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lo - November 1

Hi, I am 35 weeks and I am really scared of going into labor. I really, really don't want to do it. I can't sleep at night as it is, but when I wake up I immediatly start thinking about the labor and it stresses me out and I can't go back to sleep. I was never this stressed until recently and then I get nervous that it will be embarrassing b/c of all the shows I watch on TV. It just seems so private, but you just have your thing hanging out all over so anyone who is in there can see everything.


NG - November 1

I understand how you feel, I am a private person who prefers not to have people looking down there as well. I have had one baby and before I went into labor I told my midwife about how I was feeling. She a__sured me that the staff would make me feel comfortable during my labor. They keeped me covered most of the time and only checked when it was absolutly neaded. At the end I was in to much pain to care any way and can not remember if the cover was on or off. Just remember that the doctors and nurses have seen it all so many times before, and they do understand. The birth will not be like the ones you see on the TV they are all over the top. Somtimes you will have only one medical person with you not 5 or so. And most woman do not scream the building down at all. I was quiet most of the time , I found I was able to stay in control by not sceaming out. I am sure you will be fine on the day.


lo - November 1

Thanks NG, it helps to hear from people who have done it. I was wondering if they would keep a cover over me. Maybe I could just ask them and tell them my concern like you did. I hope it's not bad, but you did help to ease my mind a bit. It's nice to hear from real people and not just off what you see on TV. My boss tells me everyday that the pain is excruciating (but she has never had kids) so I am not about to take advice from her. She anti-male and anti-having kids.


jena - November 1

those shows freak me out too! i'm 35 weeks as well and i am having a C-section because of breech twins. they (the shows) make both v____al and C-section birth look horrible! if i were planning on a v____al birth, I would ask my husband to be at my head and let the nurses who have seen it all hold my legs. it's just very scary because we haven't done it before and have no idea what to expect. focus on the positive stories - and if you are going the epidural route, you can get them pretty early on and even fall asleep while you are waiting to dilate. they do take good care of you. good luck and you can do it!


Christy - November 2

Which shows are you watching? I sometimes watch a "Baby Story", but I have not seen anything that freaked me out on that one. That "Special Delivery", on the other hand, is a whole other ball of wax. I just stay away from it. If the shows scare you, don't watch them. It will just make your anxiety worse (or cry your eyes out, which is what happens to me.) It seems like you are more nervous about having a bunch of people seeing everything down there, is that right? Or is it about the pain? I think NG had a good suggestion about voicing your concerns to your practioner beforehand re: draping and privacy. If it about the pain, then you should discuss your pain management options with your practioner in deatail as well. Oh, and ignore that boss of yours. She probably enjoys freaking you out. Better yet, next time she makes a comment about giving birth, say to her in your nicest voice, "Wow. That is really interesting. How do you know that?" Hopefully that will shut her up.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

My baby is 11 weeks old, and my labor experience was very good. They keep you covered well to make it as dignified as possible. And you certainly do not care who sees you like that when you are in the throes of active labor. I did not have any drugs, so privacy was the last thing on my mind, I don't worry about that kind of stuff anyways, the nurses and docs do it everyday. I did not take any lamaze or anything, I decided ignorance was bliss, and it all turned out great! The pain is intense but goes away as soon as that beautiful little angel comes out. Good luck!


Kelly K - November 2

And also remember that we're in charge of our medical care. If something is going on that you're not comfortable with then you are free to voice a complaint. Most nurses, especially in L&D, are very easy going.



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