Kind Of Gross Potty Question

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KelyFranz - February 2

I'm getting to the point where it's hard to reach around and wipe after I go # 2. Is anyone else having this type of difficulty? Maybe I'm just bigger than I should be, but I feel so stretched and bloated that I can barely reach. If you've had this, what did you do?


Kel - February 2

He, he. I have the same problem here. I just do the best and can and strain to wipe my bottom. Its funny all the things we take forgranted while we are not pregnant. I can't wait to tie my shoes again without working up a sweat!


mom2 - February 2



monique - February 2

I can relate , I thought it was just me being too big. I alos keep some wet wipe . the ones designed for the bathroom to get some extra freshness


Ronni - February 2

I feel the same way. It's so embara__sing, i sometimes have to hold onto the sink with one hand while i wipe so i wont fall over!


Amber - February 2

Ive got that drama. The easiest way i have found is to get my pants around my ankles (LOL) and get my legs ALL THE WAY open (good practice) and go through the front. Just make sure you go the right way :P


sharleen - February 2

this is so funny but i have this problem too! I have flushable wipes by the toilet and a kids step stool nearby. With one foot up on the stool ( pun intended!) I can reach a little bit better. I am so ready to get this kid out of me!


jenni - February 2

try standing up


L - February 3

I try to wipe in a squatting positon


Robin - February 3

Yeah, flushable wipes are my best friend. It also helps me to pull my pants down further so I can spread my legs wider!


Stacy - February 15

Thant is so funny, I have the same issue. It seems like the smallest of tasks are exausting now. LOL


KelyFranz - February 15

This is so great! Not that we can't wipe, but that I'm not the only one! Thanks for the pointers ladies!!!


Ba8y6irl - February 15

its good to hear I am not the only one who has thought of this! I have been thinking that for the last week or 2 and I thought I was just being lazy, and not puuting forth enough effort. lol


JenniferB - February 15

OH man! Girls, this is terrible! It's not like we don't have any other problems (immense weight gain, backache, morning sickness, exhaustion, muscle pain) and now we can't even wipe our own tushes. It's nice to know we're not alone.


mel - February 15

well not to be gross....but not only is "reaching" back there a problem. the prenatal vitimins make it so that it takes like 200 freaking wipes to get clean. talk about a chore!


karen - February 15

I just get my husband to wipe for me. HAHA just kidding, I would never do that. These are the types of pregnancy irritations that no one tells you about before-hand. :)


KelyFranz - February 15

Mel.. are the prenatals causing the never ending wipe problem???? Seriously! I have that problem too and it drives me CRAZY!



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