Koby Stephen Is Here

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Brandy - December 25

Hello everyone, just wanted to brag a little and say that my little man finally arrived. I had a c-section on 12/20. Koby Stephen weighed in at 8 lb. 15 oz. 20 inches long and is beautiful. We are so proud. My recovery is going great and the c/s was not bad at all. It was planned due to a fibroid and a large baby. I can only say...just wait! You all will not believe the feelings you have when you see them and hear their first cry. It was amazing. We are br___tfeeding and doing great. If anyone has any questions on the c/s, just ask. Good luck to you all and may the new year bring many precious little ones.


D~ - December 25

Brandy, I'm scheduled for a c-section next week. What type of pain meds did your dr give you to recover? Also, did they hook you up to an iv with meds while recovering in the hospital? Congrats to you & your little one.......


anita - December 26

Wow....what a big boy! Congratulations! good thing you had a c-section. was the c/s mainly b/c of the fibroids or the size of the baby? i ask b/c i have a feeling that my baby's gonna be big too...she was measuring big at both my u/s and my fiance informed me that he and his brother were both over 10lbs. i want to have a regular delivery, but maybe a c/s is something i should look into. good luck to your family and Happy Holidays!


Confused - December 26

Congratulations, Brandy! Was Koby your first child? I, too, am curious about c-sections. I have fibroids and gestational diabetes, which I've been told can both increase my risk of having a c-section. I've tended to have big babies (my smallest of four was 8 lbs. 14 oz., and my largest was 10 lbs. 4 1/2 oz.). I know what it's like, thus far, for a v____al birth, but not for a c-section. Please give us all the details, right down to any pain meds, how long afterwards before you can drive a car, any additional risks, etc. - just in case a c-section becomes a reality. Thanks!!!


Brandy - December 26

Hi you all! Well, I am currently day 6 after delivery and feeling pretty good. Almost too good...I have to remind myself that I had major surgery. They gave me a spinal in the OR with Morphine. The Morphine made me shake pretty bad and was really sleepy, but it wore off quickly. The surgery lasted about 30 min. start to finish (only about 3-5 min. to get Koby out). Afterwards, I stayed in the hospital 4 days ( I recommend this too recover) and have been taking Percocet every 4-6 hours and Motrin 800mg (no IV meds, but I think I had something ordered just didn't need it). This seems to work well and actually really never need to take it. The only pain I have had is in my back (from the huge b___st I have gained) and some burning around the incision, which is very small and in a very discreet area. The c/s was done primarily because of the size of Koby and the fibroid, which was about 5cm x 5cm, but in the way of the birth ca___l. With his size they were afraid he would be stuck. I had only dilated about 1cm at my last MD visit. We were just very scared of the risk of him getting caught in the birth ca___l. Good luck to you all...get sleep now, I miss the sleeping days. But he is totally so worth it. He is a beautiful little boy.



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