Labor Delivery Anxiety

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tubbybear70 - January 17

This is my 4th child and I am due 1/20/07 and I DREAD thinking about the labor and delivery!!! Is this normal?? and do you also think that this prevents people from going into labor on their own, fearing it?? I feel like such a freaking retard!!! I have three other kids and I fear that I am going to die and they aren't going to have a mom - I know, I AM CRAZY!!!


cindernar - January 17

Oh, I am so sorry you're so worried! I would say that you're probably normal, though, because you do have three other children who rely on you! That doesn't mean you're a freaking retard -- probably just a good mother who is concerned about her children! I know how you feel, though. I worry I'm going to have one of those embolisms (sp?) and die in a split second.


tubbybear70 - January 17

like an aneurysm?? (SP) I know I watched a movie once and the lady died right after the baby came out from an aneurysm... SCARY!!! I suppose this will all go away when the hard contractions hit?? I am scared to death to try an epidural too - I am a WUSS!


cindernar - January 17

I started to Google the difference between an aneurysm and an embolism, but decided that we'd be better off not knowing. Chances are everything will be fine.


tubbybear70 - January 17

You made me laugh!!! :)


Lala - January 17

It is`all quite scary, isn't it ladies? I think it's normal and expected that we'd worry to some degree. Yet, be aware of pre-natal depression. I've heard that it can be more common than post-partum. If the worring is interfering with your life, try talking to your doc or nurse about it. TAKE CARE!!!


cindernar - January 18

I'm glad! I hope you're feeling better! FYI, I had a breakdown last week. Cried for two days straight. Have you never had an epidural with any of your other babies?


Crisi P - January 18

Hey at least you have some experience behind you having done it three times before! I am also due on the 20th and this is my first. I've read everything I could possibly get my hands on about labor and delivery but I still feel like I'm going in there blindfolded. I admit I'm nervous about it. But my way of thinking is why worry over something that has to eventually happen. Just grit your teeth and try to be strong!


sahmof3 - January 18

I know what you mean tubbybear. With my 2nd and 3rd I got really nervous. I am a nervousness procrastinator, though lol... I was never nervous until the day before and the day of. I've had all c-sections and when it came to the point of signing the surgery consents and seeing all of the things listed that can go wrong I would get a little panicked thinking about what my other kids would do if something happened. What worked for me was thinking how rare very serious complications are and just thinking and thinking over and over on how awesome it is when it's all done and seeing your baby for the first time... that's one advantage to being a 2nd or more time mommy :-)


sparklestar - January 18

Well this is my first, due on 26 Jan....and I am also petrified beyond words. I'm terrified of the pain and how I'll bear it, and how long I'll be in labour for - plus all the other fears voiced on here and of course the baby being okay. I'm feeling really yukky and in one way wanting to have my baby....but every time I feel a 'twinge' or something I go into an absolute panic thinking "Aaaagh....not now....I'm not ready....and I'm too scared"!!! I do hope something changes within me between now and the time I give birth - I'm normally a really confident person but this is turning me into a quivering wreck!!! Good luck to all of us xxx



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