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ashley - July 14

well dh is finally coming home tonight. He's been gone since Monday morning early. This house I swear is haunted some times by his grandparents who were born and died in this house. I came home today and the attick door was open my vacc_m was pulled away from the door and the upstairs light was on. ALl that is up there is all our c___p we can't fit down here in the main part of the house. I asked FIL and BIL if they were up there and they both said no. Werid. The bum sheep are out again. If they get into my garden and eat stuff im going to be severely upset! Some of my corn already got knocked down from to much wind and water. Im so proud of my garden this year. I took pictures and posted them on my website from July 3, and 10 days later I swear everything has doubled in size!!!!! The corn is taller than me now! My tomatoes are starting to ripen, im getting peas!!! I have tons of lettuce and brocolli. I am just excited. Last year the weeds got out of control so fast that I couldn't keep up and I didn't harvest much except zuccini and some radishes. I cut my garden size in half this year. DH has been helping me and the weeds are under control!


ashley - July 14

sorry got distracted when I was typing as the phone called and it was dh's aunt. Wanting to know when the big day was. Dh just got home too. Wow the count down begins. I basically just have tomorrow to wait because bright and early on Sunday i'll be in labor and delivery working on having my baby boy. I wonder how long it will take. My labor was about 20 hours with my daughter, so hopefully not NEARLY as long. Ofcourse my water broke and I didn't contract or anything so they had to start pitocin and that HURT! Well I wonder where piratesmermaid is today. maybe she is just busy because dad came in from Africa? I hope she is enjoying her company and I hope they are there for the birth. As long as I don't go tonight, my mom should make it for the birth, lol. BUt dh doesn't want my mom in the delivery room. He doesn't care if she's there while laboring. NOw why is that HIS call do you suppose? Anyway....I just at a fruit salad. Yummy. Watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew, green grapes, red grapes and raspberries. Though I wish it had bananas and strawberries in it. Hmmmm. I love fruit.


Mellissa - July 14

i wish i had a garden like that!!! i want to plant veggies soooo bad! and your fruit salad sounds delicious...i may pick one up in a little while. i have to pick my sis up from work, maybe i'll stop by walmart on the way home. hopefully your labor is shorter than 20 hours this time! every one keeps telling me that since this is my second, my labor won't be nearly as long. it was 17 hours start to finish after they started pitocin with my daughter. my midwife says it will be 8 hours max... guess we'll have to wait and see. :) i'm getting excited for you! it seems like everyone i talk to on here is having their babies before me. lol. it's ok though.... i don't think we're having any more kids after this.. at least not for 5 years or so. so i'm trying to enjoy it as long as i can. plus, rylee has a dentist appointment on wednesday..and i would feel bad postponing it. i feel like a horrible 2 year old has a cavity and needs a crown!! and i don't even allow her to drink soda or kool-aid or eat a lot of sweets!! it's funny when you try so hard to prevent something from happening..then it happens anyway. i feel so bad!


ashley - July 15

Mellissa my six year old daughter dang near had to have a root ca___l the other day in New Mexico with my mom. I don't know the exact name of what they did do, but I know it cost 700 dollars! She had just been to the dentist 6 months prior I felt horrible that a cavity developed and almost absessed that quickly! She was a brave little girl and didn't cry or complain once i guess. My daughter loves brocolli and fruit, so I was a bit surprised too. Mellissa you could still go at any time. Don't discount that. I was shocked with my daughter. According to LMP I was due Feb. 16 and my water broke Feb. 8. So I went a week early! I had not one thought in my head that I would ever go early, I figured i'd go late. I ran to B___te (two about 35 miles to the west of us) to get groceries for my MIL as she bribed me a tank of gas to go... So half way there my husband calls in a panic because he doesn't have any body to hand deliver his bid for a bridge project, so guess who got to go do that! I had to drive ANOTHER 60 miles and got there ONE minute before the deadline. Then I had to drive the 60 miles back go to walmart get the groceries and then the 35 miles back. I drove 190 miles or so today! Then i mowed part of the lawn that I wanted to water on the riding lawn mower and when i was done, I wiped a HUGE glob of snotty looking discharge, sorry TMI. Anyway, Dh is out of the shower and hungry so I will go feed him.... Check back in later.


Mellissa - July 15 sounds like you had a busy day!!! i thought i was busy!!! since my brother and sister got here i've been in my truck about 60% of my days..taking them back and forth to work. my brother lost his wallet so i have to take him monday to get a new license...and i told him once he gets it, he's officially the taxi driver, because there is no way i want to go in labor while driving!!! this little one is so active right now, i don't know why. but everytime he moves my lower back starts hurting soo bad! i should get to bed though, i have to wake up pretty early tomorrow. hope you have a good last day being pregnant!! hehehe... i'll check in tomorrow. goodnight. :)


ashley - July 15

Wow just looks like its you and I talking now Mellissa. I wonder how piratesmermaid is doing. I sure hope her absence means she had a healthy baby! or she's having a really good time with family. I can't wait to meet my little one tomorrow. My mom and daughter were almost to pocatello Idaho when I talked to them about an hour ago. So that means they were about 280 miles from here. Im getting excited to see them. I haven't seen my little girl for about a month. I suppose this will be the norm each summer now as Grandma lives in New Mexico. I guess I could always go with, but i'd never stay a month. Unless dh had a huge job and he was never home. So how are you feeling today. I am once again full of energy. I am doing laundry and "cleaning" up. Though the house is actually still really clean, lol. But im finding stuff to do. I need to go mow the rest of the yard thought, but dh gets testy because he likes to weed eat first. I need to water my flowers too and change my ducks water as I just have been leaving the water flow in it until it clears out all the muck because even though its just a small little kids plastic swimming pool it gets a little heavy. I hate crawling in and out of thier cage too, lol. They are yelling at me though to feed them. They are so cute and funny. I have pics posted on my site if you care to see. I need to take a picture of my belly one last time too! Well i'll be back to check in.


Mellissa - July 15

yeah ashley... i think piratesmermaid is busy entertaining her family, and hopefully having a baby in the process. :) you're so lucky you get to meet your little boy tomorrow!! how exciting!!! i so hope you have a fast and easy labor. i am feeling very energetic too. i went shopping at walmart this morning and i was thinking about when i was this far along with Rylee I couldn't get off the couch, let alone walk around a grocery store!! i guess every pregnancy is different. :) i'm going to the mall later too. i just feel the need to get out and do things today. i am feeling a lot of pressure on my tail bone though. i also think i might be getting a bladder infection or something, but i can't tell. when i feel like i have to pee, i get this burning sensation "down there" but after i pee i'm fine. i'm thinking i might call labor and delivery to see if i should make an appointment or if they think i should go in there to get checked. we'll see. hope you're having a good day!! even though you have lots of energy, you should try to rest a little, tomorrow's a big day and i know you'll be wishing you could sleep! :)


ashley - July 15

Mellissa this may be my last post for a day or two. I may try to jump on in the morning before I leave. I am taking my laptop to the hospital so you never know! Good luck to you if you go too in the next couple days! Wish me luck!


Mellissa - July 15

good luck ashley!!!! when you are home and feeling up to it, i can't wait to hear yor birth story! and to see what name you decided on! i hope things go smoothly for you!!!!


piratesmermaid - July 18

Hey, ya'll. So ashley, I hope your induction went well so our babies'll have the same birthday!! :) I skimmed through the posts since last I posted I'll try to catch up when I have more time. I am posting Gretchen's birth story tonight as well!!


GraphxGirl - July 18

Good luck Ashley I hope everything goes smoothly for you :) Can't wait to hear your story!!


babybug - July 19

Ashley your baby boy is soooo sweet! My favorite picture is the one of you cuddling while you both are sleeping! Your little girl is just beautiful. I like the picture of her missing teeth! Thanks for sharing!


ashley - July 19

Ian Desmond has arrived! 8lbs 2oz!!! July 16 at 8:08pm. 20 1/2 inches long. I'll post my birth story as soon as I can! Mellissa hoping you have had or will have had your baby soon!


Mellissa - July 19

hi ashley..welcome back. :) congrats!!! nope, no baby yet here!! i just have to get thgouh today..rylee's appoinment is in two hours. then this baby can show up if he wants to. everyone keeps asking "are you getting any pains yet"... uh NO! thanks for reminding me. lol. i will be sure to post my birth story as soon as it happens!!! enjoy your little boy!!! oh... i know this is personal, but since you had a boy i was wondering, did you get him circ_msized? if so, did they do it right away, or did you have to wait? that's been weighing on my mind lately. thanks!!



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