Kiyani S Birth Story

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young_mum_2_b - July 14

hiya girls (and if guys are brave enough to read).....i've been meaning to do this for a while so here goes....on the 27th of June, i woke up looking like a blow fish, no kidding i couldn't get any of my jewellry off so i called the hospital as i was tol to if this happened..they told me to go in so they could check me i did and turns out i had extremly high blood was 160 over 110 so they admitted me and i was kinda stuck there to be monitered until at least thursday 92 days later) as it hadn't gone down by then so i had to stay til friday. thats when they decided to induce me since baby was due on saturday anyway and they didn't want anything to happen as a result of my hbp. The induction wasn't gonna happen til Monday but they made me bloody stay in hospital anyway! by this stage i was sick of hospital foods, hospital beds and the staff!! some of the nurses treated me like an idiot, telling me it was better anyway because i was young! rude huh, anyway...Sunday morning came and they explain that because my cervix was still closed they needed to help loosen it so at 9:30 they inserted a cervical gel to kick start the process and were going to break my water on monday morning. at 10:30 i was having what i thought were just bh as they weren't hurting i could just feel the tightning so they gave me some panadine fort to stop me feeling it. those lasted til about 5pm then the 2 tablets they had given me started to wear off and it was really beginning to get stronger, so they gave me another 2 pandine fort and off they about 6:30 i started telling them that they weren't going away but they told me it wasn't labor and i would be fine. by 7:30 they still hadn't even checked to see what was happening so my mother had a go at the midwife and told her to do her f****** job properly so she decided to do an internal...i was 2cm dialted......she came back at 8 and as she walked in a gush of water covered my bed! i went to the toilet and there was my mucus plug, she did another internal i had progressed along to 5cm in half an hour, she took me to a labor delivery room and gave me the gas mask, my god those things work like a charm, in between contractions i was fast asleep but at 9:30 she did another internal and i was fully dialted! i was having strong contractions til around 10:30 then started feeling the urge to push...after 15 minutes of my mum coaching me through coz the nurse was useless they could see the head..and i could feel her she was so i took a deep breath gave one huge push and she came out all at once!! at 10:45 my little girl Kiyani Rose arrived! i tore almost all the way so needed alot of st_tching but she was tiny, weighed only 5lb 11oz...but there we go...sorry this is so long, congrats to all new mommies and good luck to those still waiting


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 14

good job girly, sounds alot like my 1st. I was 19 at the time and they do treat you like u r dumb. I too had the bp thing, oh my god the st_tches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hated to go to the bathroom! So have you got all the knots from your hair spending all that time in the hospital bed. I had to put baby oil in my hair when I got home to get the brush through it. Congrats again to the 3 of you.



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