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Katharine - May 10

I am 28 weeks and was assigned to do a kick test daily, doc_ment it and bring it back to my doctor at each remaining appointment (geez, homework!). I just wondered if anyone knows if it ok to antagonize the baby to make her kick more quickly? Will it cause problems with the test if I poke or rub my abdomen to get her to kick? Just curious.


monica - May 10

hi I am 28 weeks also. When is your due date? I have to count my kicks too but not doc_ment them. It should not be a problem if you poke your baby to move. Doctor just wants to make sure that there is movements or if there is less than 10 kicks in one hour.


Katharine - May 10

Hi Monica. I'm due July 29. I was surprised when she gave me a chart to fill out, but I think she just wants to make sure they get done. She said that if it takes more than an hour to get the 10 kicks that I need to take my chart to the hospital and have a non-stress test.


Erica - May 11

I am surprised you have a doctor that still wants a "kick log" completed; but a surefire way to check baby's kicks if you believe she's inactive (according to my doctor) is to drink a gla__s of orange juice, lie down on your left side, and count from there. At 28 weeks and within 10 minutes of lying down, I had waaaay more than the required "10 kicks in an hour."


erica - May 11

Question: My Doctor said 5 kicks in one hour or 10 kicks in 2 sounds like everyone else was told 10 kicks in one I guessing on that right? and When did they tell you do to this? am or pm? how many times a day?


monica - May 11

Hi Katharine, that is my due date as well.With my first I had to log in the kicks to but that was a differnt doctor.I also had the non stress test with my first. I guess it all depends on the hosptial.


Katharine - May 11

erica, I was told 10/hour or to go to the hospital. My doctor specializes in high risk pregnancies, so I think she does more tests than normal. The sheet says to do it at night and that is what the doctor recommended. I "cheated" today and picked a time when baby was super active and got all 10 kicks in 2 minutes! Bonus! I have to do it once a day.


Karen - May 12

I heard it was 10 kicks in 20 minutes. weird..



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