Knowing When To Call Doctor Or Go To Hospital

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erin25 - October 2

Hi ladies!! I hope everyone is doing well!! I just have a doctor is about 2 1/2 hours away from me. (He's a really good doctor and I didn't like the doctors where I live) So my question is, how will I know that I am in labor or when I should leave to go down there?? I want an epidural so I don't want to wait too long but I also don't want to make unnessary trips. I am 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant with my first and I am scared to death that I won't know that I am in labor. Any advice??


DDT - October 2

Its hard to know how fast you will progress but typically 1st time Mom's have longer labours. I started having menstral-like cramping at 4am which became contractions (5 mins apart) 4 hrs later. They weren't overly painful though. I called the L&D ward at 8am and asked them if I should come in. They said if I had trouble talking through a contraction then it was time. We left for the hospital at about 8:30am, and along the way my water broke. Thats when the contractions became very painful. We got to the hospital at 9am, and when I was checked I was only 2cm dilated. It took me another 7hrs to get to 4cm. Thats when I got the epidural. I think you should start heading to the hospital when the contractions become unbearable (when you can't talk or walk through them).


MaryM - October 2

I know how you feel. I am not that far away from my Dr. but I am dialated to 3cm and have been for some time now. I am afraid that I will have a fast labor. We already went to the hospital once, but it was just braxton hicks. They sure can feel like the real ones, but they didn't get more painful. They were just uncomfortable. My Dr said when you had to stop and breathe through the contraction, that it's time to come in. PS. I am 38 weeks:)


chickiepoo9 - October 2

you know with my first i was always scared that i wouldnt know when i was really in labour but honestly i just new i woke up in the morning and said today is the day by i just felt it by the afternoon i was having contractions and had my boy that night my sister says the same thing you are always waiting for it you think every little pain oh maybe today but when it happens you will just know


WP - October 2

Ahhh, the million-dollar question - especially for first-time mothers. Chickiepoo9 is right: you'll know. The best, most accurate description of true labour contraction pain I've heard is if you can't move or talk when you're having one, call your doctor.


Brendansmom - October 2

It's really hard to say. I had to go to the hospital before my contractions started because my water broke. You'll just know when it's time.



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