have "quiet" days... especially earlier on.


Dawn - October 13

I am 39 wks going in hosp tom at midnight for induction. I have never done any kick counts. Some days my guy is lazy and others I feel him a great deal of the day well mostly night. So I would just say if you havent felt him/her in a while and notice it drink a coke or eat something. If not just press around on your belly and try to stir em up. Usually you will get a responce.


a. - October 13

I think you time it for ten minutes and then multiply it by six to get the average for the hour. There should be a minimum of ten movements for the hour,I think


JM - October 13

Hi! Our childbirth cla__s instructor suggested to pick the most active part of the baby's day too. For me, that is right after eating dinner. After that I put my feet up on the recliner or lay down on my left side. Usually get 10 movements within 10-20 minutes. My little guy is also pretty squirmy during the day, so if he's had a really active day I feel fine about skipping the nighttime kick count. I'm 33 weeks.


Kaeli - October 13

Ok, is my baby boy over active or what?? I counted just for fun to see what I would come up with and felt 32 kicks in an hour. Is that normal?? I dont drink caffeine or anything, and havent had any surgar today... lol .. btw I am almost 29 weeks!


Tara - October 13

I have'nt bothered counting i'm 37 weeks my baby boy sleeps all day and parties all night up kicking and jabbing and practicing his karate..LOL



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